Satan Is Using You But You Don’t Know If You Are Doing These Three Things

signs devil is using you

Everyone is faced with challenges or struggles at some point in their lives. Sometimes we tend to blame our friends, relatives or parents when it might be the devil is trying to bring us down. If you keep feeling defeated despite making efforts to make things work, this might be a sign that the enemy is after you. Below are three signs that’ll let you know that enemy is after you;

1. Struggling With Feeling Of Discouragement
Feeling discouraged is normal but the consistent feeling of discouragement after trying all ways possible to avoid the feeling is a sign of spiritual warfare. If you’re discouraged, just remember, God is not yet done with you.

2. Feeling Divisive
If you notice yourself being against most of the issues in life which are in line with your Christian life, this is a sign the enemy is using you. These can be feeling jealousy, envy or hatred. This is a sign you don’t wish others good which is what the devil thrives in.

3. Always Lying
If you are always telling lies, the devil is using you to weaken your own life and that of others. This will later make you feel guilty when the truth comes out. Try as much as you can to avoid lies and also falling into other temptations.

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