OnePlus 10T colors: all the official hues

*Images in this article: source OnePlus

OnePlus is ready to announce its next flagship phone, the OnePlus 10T, in just some mere hours. The phone sports a recognizable OnePlus design and two color options. Here, we will discuss the colors this phone will come in, in order to help you decide which one you should go for.

OnePlus has already revealed that the phone will come in two colors: Moonstone Black and Jade Green. On top of that, the company shared some interesting tidbits about the two colors in its OnePlus Community pages. Now, let’s dive into the details, and once we get the phone for a review, we’ll be giving you more info on them!

What colors will the OnePlus 10T come in?

OnePlus has already revealed the two colorways for the OnePlus 10T. They are a black variant with a textured feel dubbed Moonstone Black, and a light and fresh Jade Green with a feel inspired by ceramic and the Jade stone.

Now, onto the details!

OnePlus 10T in Moonstone Black

Moonstone Black is a classic choice for the next flagship by OnePlus. It sports a textured glass with a matte finish that will look and feel premium with the black cover of the phone, and won’t attract fingerprints as easily as a glossy black finish.

OnePlus 10T in Moonstone Black option looks sophisticated, and the phone is definitely not boring. Here’s why!

OnePlus states the inspiration for this color option comes from Basalt – a type of rock that’s formed when lava cools off (throwback to Volcanic Black for the OnePlus 10 Pro with the volcano-inspired stuff).

And, on top of that, the company used a new technology called dual-AG craft for the color, and thanks to this process, the black color has the effect of flickering sand. The textured feel of the Basalt stone is also recreated.

The OnePlus 10T in Moonstone Black looks seamlessly polished: the frame of the phone, as well as the big camera bump on its back, are also painted in black. If you need your next phone to look sophisticated and professional and yet interesting, you will love this color option for the OnePlus 10T.

OnePlus 10T in Jade Green

A phone cannot be available only in black though. For the color-loving OnePlus 10T buyers, the company is introducing a fresh and stylish-looking Jade Green color. The camera bump and OnePlus’ logo add a contrasty look to the phone, making its design and looks stand out.

The frame of the phone is painted in a matching color.

The Jade Green color was inspired, according to OnePlus, by the “warm and soft texture of ceramic and jade”. You may know already that Jade tends to sport a darker shade of green, but the company says it decided to go for this lighter green to make the phone feel fresher.

Jade Green is a great option for you if you find black phones too classical and conservative (although, the Moonstone Black OnePlus 10T is not really a conservative black) and want a touch of fresh color for your daily driver.

By the way, the OnePlus 10T is going to be officially announced soon, so stay tuned!


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