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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

I Caught My Mum and Dad Making Love And I Did This to Them

Caught making love

Dad and Mum has been a couple that has managed to remain happily and s*xually active on a regular basis even with two kids into there marriage. Naturally it has happened from time to time. Keeping the passion alive isn’t too much of a challenge for them, but they have little children running around the house. Chances are you’re going to get walked in on. And that was what happened.

My dad and his wife were going at it that day. No safety precautions in the shape of conveniently places pillows or blankets draped over their naked shapes. Mum was butt-naked on her back on the mattress they placed on the floor to avoid the bed making noises, and dad was at the top doing his thing.

They were sweating, They were panting. When I bagged in with the aim of coming to pick something in the room. When I caught them in the act, I asked:

“Mum, Dad, what are you doing?”

My mum was mortified as she struggled for words. Dad motioned her to be quiet, and without skipping a beat, he said:

“We’re making a baby.”

Then I asked, “Can it be a sister?”

“Sure, it’ll be a sister.” Dad said.

To God be the glory, nine months later mum gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

My Husband Just Credited My Account With 5 Million Thinking It Was His Concubine

My husbvand sent me 5 million

Amara is asking for your help on what to do as regards the alert she received from her husband pertaining a huge amount of money sent her.

She claims the money was supposed to allegedly be for her husband's mistress.

Her dilemma is that the husband never gives her money for the upkeep of his children but spends money anyhow on women outside.

See her narrative as shared by relationship expert Osigwe.

Hello, Osigwe may God richly bless you for creating a platform whereby people can express their matrimonial worries.

My husband just credited my account hours ago with the sum of 5 million naira. From the message attached with the deposit, it shows it was meant for his mistress and not me. The message showed from your baby Emma.

When I saw the alert I knew it was his mistress because I never asked him for a penny in the first instance.

Now his calling me with over 20 missed calls and I have refused to pick. I am thinking of running to Ghana with my son and begin life with the 5 million.

He has sent me a text message saying the money was meant for his business partner who was travelling to China.

Least I forget, my husband abandoned me and his son for over two years now. He has even stopped paying for our rent.

Please, I am thinking of starting a business with this money. My mother is from Ghana and I am considering going to meet her, I know my husband can't find me up to Ghana. Please advise.

Thanks, Amara.

What do you have to say about this? Do you thinking running away with the money is the best or she should return the money to her husband?

Please let's advice this lady by dropping your comments below.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

I Truly Love Her But My Best Friend Snatched Her From Me

Sexy girl

According to the message I received about two days ago via my mail, A man known as Mr. Azindo claimed he is confused and doesn't know what to do. He needs advice from you all. What do you think this man can do?

According to his mail, he said;

Hello, I am so much in love with someone but I can't tell her because my best friend is already dating her and they are much in love with each other. I think alot about this girl and I really wish to marry her and stay with her forever.

But because my best friend is already dating her, I want to forget about her. But it is difficult for me to forget about her. Please I need your help.


Hamza azindo

Please what advice do you have for this man? he's truly inlove with the girl and he is unable to forget about her.

Drop your comments below and let's see what this man can do to this issue on ground.

I Haven't Filled My Gas Cylinder For 3 Years After Placing My Church Sticker On It

Didn't fill gas Cylinder for 3 years

An Instagram User has shared how a lady testify in her church, The Lord's Chosen.

A member of this church, the 'Lord's Chosen' claims for three years now, she had not fill her gas cylinder because of a sticker she got from the church.

Some pastors sell these kinds of stickers to church members which allegedly have all sorts of powers to change their life.

One lady who used one of the stickers testified that it worked for her and she’s had not refill her cylinder ever since placing the sticker on it.

People are too gullible to allow pastors take them for a ride with this kind of thing.

What is your take on this, could this be real? Drop your comments below.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

We Have Breakup But She Always Send Me Love Text Anytime She Needs My Help

Lady with big butt

According to the message we received from a man known as Ssali Ali. He said he have a girlfriend but they have both broke up. He said anytime the girl needs something from him, she will text him and if he gives her what she requested, the girl will appreciate it and thank him by saying sweet words and send love text as appreciation.

Mr. Ssali needs your advice on this and he would be grateful if you can tell him what to do about it.

Below is what Mr. Ssali said;

I broke up with my girlfriend but she text me when she needs something and when I give her she appreciates with words of love. is it because she still loves me or because she wants to use me?

This man is really confused now and he doesn't know if the girl still loves him or not. He want your advice on what he should do. Should he marry the girl back or he should leave the girl alone?