Our Herbal Treatment For Coronavirus Puts WHO and the World’s Media to Shame – Madagascar President Says

Madagascar cure puts WHO to shame

Ever since 21 April 2020 when Madagascar president Andry Rajoelina launched the Covid Organics remedy in front of the whole world, The media has been trying to discredit and bring it down.

The president of Madagascar came out and told the world that the remedy is working and it has “cured” 2 patience so far. The news papers were quick to write how the president is creating claims without proof.

The president ignored all that negativity and started mass production of covid organics. He distributed it to its people in every corner of the country.

The world health organisation came out in a public statement and told the world that the Madagascar remedy is not a cure and its scientifically not proven to be such.

The Madagascar president pulled out from WHO. He said he will not associate himself with an organisation that discredits the countries intellectual property.

After moving from Who, the country continued to export the drink to African countries. This showed the strength of covid organics. Countries like Tanzania, Equatorial Guinea and Senegal ordered the drink.

To this day, WHO came back and asked to work with Madagascar and the country has not backed down from using the remedy. The media had nothing on it, it can do nothing but watch the country progress.

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