OnePlus plans to spin-off the Nord brand?

Two years ago OnePlus said “Let there be Nord” and there it was! The budget spin-off of a budget brand that wasn’t so budget anymore. Confused? So are we. Since its inception, the Nord model has been reimagined in half a dozen variants (we have an article about that, too), and now it seems that OnePlus is planning to make it a separate brand altogether.A report from The Mobile Indian claims that the company is thinking about doing to Nord what Xiaomi did to POCO – creating a separate entity, and slashing the name of the parent company from the phone.

We don’t have a track record for the aforementioned source, so take this information with a healthy grain of salt. However, looking at all the Nord models out there, it seems logical to spin-off the brand, as the names just keep getting longer and more ridiculous with each new model.

According to the rumor, Nord will indeed drop the OnePlus name in the future, and maybe keep a mention in specific cases – in the form of phrases such as “from OnePlus” for example. What would this mean for us, the consumers? Well, probably it’d be a good thing, as we’ll have more options, especially in the budget department.

The new Nord lineup will also come with a custom-made UI, another spin-off of the Oxygen OS most likely. OnePlus, on the other hand, will focus on delivering “flagship killers” at not-so-flagship-killer prices. What do you think about it? Should Nord exist as a separate brand?

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