Only Men Who Don’t Drink Alcohol Makes the Best Husbands – African Lady Reveals

A beautiful twitter user identified as @_mide96has recently taken to Twitter and made an acclaim that has gotten so many people reacting to.@_mide96 took to Twitter at exactly 9:39 AM on Friday, June 19th, 2020., and claimed that men who don’t drink alcohol makes the best husbands. In other words, @_mide96 is insinuating that most men who drink alcohol don’t make the best husbands.

Her tweet reads: “Men who don’t drink alcohol makes the best husbands”.

I think I can attest that @_mide96’s claim is absolutely right as I have had more than 5 experiences that can justify her claim. The wives of alcohol drinking men I once knew were always beaten and abused by their husbands at every given opportunity, meanwhile the men who doesn’t drink don’t do same to their wives.See few screenshots of people’s reactions to @_mide96 below:

Have you had any experience that can justify @_mide96’s claim? Please tell us about it in the comment section below.

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