Nine Crazy Jobs You Never Knew It Existed, No 1 and 5 Will Shock You

There are number of jobs which we have no idea they existed. For instance, have you ever heard someone telling you that they are an armpit sniffer or a line stander? Such and many more jobs that you never even thought existed do exist and will leave you wondering about the qualification required to get one. Here are nine of those extraordinary jobs below;

1. Armpit Sniffer
Do you feel that a sniff of your armpit is enough to put anyone in a state of coma? Well, it might be, but not for an armpit sniffer. They work for deodorant companies and are assigned the grotesque task of sniffing armpit to work out the type of deodorant that would help alleviate the unpleasant smell.

Armpit Sniffer

2. Face Feeler
A face feeler is another job, which it’s sure many people would not have heard of. They are hired by companies that produce cosmetics or skincare products. What their job entails is touching faces to check if there is any improvement after the usage of a particular concoction.

3. Professional Snuggler
Everyone loves snuggling with their better halves after a long hard day. However, if you are someone who has just been dumped and is trying to deal with heartbreak or someone who has been single for ages, then you may be in need of a professional snuggler. They would snuggle with you and make you feel better about your life.

4. Stunt Testers
You would have often questioned how common people in those stunt shows get ready to eat any live thing they are served just for the sake of being in the show. It’s because the same has been eaten by stunt testers and it is assured that they are fit for consumption.

5. Bed Tester
If there is one thing we crave for after busting our asses in an office chair for hours, it is our bed. It provides us unmatched relief and comfort. But, did you know that there are professional bed testers who lie on a mattress and tell how deep and satisfying sleep it would provide? Yes, they do exist.

6. Line Stander
Does the sight of a long queue gives you a headache? Is standing in a queue something you abhor the most? I am about to tell you something, which will provide you some respite. Anywhere you see a long queue, just give a line stander a ring and they will come and stand for you. You can rest in your car and get your work done either when your line stander’s turn comes or pay him a little extra to get the work done as well.

7. Pet Food Taster
At some point or the other, we all have wanted to munch on our pet’s food just to find out what it tasted like. Pet food tasters do exactly this and report on its taste and flavor and whether the same meets the predefined standards as set by the company they work for.

8. Worm Picker
Are you grossed out at the sight of worms? It seems some people aren’t. These creepy crawlies are much useful for our environment in general and at times for ourselves in particular. Worm pickers live outdoor and pick and supply worms, which are used as bait by people when they go fishing.

9. Nude Model
Sitting nude comfortably in front of total strangers can be challenging and nearly impossible for most of the people. However, if it is not for you, then you should apply for this job right away. You don’t have to have the typical model body. Being comfortable in your skin and body is the only criterion that you need to fulfill.

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