Our Marriage Is Just One Week Old and Anytime My Husband Poo, He Will Refuse to Flush It

Anytime my husband poo he want flush

Lady cries out for help after his newly married husband refuses to flush after poo. This lady is in serious mess with her husband and she seeks advice on what she can do to the issue.

In her words, she said; I’m loosing my senses. I am trying to hold my madness, this marriage is already freaking me out. How can me a bsc and master degree holder be flushing toilet for a man who cannot flush toilet. For seven good days now my husband will poo and not flush.

According to what she said;

“This man is already irritating me to the bones. How can he constantly poo for seven days and not flush it. He did it the first time, I flushed it, he did it the second time I flushed it and he continued. I had to confront him and the response was more irritating than the poo itself. He had the boldness to ask me what my job as his wife is.

Lord please help me, how can me a graduate be helping him to flush after he poo. Please I need your advice cause I’m loosing my senses”.

What advice do you have for this lady? What her husband is doing to her is irritating. How can a grown man poo without flushing it. Drop your comments.

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