Our Wedding Is Next Week and I Don’t Want Us to Do It Because I’ve Really Offended My Husband

A young lady is in trouble and seeks advice on what to do. According to her, she said her wedding is next week and she doesn’t know if she should tell her husband or not, that her womb is damaged. Here is what the woman says;

This is my cross, who will bear it for me. What should i do please? should I tell my husband-to-be about my damaged womb when our wedding is scheduled next week or I should keep it to myself.

It’s of no doubt that I have committed a lot of atrocities during my past times but I am not to be scornfully blamed. my youth period and student days while in the university was a time when there many advances from the male folks.

Of a truth, I was very young and beautiful in my early days, my figure 8 was a killer. I could get any man I want, believe me. I always get anything i wanted because I knew how to use what I have to get what I wanted, you should understand the rest of the story. Moreover, that was the tradition of most young girls like me then.

I never thought my past actions would backfire me in the future. Though I had turned a new leaf during my final days in the university, the encounter with God was awesome. I changed for good and forsaked my old me. However, it was too late as i had lost my womb as a result of multiple abortions from my past wayward life.

That was how I met my handsome named Dayo, I could remember my first sight of him at a eatery, he had cleared my bills and somehow we hooked up.

This is our nearly one year of courtship, and I have never summoned the courage to tell him my past atrocities, especially my lost womb. Our wedding is scheduled next week, please help me, What do I do?

Please what advice do you have for this lady? Do you think cconfessing to her fiancee is the best when there wedding is next week already? Kindly share your thought by commenting on this.

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