OPay Debit Card Now Available for Users, See How to Request For It

OPay Debit Card Now Available for Users

OPay Debit Card Now Available for Users

OPay reveals plan to launch its debit card earlier this year which is a vital product of the company targeted at increasing transactions on the Opay platform.

OPay cards will be directly linked to OPay wallets, and when launched, the product is expected to afford individuals with Opay wallets the luxury of using their cards on ATMs, POS terminals at merchant locations, and e-commerce sites.

The good news is that the OPay Debit card is now available, and you can make a request if you have an OPay wallet. The OPay ATM card allows you to earn thousands of cash back every year. As long as you keep transacting with your card, you keep accumulating massive cashback for yourself.

Amazing Features of OPay Debit Visa Card

* Make purchases via POS, WEB, and ATM anywhere in Nigeria and other supported countries

* Available in naira denominations. Instant access to the account in OPay

* Acceptable anywhere in Nigeria

* Zero lost card liability

* Cardholder inquiry service

* Lost/stolen reporting

* More than 15% Owealth interest

* Cash back annually depending on what you have on your Owealth

* No maintenance fee

* Free transfer to any bank account 90 times monthly.

OPay Debit Card Now Available for Users

OPay Debit Card Now Available for Users

How to Request for OPay Debit Visa Card

>> Log in to your OPay App.
>> Click on “Me”.
>> Click on “Request for OPay Debit card”.
>> At the Referral Column, put your invite referral code or you can skip it
>> Choose your Identity verification Type (National ID, Intl. Passport, Driver Licence)
>> Select your Pick up Location, or choose Express to have the card delivered to your home or office address for a flat fee of N1000 (N700 + N300 delivery fee)
>> Fill in the Necessary Details Required.
>> Then make a payment of N700 which is the ATM Card Fee.

Confirm and you are good to go.

Note: Once you receive the card, Activate the Debit card via the app and visit any nearby Zenith bank ATM to complete the activation.

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