Say These Prayers to Start the New Month With Grace and Joy As Today Marks the First Day Of a New Month

Prayers for New month 2020

Every wise christian should always begin the month with prayers cause every new month carries new blessings, God always has something new for His children in every new month. Today we shall be engaging in new month prayer points. We shall be speaking into our new month as we enter into it. When you begin to start every month with prayers, you will never be a victim in any month. Below are the prayer points we will be saying to seek God’s grace, blessing and protection in this mew month;

* Father, we bless and adore You! Our King of kings, Ancient of Days, Lord of lords, Rock of Ages, I am that I am, Maker of all things, we honor and worship You!

* Thank You Father for all you have done from the beginning of last month to the beginning of this month

* In this month of June, I decree and declare by faith:
As I have entered a new month, every dry bone in my life will receive the breath of life and live again.

* In this new month, I shall achieve double folds of everything that I could not achieve last month in Jesus name.

* I shall break limit in my finance, business, education and every other things I do in Jesus name.

* In this new month of June, the Lord will reveal deep and secret things that will catapult me to the next level in Jesus name.

* As I and my family members have seen the beginning of this month, so shall we see it’s end. This month shall never see our end in Jesus name.

* I and my family shall not know sorrow this month and as we start a new month today, so shall everything about me will be renewed.

* In this new month, I will not labor in vain. I receive double honor, I will not work like an elephant and eat like an ant. I will be greatly appreciated and rewarded in all I do in Jesus’ name.

Thank you lord for prayer answer in Jesus mighty name I have prayed. AMEN!!!

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