Painful new Google Pixel 6a tests prove affordable phones can also be built like tanks

While Google‘s in-house smartphones have had all kinds of different problems over the years, ranging from pesky bugs and general software instability to malfunctioning displays and overly aggressive memory management, we can’t really remember durability proving to be a Pixel-specific issue at any point in time.
At least not as far as JerryRigEverything torture tests are concerned, with the latest such non-scientific but highly entertaining experiment pretty much yielding the same conclusions as ever.
What’s certainly notable about the Pixel 6a is that the 6.1-inch upper mid-ranger essentially handles scratches, open flames, and bend… attempts with the same grace as the larger, more technologically advanced, and considerably costlier Pixel 6 Pro from last year.
With Zack Nelson’s JRE burn test having become a self-admitted useless tradition in recent years, the most important parts of the comprehensive new Google Pixel 6a durability inspection are undoubtedly the scratch and especially bend tests.

Despite its advanced age, the Gorilla Glass 3 technology used to protect the affordable handset’s 60Hz 6.1-inch OLED screen offers solid scratch resistance by any and all modern standards. Because there’s no such thing as unbreakable glass, putting on a case is a good idea no matter what phone you own and how much you’re willing to spend for a new model.

That being said, you should probably not worry about keys or coins causing much damage to an “unprotected” Pixel 6a, which combines a strong metal frame with a shiny glass front and an almost surprisingly good-looking plastic back that also feels very nice and sturdy in the hand.

That strong metal frame is likely the main reason why Google’s newest budget-friendly Android soldier does not present any cracks, kinks, or breaks of any kind after the conclusion of Nelson’s time-honored and often agonizing bend test. At least in theory, that means the Pixel 6a’s structural integrity is far superior to that of the pricier OnePlus 10 Pro and OnePlus 10T, which is yet another reason to strongly consider a purchase right now, especially at a nice discount with or without strings attached.


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