Prime Day is the new Cyber Monday for Samsung’s best rugged tablet (with S Pen)

Rugged Android tablets are not exactly given a lot of attention most of the time, but with an oddly mysterious Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro model set to go official… later today (?!), some of you road warriors and outdoor enthusiasts might be interested to know that 2019’s OG Galaxy Tab Active Pro is currently on sale at a huge discount.

Despite its advanced age and what the name of its looming sequel suggests, this robust 10.1-incher with a middling Snapdragon 670 processor under the hood is yet to get a second edition.
That makes the first-gen Tab Active Pro arguably the best rugged Samsung tablet available to this day, and at a whopping $330 less than its usual price of $749.99, hardcore fans of these types of niche devices are likely to overlook this bad boy’s inherent flaws.
In addition to the aforementioned unimpressive Qualcomm SoC, we’re talking outdated Android 11 software with little to no hope of ever seeing the latest stable version of the world’s most popular mobile OS officially rolled out to this particular slate.

On the decidedly bright side of things, the large 10.1-inch display is equipped with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels (which is not very easy to come by in the rugged segment), as well as “enhanced touch” capabilities, and yes, S Pen support too.

The Galaxy Tab Active Pro comes with an iconic Samsung-made stylus included in its reduced price, as well as an admittedly unattractive body designed to withstand everything from drops to shocks, extreme temperatures, humidity, sand, and of course, water immersion.

Made for a certain kind of customer, the affordable tablet doesn’t feature the world’s greatest cameras or a very impressive RAM count, but it does pack a hefty and easy-to-replace battery. All in all, we’re definitely looking at one of the best Prime Day 2022 tablet deals available right now, and although not completely unprecedented, Amazon’s $330 discount is a repeat of an epic Cyber Monday 2021 sale from almost eight months ago.
To our knowledge, said Cyber Monday promotion never returned… until yesterday, and given the Tab Active Pro’s age, we wouldn’t rule out this Prime-exclusive affair proving to be a clearance offer of sorts. In other words, you might want to hurry and pull the trigger as soon as possible!


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