Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G can be yours for a measly $300 with no trade-in right now

are decidedly in the rearview mirror, that doesn’t mean “professional” bargain hunters can simply go back to their day jobs until this year’s actual Black Friday and Cyber Monday festivals kick in.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

5G, 128GB, Verizon Activation

$700 off (70%)

Of course, you don’t need to spend hours and hours every day on different forums and social media platforms to find a deal as crazy (and as seemingly random) as what Best Buy is currently offering on a Verizon-specific Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G.

We know, the fast-approaching Z Flip 4 (and Z Fold 4), both of which are already up for reservation, are all that you can think of day and night, but if you can somehow find it in yourself to settle for last year’s “next big thing”, you’re looking at spending just $299.99 of your hard-earned money right now. No typo, no joke, and perhaps most importantly, no trade-in.
Obviously, there is a “catch”, and if you are indeed a seasoned bargain hunter, you know exactly what to expect. That’s right, you will have to activate your brand spanking new Galaxy Z Flip 3 with full 5G support on Verizon upon making your Best Buy purchase to shave a completely unprecedented 700 bucks off a $999.99 list price in a 128GB storage variant.
What you don’t need to do is also get a monthly installment plan, although if you want that, it will split the already ridiculously low $300 price in 36 payments of $8.33. No number port-in involved, no new line of service required.

Reserve the Galaxy Z Flip 4 right now

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Reserve the next Galaxy and get up to $200 off in Samsung Credit, excellent trade-in value, and exclusive colors.


Even with an undoubtedly more refined and (lightly) upgraded Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 around the corner, being able to pay eight bucks a month for something as powerful, versatile, and undeniably beautiful as the Z Flip 3 5G is simply an unmissable opportunity.


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