Police is Your Friend: See the Four Amazing Work Police Do In the Society

Police is a body that have been empowered according to the law to carry out some specific functions. Below are the functions of police;

1. Protecting the Lives and Properties of Citizens

The Nigeria police are responsible for the protection of lives and properties of Citizens. They are properly trained and well equipped with guns and ammunition to carry out this assignment. They carry out routine patrols of areas during the day and at night with the principal aim of making sure that the environment is safe and people are secure. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

2. Preventing Crime Occurrences

Another primary duty of the Nigerian police is to prevent crimes from taking place in our environment, most especially when there are reports of impending crime or security issues in an area. In such areas, the Police is responsible for deploying its officers to forestall possible breakdown of law and order.

Also, police officers are placed on duty in strategic places in accordance with the law to maintain peace and order and prevent crime from happening. They work hand-in-hand with other arms of security such as the military in cases of National or territorial threat. In such cases, they are part of what is referred to as a Joint Task Force formed to prevent a possible breakdown of law and order.

3. Maintaining Of Law and Order In Society

Every one of the duties of the police force is all to accomplish one primary goal which is maintaining law and order in the country. To maintain order and make sure that citizens obey the law thereby ensuring peace in the society. When a law is broken, they have the responsibility to arrest the offender as an example in order for law and order to be maintained.

4. Detection of Crime or Person Who Committed Crime

One of the major duties of the police force is to investigate matters when and where there has been a possibility of a crime committed. When a known crime has been committed but the offender is not known, the police has the authority to investigate the crime in order to discover the person or persons who committed it. The department Police Force responsible for detecting criminal activities is known as the Criminal Investigation Department. Police officers in this department always undergo special training which will equip them to be able to detect a crime or a person even when it might not be obvious. Sometimes, they dress in mufti to blend in with the public so as to be undetected while they carry out their assignment.

With the points listed above, you should agree with me that ppeople is our friend cause they save us from lots of things.

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