Sad News to All South Africans As This Bad Thing Will Happen to Them Soon

South Africa President

It’s really a hard time for the people of South Africans. It’s all beginning to look like a lost battle as all hopes are getting shattered.

The nation on a daily basis continue to account for huge number of added cases and the death toll is likewise on the rise.

Amidst the high number of coronavirus cases, South Africans still continue to mount an heavy pressure of the president, ordering him to move the nation back to level 1.

The decision of the president to have moved the nation back to level 3 is yet a very grave mistake to have ever been made. Death toll is fast rising and people are rapidly dying from the virus, the number tells it all. All in a bid of safeguarding the economic nation the president made a more grave mistake.

The virus at this point looks out of control and yet the government wouldn’t stop schools from not resuming, even after deaths from schools and instructor.

South Africans should stop complaining of hunger, that would give the president enough reason to make the right decision and also avoid unnecessary pressure.

South African government already made a very big mistake of bringing the nation back to level 3 while all is still unsafe. The president choice of further lowering the lockdown to level 1 as advised by the scientist would be a more worse decision.

What do you think? Should the government further bring the nation back to level 1 or head back to level 5, drop your comment below.

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