No Woman Will Want to Be With You If You Are Doing These Seven Things

A lot of people are in relationships nowadays, but the problem is that those relationships never last. Most lovers don’t understand each others needs, wants and thing’s they shouldn’t do to their partners in a relationship. A relationship whether it’s intimate or however, partners should respect each others wishes and do not do the opposite of that.

In this article you will be made aware of the things that people do, which are wrong and they should stop don’t them. Below are seven things you must never do to your woman;

1. Don’t Tell Her She Looks Ugly in the Clothes She Wears

The worst compliment you can ever give a woman is the ‘ugly’ word. If your woman has her own sense of style in clothing and you dated her whilst she was wearing the same way, never tell her to try and look or wear like someone.

If you start choosing clothes for her, she might even change her personality and become someone you don’t know as you have been trying to change her.

2. Don’t Tell Your Woman She Doesn’t Have a Hot Body

A lot of girls/women want someone to love them for who they are, not just because the have a big booty, boobs or curves. When you want to compliment a woman, tell her about how beautiful she is. If possible try searching for words on the internet which have the same meaning as ‘beautiful’.

She will have self-confidence and know that you don’t love her just because she has a great body and so on.

3. Don’t Tell Her About Other Women

If you want your relationship to be healthy and prosperous, never and i repeat never-ever talk about other women with your woman. She might think that you are not only interested in her only. It doesn’t matter whether the people you’re talking about are ugly, beautiful or not your type. A relationship is for two people only.

4. Don’t Tell Her Who to Be Friends With

Most of the times, when you start dating someone-she will introduce you to her friends. Whether you think those friends are not good for her, you might as well as break-up with her. You might come to know that they have been friends since childhood and you want to separate them.

If you think your woman’s friends are not a good influence to her, you must distance yourself from them as you don’t want to get on their bad side. If you get on their bad side, they might turn you woman against you and you will lose her.

5. Don’t Compare Her to Other People

The worst thing you can ever say to your woman is that she reminds you of your ex-girlfriend. This also applies to your mother or sister. You will give her the idea of putting you in the friend-zone which is bad news.

Comparing her to your ex will just make things worse, you might even end up breaking up without a reason.

Everyone wants to be treated differently and that is what makes us unique and special.

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