No to Racism: God Proved Himself As Mum Gave Birth to Twins With 2 Different Colors, See What They Look Like After 23 Years

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Donna and Vince Aylmer live in England. Donna is a 49 years old warehouse worker while her husband is a 55 years old scaffold worker. They already have 3 children when Donna finds out that she is pregnant.

They were very happy about this news because they have always wanted a big family and with the new addition, they will be able to achieve their desire.

On the day of ultrasound, they were a little bit surprised as they found out that they will be adding two baby girls to their family.

Donna was happy that her babies are in good health, but she was a little bit tense to have two additional babies to already 3 children. But she sees the two babies as a blessing from God even before they arrived.

On the day of delivery, January 16, 1997, she gave birth to two healthy babies. When Donna first laid her eyes on the twins she was shocked. Her babies are not identical twins but biracial twins (No resemblance).

One of the babies has a very light complexion while the second is dark in complexion. They are so different to the extent of eye colors. Lucy, the light baby has a blue eye color while Maria, the dark complexion baby has black eyes and black hair.

Maria took after her mom 100% because Donna is African American. Lucy took after her dad 100% who is white. Looking at these girls you wouldn’t have known that they are sisters let alone twins.

Despite not looking alike, Donna always dresses them in the same outfit. She said whenever she took her daughters out; people always ask her why she dresses them in the same clothes not knowing that they are twins. And when she tries to explain to some people that they are twins, most people don’t believe it. Most people don’t even think Lucy is her own daughter.

When the girls are about 7 years old, they tell their mom, Donna, that they don’t want to dress in the same outfit anymore because it makes them uncomfortable and answer a lot of questions when they are out.

They told Donna that they are two different people and they want to dress in that way. They also said that they don’t feel like twins because they are so different.

When they started school, they were in the same class. Because of their different colors, they always have people doubting them as twins. On their first day at school, no one recognizes them as a sister let alone twins, not even the teachers.

When they were 18 years old they sat down with ‘Inside Edition Television Show’ for an interview. According to Lucy, they are completely opposite of each other. Maria is outgoing while Lucy is a little bit shy. According to the twins, Lucy is now getting over her shyness.

Maria loves to go out and mix with people while Lucy prefers to have just a few people around her. They said they were not that close in their teens. Because of their differences, they get jealous from time to time.

Lucy hates her pale looking skin and prefers to have a dark skin like her sister. Maria on the other hand hated her hair, she prefers her sister straight long hair. According to the two they have become so close as they grow older.

See the pictures below and see what they look like;


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