Pixel 6a colors: all the official hues

This year, Google’s affordable phone, the Pixel 6a, has taken a page from the Pixel 6’s lookbook and is sporting the same eye-catching design for its camera bump (pardon, camera bar), and two-tone colors for its back. And not only that, but Mountain View is offering now three color options for the newest mid-ranger (great improvement over the one color the Pixel 5a came in). This way, whatever you style and preferences are, you can chose your new Pixel 6a to match them.
Here, we will examine the three colors in a little bit more detail, and we’ll have even more information when we get the phone for a spin.

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What colors will the Pixel 6a be available in?

The Pixel 6a will be available for pre-order starting July 21 (in stores July 28) and will be available in three colors, carrying Google-like fancy names: Sage, Chalk, and Charcoal. The Sage option looks like light mint green, Chalk is a white tinted with grey, and Charcoal is a dark grey/black hue.

Pixel 6a colors:

Now, with that being said, let’s jump into looking at those three colors in a bit more detail.

Pixel 6a colors

This year, Google has thought a bit more about colors, and the successor of the Pixel 5a is sporting three distinct colorways. Of course, the recognizable two-tone and camera bar that the flagship Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are sporting are here as well. The colors of the Pixel 6a are a bit more on the conservative side, but don’t let that fool you – these color options have character.

Pixel 6a in Sage

The signature color for the Pixel 6a is Sage, a beautiful green-gray color that resembles the color of dried sage leaves. In line with the interesting camera bar design, the top part of the phone is tinted in a slightly lighter, fresher color, while the rest of the phone’s body is colored in this darker green color. The phone features a black aluminum frame, while Google’s logo is green to match the back.

This color is quite sophisticated, we might add. This time Google has decided to finally offer us an exciting color for its mid-ranger and we are quite pleased with this color option making it to the 6a (yes, we do remember the only color the Pixel 5a was available in… you guessed it right – Black), so this is a fresh change. 

If you like your phone to be colorful and exciting, you will love this color. On top of that, it is a trendy color option so it will look good with anything.

Pixel 6a in Chalk

The Chalk color for the Pixel 6a is a predominantly white color with a touch of grey-ish hue, again sporting the unique two-tone look. You might think that Chalk is just a fancy name to call the white color option for the Pixel 6a, but if you concentrate a bit more on this color, then you notice that it is boldly sporting a grey-ish hue, and the top part of the phone is actually even more noticeably grey.

The black frame and camera bar are here as well for a recognizable Pixel look. The Google logo on the back is painted in grey. Overall, this color is definitely not a typical plain white, and it has character. You might like this one if you want your phone to look sophisticated but not too colorful or attention-grabbing.

Pixel 6a in Charcoal

For those of you on the more conservative side, Google is also offering the Pixel 6a in Charcoal. The color looks quite dark, but it isn’t just a black option for your new phone, it looks actually more like dark grey instead of plain black (and probably, the lighting conditions will have a say in that as well). This color is great for those of you on the more conservative side, and it gives a seamless look to the Pixel 6a.

The top part of the phone (above the camera bar) sports a grey finish, while the rest of the phone is dark. For the moment, we have no information whether this color will sport a matte finish (but it most probably will) in order to not attract fingerprint smudges.

Conclusion: which Pixel 6a color is the best for you?

Nowadays, phones are becoming more than tools, and for many potential buyers, design and colors do matter. Picking the phone in the color that will make you happy is important, given the fact that we look at our phones every day, multiple times a day. So, you should chose the Pixel 6a color that matches your preference and style.

All three colors that Google has prepared for the Pixel 6a look great, and with that camera bar design and two-color look, your new phone will look cool no matter which color you decide to go for.

With all that being said, if we need to give you specific advice on which color to go for, go with the color that makes you excited. You know, Charcoal is the new black, Sage will make you smarter, and Chalk unleashes the inner mathematician in you (you know, there’s nothing nerdier than scribbling math equations on a black board from the 50s with some chalk – but don’t do this with your new phone!).

Source: phonearena.com

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