OnePlus 10T launch ushers in permanent OnePlus 10 Pro discount

Between its bonkers charging capabilities (yes, even in the US), top-shelf memory specs, state-of-the-art processor, and very reasonable price, there’s definitely a lot to like about the hot new 5G-enabled OnePlus 10T.

The difference is the latest OnePlus deal doesn’t technically seem to be a deal per se, which means that $799 might stick around as the handset’s new list price in an entry-level configuration pairing 128GB internal storage space with an 8GB RAM count.
The 256GB storage variant with 12 gigs of memory on deck appears to have been permanently reduced by $100 of its own from an original asking price of $969 to a slightly more reasonable $869. 

Of course, that’s still significantly higher than what OnePlus is charging for a more powerful and faster-charging 10T with no less than 16GB RAM and 256 gigs of local digital hoarding room.

Then again, the 10 Pro arguably justifies its existence and at least partially justifies its extravagance compared to its younger brother with a higher-res and overall higher-quality screen, much better cameras, a slightly larger battery somehow squeezed into a thinner body, and wireless charging support.

At a new starting price of $799, the OnePlus 10 Pro also looks undeniably great (at least on paper) when compared with direct competitors like Samsung’s Galaxy S22 or Apple’s base iPhone 13 model, not to mention that this seemingly permanent discount makes room for even deeper limited-time cuts in the future.


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