Samsung offers amazing Galaxy S22 Ultra deal for a cracked screen trade-in

In what could be considered one of the best Galaxy S22 Ultra deals, Samsung is now offering to trade your cracked screen phone for its finest in the S line and give you up to $1000 in exchange for it.

In addition, it will pile on $100 of Samsung store credit to the deal which you can use towards the purchase of accessories or anything else that grabs your eye during the Galaxy S22 Ultra shopping spree.
To get the S22 Ultra deal, you need to get on the respective Samsung store page from the link here below and chose the trade-in option. The drop-down menu then will ask you what broken brand and model you have to trade and then on the way out to the payment page you can add various other gadgets and services to the basked for which Samsung will knock off $100 from the price.

Just to give you an example how good this deal is, a broken Galaxy S21 Ultra will net you $1000, no questions asked but if it is otherwise working besides the cracked display. Moreover, Samsung’s website is the only place you can get the exclusive Red, Graphite, or Sky Blue colors of the phone, as well its exclusive 1TB storage option.

An older Note 20 Ultra or Galaxy S20 Ultra – two of the phones most likely to upgrade to the S22 Ultra from – with a damaged display will still knock off $825 or $725, respectively, from the price of the newest flagship Samsung phone.
In addition, you can bundle with various other Samsung devices like the Galaxy Tab S8 and receive 30% off the tablet’s price, so there’s barely been a better time to grab a Galaxy S22 Ultra as Samsung is maybe trying to catch up to the Amazon Prime Day Samsung phone deals runup this week.


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