No Man Is Ready to Marry Me, I Have Been Through Six Breakups From Men and I Feel Like Leaving This World Soon

This lady cries out that she needs a man after she has been through 6 heart breaks. She needs advice from you all on what she can do that will let her see her soul mate for life. According to her, she said men has broken her heart a lot and the last one almost killed her. Below is what she said;

Hello, I am 38 years old now as no man has been asking me out after my 6th heartbreak at age 25. I have suffered so much pain and have no trust for any man as I have been disappointed in all my relationship.

The last one was the most painful. After engaging me, done introduction, did traditional marriage and was waiting a week after traditional marriage for the white wedding and that was when this great disappointment happened. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

My supposed to be husband, didn’t show up in church on the day of our white wedding. After been dressed and people gathered to witness the holy matrimony, my groom Eric never showed up. Everyone was asking to know why he didn’t show up and we spoke the early hours before the wedding. why did this happen to me again?

Due to shock I slummed and next I saw myself in the hospital. I have been there for one week. It took me time to move on because I don’t know what I did. All efforts to see Eric was in vain as he never showed up.

Till date I’ve not seen or heard from him. His family members keep apologizing but that can’t heal me.
I am 38 now in not married yet. I am tired of life. I want to have a family now but no man is even asking me out. I’m really depressed I feel like leaving this world soon! Help me please. Advice me on what I can do.

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  1. Suleiman Mwinyi Kimuswa
    Suleiman Mwinyi Kimuswa

    I’ve had your cries and am ready for you my dear friend.

  2. Suleiman Mwinyi Kimuswa
    Suleiman Mwinyi Kimuswa

    Ì’ve had your miseries and am ready for a relationship with you.

  3. You have to pray very serious. It might be a spiritual attack. Get in touch on 0277717791 by watsup

    • You should not worry . Everything will be ok . Let talk in private through WhatsApp .

      I will provide all your desires

  4. Continue praying 🙏 to God Almighty
    Continue praying 🙏 to God Almighty

    Continue praying for the best help my 🙏 dear God will bless you and your family

  5. Yes its good

  6. The only thing I can say to you my dear is that just pray to God if I am the person for you God will answer you. I want you to judge my character if I have the qualities you are looking for in a man ask God that among the people interested in me his he the one who will make me happy and marry me okay that’s the only thing I can say for now my dear

  7. Im really ready for you dear

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