Photos Of African Military Force Physically Abusing Citizens, Don’t Open If You Are Sensitive

Military are the nation’s dignity, how military interact with the people or their disciplines determines the nation’s morality, including that of its people; if military are inadequate, there will never be any esteem for the laws or the country as a whole. Military uphold the country’s honor.

Military are designed to safeguard the country and its residents, but what happens when the individual who is expected to defend you is the one who is harming you?

What is it that you are expected to do when your safety maker is the one endangering you? When the same person you supposed to rely on is the one hurting you, we have all witnessed so many brutality acts of soldiers and police officers beating the same citizens they are supposed to be protecting, many people injured some have even lost their lives because of being brutally abused by the soldiers and police. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING AND SEE PHOTOS

According to an Amnesty International research, Africa has a significant percentage of documented incidences of military violating human rights, and African military personnel are believed to be abusive to residents.

How do we defend our country from adversaries as Africans while forgetting to secure oneself against each other, how do we declare “Black lives matter” whilst abusing one another like monsters, and how can other countries regard us properly when we can’t even treat ourselves properly?

See some of the pictures caught on camera when they were brutalising local residents.

Is justice being served in this case? Please share your thoughts and any abusive experiences you’ve had with armed forces.

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