Nine Bad Things You’re Doing That Are Making You Gaining Excess Weight

Reasons why you gain weight

It’s understandable when you gain a few pounds after vacation or if you break your ankle and spend six weeks propped on the sofa bingeing obscure British cooking shows (and the chocolate scones to go with them).
Everybody at some point will think that they could lose a bit of weight and if you are a woman, you are probably having those thoughts multiple times during the day regardless of your size. But when you can’t zip your jeans for no freaking reason at all — you swear you’re not eating any more or exercising any less — it can feel like there’s some dark magic at play. Why do we put on weight? Are we addicted to food, is it a medical problem, or are we just stuffing our faces 24/7 with the wrong food? Here are nine of the main reasons we gain weight;

1. The Love of Refined Carbs
Full fat, packed with sugar, preservatives, junk, absolutely no nutrients, minerals, vitamins, or anti-oxidants whatsoever and completely and utterly irresistible, refined carbs are the closest thing to a diet sin there ever was. Bad for your complexion, your energy levels, your waistline, your adrenal glands and your soul, consuming any amount of refined carbs is the quickest way to put on weight.

2. Not Doing Exercise
There is absolutely no excuse for not exercising whatsoever. Get moving, even if it is just for 30 minutes 3 times a week. The effect of endorphins is like an out of body experience, embrace them.

3. Consuming Too Much of Alcohol
Nothing quite like a crisp lager at the end of a long day, or a large cocktail with an even larger umbrella peering over the beach sand in front of you to make your day. But in reality, drinking every day, in moderation or excess is going to pack on the pounds. Give your liver a break and save the wine for the weekends.

4. Hectic Lifestyle
People are really just too busy to eat well these days and with an instant lifestyle that is continuously on the go, we expect our food to be the same. Although quick and easy is not at all healthy, sometimes we don’t have a choice. Try to take time to prepare meals in advance, a bit of planning ahead can save you time and money.

5. You Are Insulin Resistant
You may be insulin resistant without realising it. If you have difficulty in losing weight and are adding on weight at an enormous rate, you may need to get to your health care professional to have your insulin checked out.

6. Exhaustion
Being tired normally means we are stressed, which means we are not sleeping well at night, which means we are tired which leads to exhaustion. The last thing you feel like eating when you are perpetually exhausted is a nice wholegrain salad with veggies. You want to chow down on something that is going to give you an instant boost of energy in march the refined carbs. Even after 2 weeks, this routine is going to make you feel worse.

7. Certain Types of Medication
Birth control and other medication are prime culprits for making people put on weight. Anti-depressants are another culprit. Find out from your doctor about the side effects of any medication you start taking and get some advice about how to manage these symptoms before you find yourself gaining more weight.

8. Comfort Eating
Comfort eating and refined carbs are the ultimate cardinal diet combination sin. Comfort eating is all about the rush of sugar, and if you do it often enough you will balloon rapidly. Keep a food diary to find out what your triggers are to help you avoid them and manage your cravings.

9. Fussy Kids
When you have small kids that just do not want to eat veggies, even with meat disguised as veggies, the battle for the plant is eventually lost and you start making meals to suit fussy kids and as a result end up eating mac and cheese 5 nights a week and your clothes become significantly tighter.

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