Nigerian lady kills, cooks her mother because prophet told her she is a witch

A Nigerian lady killed her mother and cooked her because a prophet told her that her mother is a witch, this story was shared by a Facebook user named Mary Mathias and the news has been circulating on social media.

According to one of our sources, it was reported that the lady in question is mentally unstable, hence when the so called prophet prophesied to her that her mother is the source of her problems, she overreacted by killing her mother, dismembering her body and cooked her parts.

The neighbours of the said lady noticed an unusual stench coming out of the house of the lady. Days passed, the odour became so unbearable that they alerted the police who immediately swung into action. The police forced there way into her room and saw the parts of the mother was littered everywhere in the house.

The lady carrying her mother’s dismembered body

To make sure justice takes its full course,the so called prophet is to be arrested. From all indications, the mentally unstable lady did not regret her actions as she smiles all through the interrogation.

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