No Matter How Deep You Love a Girl, Never Do These Five Things For Her

There are some certain things you should never do for a woman no matter how much you love her, all in the name of pleasing her.

As a man, you have the responsibility to make your woman happy but there should be limit. You have an ego to defend as a man and you should not let a woman ruin it or take advantage of you simply because you love her. Below are 5 things you must never do to please a woman; TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READyING

1. Pay Her School Fees

Unless she is your wife, never pay for a woman’s education. It is okay to help her and support her when she is in school but paying everything for her is a NO. If you feel compelled to do it. However, do not assume that she will forever be indebted to you. People change and she might as well choose to love someone else even after all your effort.

2. Forget Your Dreams For Her

Before you met her, remember you had your own dreams and aspirations. Do not stop chasing them just because she does not like what you do. If you wanted go study abroad, the last thing you want to do is change your mind because she is not comfortable with it. If she cannot wait, let her be but never stop pursuing your dreams to please a woman.

3. Commit a Crime For Her

If you cannot sustain her flashy lifestyle, do not steal or do something stupid just to please her. If she loves you for real, she will understand when you are broke and will not pressure you to sort out her financial matters.

4. Never Disrespect Your Family

Women can be so manipulative especially when they know you love them for sure and you can do anything to have them stay. Some will try to show you how bad your family members are and draw you further from them. If she ever leaves you, the only people you will have behind you is your family. So, never cut your family ties to make a girl happy.

5. Compromise Your Needs For Hers

Unless it’s really necessary, you should be a little bit selfish with yourself. You cannot afford to go hungry so that you can send her money to buy food. You can maybe share the little you have but never sacrifice all you got just to make her happy.

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  1. Very true

  2. Am more educated through this article.thank much.

  3. For sure I do agree with you more especially number 1

  4. I agree

  5. We men sometimes find ourselves in problems by the name of pleasing our ladies . thanks for your advice.

  6. Smile you are most correct bro ladies change anytime that school of a thing is what I can’t do for a lady over my dead body…

  7. Yh is true I stay with my bro Everytime my bro girlfriend comes home he forget me that am even a human after she is gone he nows remember me

    • Amulyata Emmanuel
      Amulyata Emmanuel

      Its true it happened to me one time I loved the lady to the extent of producing with her but upto now they refused to give me my child and yet I paid for everything

  8. Great advice….I totally agree with you 🤝

  9. Agree with that

  10. I agree with you perfectly bro .
    Some ladies are naturally ungrateful.
    Some don’t have conscience and don’t fear the power of curse.

  11. I think is a good idea but some are quite different.

  12. Very true 😁

  13. No time to make any of the five points

  14. For sure it is true but some are quite different , thanks for that knowledge

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