OnePlus 10T: What’s in the box?

You are on your way to order your fancy new OnePlus 10T, or maybe you are still on the fence about buying one. At any rate, you want to know what you will be getting in the box. Luckily, there is no need to wait. We already had the pleasure of unboxing the OnePlus 10T and we know exactly what comes in the box. 
Spoiler alert – there is a power adapter. Bet you did not see that coming. In 2022, having a charger included in the box is a rarity. To be fair, a smartphone whose main selling point is charging speed should come with a power adapter. It would simply be comical to omit one. Barring the inclusion of a charger, the other contents of the box of the OnePlus 10T are fairly standard. 

What’s in the OnePlus 10T box?

  • The OnePlus 10T
  • A Power Adapter
  • A USB-C cable 
  • A pre-applied plastic screen protector
  • A SIM Tray ejector 
  • 2 stickers
  • Paperwork

Naturally, in the box you will find the device itself – the OnePlus 10T in all its glory. As mentioned above, you will be getting the fast charging adapter in addition to a USB-C cable. Hence, you will be able to charge your OnePlus 10T directly out of the box. Strange, isn’t it? You will also be getting a couple of miscellaneous items – a rather cheap, pre-applied plastic screen protector (which you will almost certainly want to remove), a SIM tray ejector, some paperwork and two stickers. 

What’s not in the OnePlus 10T box?

If it is considered old-fashioned to include a power adapter in the box, it is downright archaic for a smartphone to come with headphones by default. Thus, the OnePlus 10T, being the modern handset that it is, does not come with headphones. Lastly, you will not be finding a case in the OnePlus 10T’s box. 


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