Nokia brings back the retro charm with three feature phones, Android tablet

Nokia 2660

First up is the Nokia 2660, a clamshell phone that’s essentially a reboot of the same-named device released some 15 years ago, all the way back in 2007. The phone is definitely aimed at the elderly, having tons of accessibility features. It’s made of tough polycarbonate and has been rigorously tested for durability. The phone also has a large 2.8-inch internal and 1.77-inch external display, zoomed-in interface that’s easy to make out from afar, and even has HearingAid Compatibility, great for people that are hard of hearing.

The phone is powered by a Unisoc chipset and has 128MB of RAM, 48MB internal storage, and a microSD slot that accepts up to 32GB cards. There’s a single VGA camera, just like the old times. Another blast from the past is the week-long battery life ensured by the 1,450mAh removable (!) battery.

There’s also a 3.5mm audio jack with FM radio functionality, as well as a dedicated MP3 player. The Nokia 2660 also comes with a charger in the box, another unicorn. The device is also equipped with a dedicated emergency button, which can quickly call a predefined contact. You can have the Nokia 2660 in Black, Blue, and Red. 

Nokia 5710 XpressAudio

The Nokia 5710 XpressAudio slider phone is a modern recreation of the iconic Nokia XpressMusic line of devices, all of which has some dedicated audio features. The new phone definitely has one of those as well – it actually comes with a pair of earbuds built-in. Yes, that’s right: there’s a sliding mechanism at the back of the Nokia 5710 XpressAudio that houses a pair of detachable wireless earbuds that get charged by the phone’s battery as you go. You can use those with other devices if you so wish. 

The phone comes with a 2.4″ display, a large removable 1,450mAh battery that can provide weeks of battery life though only up to 4 hours of music playback on a single charge, reportedly, as well as a card slot for microSD cards up to 32GB. Just like the Nokia 2660, the Nokia 5710 XpressAudio has a single VGA camera as well. 

The phone is available in Black/White and Red/White color versions.

Nokia 8210

Another classic Nokia model is resurrected, once again following closely the design language of its namesake predecessor. Just like the previous models, this one is also equipped with a removable 1,450mAh battery, which should reportedly provides up to 19 days of standby battery life in 4G mode and some 29 days in good ol’ 2G. 

In terms of design, the Nokia 8210 is definitely the most mellow new Nokia phone, with a traditional candybar design language, equipped with a 2,8″ QVGA display and, you guessed it, a 3.5mm audio jack for old school audiophiles. Thanks to it, you can listen to FM radio and your own MP3 music files. The Nokia 8210 is also equipped with 128MB of RAM and can accept microSD cards with up to 32GB of storage. There will be Blue and Sand version of the Nokia 8210 for you to pick from, both of which definitely bring back memories. 

Nokia T10

Finally, there’s a new Nokia tablet, but this one doesn’t follow in the footsteps of an existing device. What’s more, it’s a full-blown 8-inch Android 12 tablet with an octa-core chipset, and HD+ 16:10 display, 3GB/32GB and 4/64GB versions, microSD expandable storage, and a single 8MP autofocusing camera. There’s also a 3.5mm audio jack and stereo speakers, but what till you hear about that battery!

Equipped with a 5,250mAh battery and given the not-so-demanding display, it will be logical to expect a sturdy battery endurance, possibly measured in days. There’s also 10W charging on deck, and the charger actually comes in the box. In some specific markets, the Nokia T10 tablet will even come with a jelly TPU case, which is a nice addition to the mix. A bespoke Nokia Flip Cover that is sold separately is also announced alongside the tablet, and this one will double as a stand, allowing more convenient streaming of Amazon’s The Boys.

Adam Ferguson, Head of Product Marketing at HMD Global: “We entered the tablet category last October with the Nokia T20 and have been excited and encouraged by the positive feedback our fans and users have given us. We’re pleased to launch Nokia T10 which delivers the same longevity and durability that made the T20 popular, but in a more compact design to make it even more versatile.”

The tablet will be available in a single color, Ocean Blue, and will come in both LTE and WiFi-only versions. Nokia also promises three Android versions and security updates, which is a great prolonged support pledge. 


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