Samsung’s latest television ad makes fun of the lack of innovation on the iPhone 14 line

Talk among those waiting to buy the next iPhone turns to the battery, “the bloggers say the battery life is sketchy,” says another person waiting on this long line referencing battery issues iPhone users were experiencing with iOS 5.0. Suddenly the crowd spots a bystander holding the Samsung Galaxy S II with its 4.3-inch described as “massive.” And with its 4G support,  a barista waiting on the line calls it “magnificent.”

Samsung has a history of making fun of Apple and the iPhone with spot-on television commercials

Speaking of the barista, he became the first (and only) breakout star from the spot. His line, “I could never get a Samsung. I’m creative,” followed by his friend’s response, “Dude, you’re a barista” was such a great put down line that Samsung featured the barista in other ads and even ran a contest that gave away phones and “Dude, you’re a barista” tee-shirts.
In 2014, years before the iPhone 13 Pro Max became the battery life champion that it is, Samsung called iPhone users wallhuggers in a hilarious ad that depicted several of them at an airport desperate to find an outlet to plug in their devices.
Perhaps the Samsung ad with the most direct comparison between the iPhone and Galaxy phones was a spot well done by Samsung in 2017 that showed a young man buying an iPhone in 2007 and as the years went by he would upgrade to the next iPhone every so often. He eventually meets a girl who owns a Galaxy Note and despite this “mixed relationship,” love blooms. Eventually, the guy thinks that the grass is greener on the other side and switches to the Galaxy Note 8.

And of course, there was the series of “Ingenious” ads created by Samsung that showed a portrayal of a fictitious Apple Genius at a fictitious Apple Store as he helped customers who always seemed to ask about a feature found on Sammy’s handsets but not on the iPhone.

And all of this takes us to today’s new ad created by Samsung for the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Galaxy Z Flip 4. In the style used for upcoming movie trailers, the ad starts with the announcer stating, “Buckle up for Apple’s latest launch as you enter a world where heads will turn. Just not in your direction.” Ouch!

Samsung’s new ad says innovation found on Galaxy devices won’t be coming to the iPhone 14 series

The 30-second spot then goes on to tell iPhone users that the highest resolution camera on a smartphone will be in another person’s pocket and the 100x Space Zoom photo that is garnering all the likes on social media platforms won’t be yours. Why? Because “this innovation is not coming to an iPhone near you. It’s already here in the Galaxy.”

So Samsung adds another notch on its advertising belt as it once again takes Apple down while promoting its own devices. Interestingly, we thought a new softer Samsung had been created when back in 2019, the company removed from its social media accounts all of the ads that mocked or trolled Apple. But here we are again, just three years later, and the rivalry continues to be played out on national television.
The sad thing is that Apple considers itself above the fray and so it won’t respond to Samsung by calling out the South Korean firm. And that is just too bad because it’s always entertaining when two companies slugging it out in the marketplace take that competition to the airwaves. We’ve seen Samsung brilliantly take the weaknesses of the iPhone and turn them into funny and memorable ads. Just once we’d like to see Apple respond in kind.

Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 14 series on September 7th.


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