No Matter What, You Must Never Live In These Three Places After Being Married If You Want a Happy Home

There are so many mistakes married people make which in turn affect their matrimonies. These mistakes usually include the things and places they live as couple. In this article, you will get to know how the place you live after being married can affect you.

It is of no doubt that so many couples experience some shortcomings in their matrimonies, some which culminate into divorce at the quiet end. Every grown up lady is poised with the hope and feelings of getting married and settled down with her husband in a comfortable matrimony. But oftentimes, the equations do not favour a greater percentage of them.

Men too have a great role to play if they really want to settle down with their wives for a lifetime. If you are married or getting married soon, please take note of this things below to avoid problems in your marriage;

1. Never Marry a Woman and Settle Down In Her Village

A man that marries and live in the same place that his wife comes from will never gain respect from the sight of his in-laws. Frequent visits would take away every honour that you should have gotten as a man, and family.

2. Never Marry and Stay In a Single Room That You’re Accommodating Your In-law In

Privacy is very vital in marriage, you need to enjoy every iota of privacy so you can keep your marriage intact.

3. Never Live In Same Building With the Gossipers You Associated With Before Getting Married

They will surely ruin your marriage and take it over from you, especially if they are still single.

Remember that the Bible blessed marriage, and posited that a man and woman shall leave his or her parents and meet with another person of the the opposite gender. The two shall become one flesh in matrimony, through the body of Christ. Allow the word of God to guide your matrimony.

As a wife, do not pester your husband to give you what he can not afford, the two of you should work together to get everything working. Plan of building or buying your own house, so you can become landlord and landlady. You should not be paying house rent again, when your first child gets up to 20.

Marriage is good, but you have to make it work better, do not engage in tasks that you cannot complete.

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