Prophet Mohammed Was a Paedophile, He Married His Wife Aisha At the Age Of 9 Despite Having More Than 10 Wives Already

A lot of people has always been arguing and calling Prophet Mohammed (SAW) a paedophile due to his wife which he married when she was just 9 years old.

However, thanks to a Muslim scholar who cleared the air and people’s doubt by explaining the Prophet wasn’t a paedophile. He explained how and what actually happened back then that made Prophet Mohammed (SAW) married his wife at her tender age.

According to the scholar’s explanation, Here is what actually happened; Tap Here to continue reading

“It is a very common phenomenon for most people to quickly want to posit or portray the holy prophet Muhammad (saw) as a paedophile or someone who cherish keeping young girls. These stories are what we have heard on several occasions but I will love to make some clarifications about it in this article.

When trying as much as possible to seek knowledge about this subject matter, it is important to first discuss the age of Aisha being 9 when she married our Prophet Muhammad.

If you will care to know, Aisha’s parents did marry her to the holy prophet and at that time, not a single person objected their marriage because it was a common practice and norm which is still practised in many countries till date for little girls to get married.

One will want to ask why Aisha’s parents married her to the prophet?

In Arabia, it was a norm there for people to have a very short life span as research has it that many people’s life span come to an end between the ages of 40 and 60 which makes it inversely responsible for having what may be termed child marriage back then.

Aside this, Aisha’s father whose name was Abu Baker, during the persecution of Muslims and migration from Mecca to Median left his family to the care of prophet Muhammad and also at that time gave his consent for the prophet to be married to his daughter, Aisha. We shouldn’t also forget that during that time, girls mature rapidly and reached puberty before the age of 10.

Meanwhile, it is also important to know that the holy prophet has received a vision that he should marry Aisha even before her parents ever thought of marrying her to the prophet.

To prove that the prophet wasn’t majorly interested in young girls, his wives, about 11 of them are either closely older or younger than him only with the exception of Aisha.

With this, will you still say the holy prophet was a paedophile? Rather than say he was a paedophile, it would be appropriate to say he came with a lesson that there is no ill in marrying someone who is either younger or older than you in as much as you can treat her like a queen.

This also set an example on how to treat our to love, respect, honour and cherish our women folk. Given them rights also over us and given the mother the most honourable position in our lives, without her happiness there is no paradise for us.

What do you have to say about this? Kindly drop your comments.

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  1. This writer deserve to be kills for insulting prophets Muhammad SAW this is blasphemy

  2. That man is a junk, greedy, who could not keep his manhood to one woman, he want all women to himself, how many evil perpetrated, to mention but few, using force to bring people into religion, believing he is fighting for God, who on earth has the power to fight for God if he was not evil who kill to force men into religion when you can not create .

    • What will you say about Solomon in number of wives you are wrong for saying he uses force to bring people in Islam
      He never force anyone into Islam
      even the Quran bear witness that keep your religion and let the unbelievers keep theirs
      Marring a 9 years old girl is still happening even in today’s America google and see for yourself both young girls and even boys
      Then also He’s first wife is almost 30 years older than Him what about that
      Easy we learn to know much about anything we hear and again don’t use your heart when making any decision or concluding issues use your head you will say common sense when I say head but I mean you should be a leaned to anything you hear about religions I don’t insult anything coming from a Christian because I’m not a Christian so put my religion aside learn about it
      Pastors are coming out saying alot that God direct them I can’t question but so many ways to learn from it
      If you feel insulted by this I’m sorry is only my opinion on the insult you landed on the Prophet Muhammad

    • I know why we human beings don’t like truth, we support evil in the name of religion.

  3. Pointless points. Wrong is wrong. What example is being laid to have an infant as the 12th wife. What vision could have come from God to a holy prophet to marry an infant daughter of a man taking refuge in his abode as wife?

  4. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) was not a paedophile but the christian clerics who are having sexual affairs with little boys working for them in their houses and enterprises (churches). This is because virtually they (pastors) homosexualists.

  5. I am certain that you read the article with a bias mind and you are not readying to learn/make research to have your true fact inspire of whatever the writer has put online. had I have the a link to where you can learn the truth about it, I would have love to send you a link but I do not have it offhand

  6. May God have mercy on us and show us the right way

  7. How can a so call prophet here from God if he was truly a prophet sent by God? He was womanizing and sexually abusing under age all in the name of marriage wagging war here and there, killing people for religion purpose . God is far from him find what he was actually worshipping

  8. Matters of this nature are very delicate and sensitive. People need to be well-researched before commenting and/or passing judgement. Those who understand the essence of religion don’t pass insults on Prophets whichever side they belong to as such behaviour only portends evil and bad omen to the community.No gainsaying the fact that such attitude is blasphemous and therefore condemnable in all ramifications. We Muslims treat the prophet of Islam Muhammad(saw or may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him)with much respect and reverence.And in like manner we are commanded to believe in other Prophets and hold them in high esteem.The Holy Prophet Muhammad(saw) never acted on his own volition but rather took actions based on the commandments of Almighty Allah in all situations.

  9. Only God knows the truth. We are watching

  10. No Prophet of God should be treated with vulgar word (s). They all deserve the highest respect and honour. They are directly receiving messages and instructions from the Almighty Creator, God of all that is created and exists. As muslims, we must believe in the prophethood of all the prophets from Adam to Muhammad including Isa (Jesus) (S).It is the highest level of sin to comment negetively on Prophet Muhammad or anyone of them, Jesus (S) inclusive.

  11. Olanrewaju Akinpelu
    Olanrewaju Akinpelu

    I don’t think Muslims world have anything to hide about their Prophet hence why his autobiography was made available for the people with wisdom and knowledge . It is only people who are not Islamic faithfuls who saw the light of Islam since inception that wanted to kill that light since 1400 years plus ago but the light refused to die .

    Inside of the light of Islam to go off , it started showing where it is and have been expected to shine without much ado . So keep on tarnishing the image of Islam and their Prophet, Allah the Almighty will continue to preserve the religion no matter same is being persecuted .
    One thing that I know for sure is that there is no religion that is free of criminal members .We have them in christianity ,Judaism and Islam.

  12. The best way to commit suicide is just walk to the market and curse Mohammed,
    I swear u no go last 10mins, they will kill u like they were thought by their God

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