Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: Size Comparison

How do you make the best, even better? This was the question that Samsung had to face when making the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Its predecessor was the most successful foldable smartphone of all time, and by a huge margin at that. Only time will tell if the Flip 4 has what it takes to fill the shoes of the previous generation. 

When it comes to looks, at least, the Flip 4 receives an A+ right off the bat. Mostly, because you would be hard-pressed to distinguish it from the Flip 3 which was, in its own right, a very stylish smartphone. The Flip 4 is a remarkably sleek device. It is elegant and bears the nostalgic yet ever fashionable appeal of a flip phone. Not to mention just how compact and portable it is when folded. Whether that would be enough for it to retain the crown remains to be seen. For the time, the only battle that we will be considering is the one in the size department. How does the Flip 4 measure up?

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 vs other foldable smartphones

Of course, the first comparison that has to be made is between the old king himself (for now) – the Flip 3 – and the successor. Despite the improvements on the inside, these devices, physically at least, are practically identical. The Motorola Razr 2020 is also very similarly-sized – only a couple of millimeters separate the two clamshell foldables. The Razr, however, does boast a bigger outer screen. Speaking of big outer screens, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 blasts the latter out of the water in that department. Then again, these two devices serve a completely different purpose. One is big that aims to be bigger, while another is big that aims to be small – not much room for comparison.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 vs other Android smartphones

Because of its clamshell design, comparing the Flip 4 to non-foldable smartphones is relatively straight-forward. Because the outer screen is by no stretch of the imagination fully-functional, we will primarily be considering the inner, foldable one. The cover screen is, at least at this point, more akin to an additional feature that facilitates the foldable form factor, rather than a true secondary display. Hence, we will be looking at how the unfolded Flip 4 stacks up against conventional smartphones. 

Frankly, the Flip 4 is small even unfolded. It is abnormally tall, that much is true – taller than even the S22 Ultra mind you. But, as a whole, the Flip 4 is dwarfed by most Android smartphones when it comes to sheer size. The S22 comes close to the dimensions of the Flip 4, but the wider aspect ratio makes it bigger – just in a different way. When put side by side with the S22 Ultra and the Pixel 6 Pro, it becomes apparent just how compact the Flip 4 truly is. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 vs iPhone alternatives

Then again, Android phones are not particularly known for being compact. The iPhone lineup on the other hand has managed to retain a relatively small footprint over the years. The iPhone 13 mini is actually smaller than the unfolded Flip 4. Of course, the 13 mini cannot become twice as small, but it is still extremely compact. The 13 Pro on the other hand, a relatively small smartphone in itself, almost looks bulky when compared to the Flip 4. The former is wider, thicker and much heavier. The 13 Pro is admittedly shorter than the Flip 4, but it will never feel smaller in the hand – that much is certain.


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