Parent of Two Sons Prayed For a Girl But God Surprised Them With Something Better

A lot of people say having kids is one of the best things that could ever happen to someone. Children bring families so much love and life with their innocence and playfulness. Most parents think it’s ideal to have a son and a daughter. This couple has been trying to have a baby girl for many years, and at last, they got pregnant with one. Little did they know that they were in for a surprise.

The married California couple, Katie and Angelo had two incredible boys. Having a baby can be such an exciting thing for couples. Normally, parents feel a sense of excitement along with some nerves as the moment their baby will be born comes near. At the Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, two days had been all about prepping for a new baby for a specific family.

Once Katie and Angelo discovered they were pregnant, they were extremely excited to have a new addition to their growing family. The parents were so happy to learn they would finally be having a girl since they always dreamed of having one. When the doctors gave them the news, Katie and Angelo were already ecstatic.

Katie and Angelo had been married for a while by then, and they decided it was a good time to grow their family. The two followed through on their decision by having two boys. The parents knew that having two healthy sons was a huge blessing, but all the same, Katie and Angelo felt like their family was still missing something deep down. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

The couple still wanted more kids since they felt like they would be able to handle having more children. Katie and Angelo were rather effortless as parents. They were capable of properly taking care of their two sons, and they thought, the more the merrier!

The parents were confident they’d be able to handle more than what they had. So, when they found out Katie was pregnant again, they were delighted. The news sounded like music to their ears. They were so happy to have the opportunity to grow their family.

When Katie and Angelo found out Katie was pregnant, they went straight for a check-up at the doctor, wasting no time. When it came to Katie and the baby’s health, they didn’t want to take any chances. There were so many ways this would have been able to go poorly, so it was important to them to make sure they were all healthy and well.

Throughout the early weeks of the pregnancy, it was confirmed by the doctors that the progress Katie was making was healthy. However, one day, after Katie had gone for a routine check-up, the doctors had another thing to say. This was the moment that would change the couple’s lives forever.

When the couple went to see the doctor that day, they expected everything to go just as smoothly as it had been in the past. Well, their doctor, Sean Daneshmand, told them Katie had to go to a specialist, which alarmed the couple. This is definitely not what a couple wants to hear when they go see a doctor.

They had so many questions they wanted to ask. Was there something wrong? Why did Katie need to see a specialist? While they tried their best not to worry, the couple couldn’t help but feel alarmed and somewhat anxious. At this point, the parents had little control over the situation.

Katie and Angelo got pretty nervous since they were scared they were going to get bad news. However, when they asked the doctor for the reason they had to see a specialist, he gave them a simple answer. This was the answer they didn’t see coming.

Since a pregnant woman had to be taken care of very well and protected, their doctor didn’t want to take any risks when it came to Katie’s health. He mentioned that he spoke to her and said, “Katie, we belong in the hospital now.” The couple didn’t hesitate to follow the doctor’s orders. They made their way to the hospital to keep both Katie and the baby safe.

The doctors explained to the couple that the main reason Katie needed the extra attention was that her pregnancy was considered to be a high-risk one. High-risk pregnancies are capable of harming the baby and the mother as well, so they had to be carefully monitored.

This meant that Katie would possibly develop complications that could affect not just her own health but her baby’s health as well. The doctors told her that she would need care during all hours of the day to make sure she was fine. This isn’t what a mother wants to hear when she’s very pregnant.

If you don’t understand why all of a sudden the doctors were being all fussy about Katie’s pregnancy, then know that there’s a good explanation for it all. This was because she wasn’t just expecting one baby. She was expecting more.

Katie wasn’t pregnant with one baby. She was pregnant with three. Three babies! Just imagine having to carry three babies all at once. It was definitely the right decision for the doctors to instruct Katie to be at the hospital and get more care.

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