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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Five Amazing Things You Need to Know About People Born In April That You Don't Know

Traits of April born

April is the fourth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar, the fifth in the early Julian. Good people are born in April, Someone once said you haven't really lived till you date an April born at least once in your lifetime, and I couldn't agree more. An April born will love, care and treat you special. If you want to know what highly emotional people are like, then just meet April born.

However, having dynamic moods is the most important part of their character and is something they cannot get rid of. There are lots of good traits about the people born in April. Below are good traits about April Borns;

1. They Are Loyal
Once an April born make friends they are there for them throughout the life time and expect the same kind of devotion. They can take a bullet for their friends. They define their relationships very carefully. They expect the same devotion from others and don’t forgive betrayals.

2. They Are Life Of the Party
You will hardy see April born people feeling low . They are the energy power house and always keep others active as well. They are quite the enthusiasts for doing adventurous things and spread a very energetic aura around them.

3. They are Good Looking
They can be quite intimidating when it comes to appealing someone with their looks. One dazzling smile and they can get anything done with the snap of their fingers. Be careful from their tempting looks.

4. They believe in Fairytale Love
April borns are very emotional about the topic Love. Their intent is to either love with all their hearts or not love at all. They are clear about their feelings if they have encountered the emotion because they believe in getting with the right person. They don’t take disloyalty in love easily and close all future doors for relationships for them.

5. They Are Not Afraid Of Losing
April Born believe in giving their best shot without the fear of losing. All they worry about is getting the work done to the best of their abilities. Failure is the least of their problems. They are people who surely know how to bounce back from negativity of failure.

Happy Birthday to all the April Borns. Drop your birth date via comment and let's wish you Happy birthday. Also share some of your character traits incase I left any out.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

You Will Die If You Date, Marry Or Sleep With Women With Red Thighs - Here Is How to Easily Recognize Them

Why you Mustn't date red thighs women

Women with red thighs is a colloquial term that refers to a breed of women who carry a curse. Women of ‘red thighs’ were feared like leprosy and avoided like plague. These women were said to be born with a curse and were bound to cause unbearable misfortunes to men who married them. The women are referred to as ‘femme fatales’. Sadly, they are not tied to a particular country or state.

Cambridge dictionary defines them as women who are very attractive in a mysterious way, usually leading men into danger or causing their destruction. These women are single because no man wants to marry any of them. Those men who dare bisect, they either run mad or die. Folklore has it that these alleged ‘sexual vampires’, despite being very beautiful and charming, are dogged with a ‘curse’ of sorts. They have a jinxed background, and it’s believed any man who marries or sires children with them dies mysteriously or tragically.

These women are sweet, they are beautiful as well as intelligent no theory has ever disputed this. But there is one thing I think you have never been told…don’t sleep with a woman with red thighs. According to previous tragic occurrences, men slept with these rare women die died and got buried-there are several case studies to prove this. It’s believed that these women are a bad omen and their thighs should never be close to a man’s manhood.

If you marry and have a baby with them, you die.  If you marry a woman of red-thighs, you will die if she delivers your baby. They are very beautiful women. Sometimes light skinned. If a man has sex with her and she conceives, the man dies under mysterious circumstances. Either through an unforeseen ailment or an accident. Unfortunately, a man can never know if a woman has a red thigh since it is neither a color nor a genetic condition.

A tale was told of a Kenyan woman who has been married to more than three men in a span of less than 10 years. All the men have since, died. One fell ill and passed on as did the next. The third one was involved in an accident and lost his jaw. He later succumbed to an infection of the same. The red thigh symbolizes danger. It is a taboo to marry such women as their clan is cursed and any union with them portends no good.

They exist in a family that carries the curse, from generation to generation. A woman who has a red-thigh will kill 9 husbands in her life time. The tenth husband will survive and the curse will be broken but it will be rubbed off on her kids who will carry it to the next generation. It was initially given prominence by the Concubine a Nigerian novel that spoke of a woman, Ihuoma, who carried curse and killed many a men in her lifetime.

However, before that, how do you know that a woman has a red thigh? Well, the elders say that it is very hard. Nevertheless, they say that these women have a red spot on the inner thighs or their private parts. Below are reasons why these women were avoided in by the community;

1. It was believed that any man who cohabited or married any of these women was bound to die through a mysterious disease or accident. The woman was said to at least ‘kill’ four men before she could ‘settle’ down.

2. They are believed to be sexual vampires.
During sexual intercourse, these women are said to drain energy from the male partner which makes him weak leading to a mysterious ailment and eventually, death.

3. They are said to pass over the curse to their children which subjects them to the same misfortunes. In short, the whole lineage emanating from this woman is ‘cursed’.

To conclude, it is not scientifically proven whether the things said about these women are true or not. For now, one can only decide to believe or trash the whole thing. From today, if you decide to sleep with a woman, examine her thighs!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2020

If You Don't Act On These Things Now, You Will Later Regret It In Life

Things must do to avoid regret

Regret is simply something you wish you knew earlier in life. It is a feeling of sadness or disappointment which is caused by something that has happened or something that you have done or not done. The main difference between successful people and others is that successful people get to know very early in life what others know later. Below are 9 things you must do now to avoid regret later in life;

1. Always Be Yourself
Most people don’t know who they are, so they die as someone else. The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. Until you live a life that is truly yours, you have not lived. Many people live a larger part of their life wanting to be someone else. For all the time you work hard to being someone else, they are wasted years.

2. Rejection Is Often Redirection
Sometimes, the greatest thing that will ever happen to some of us is rejection. The reason has been that most times, rejection is simply redirection. When people continually reject you, it is because God is redirecting you. One of the core secrets of great people is in their ability to handle and overcome rejection without harbouring any form of bitterness. Don’t ever give in to people’s rejection; rather, ask God to redirect you to your place of destiny fulfilment.

3. Don't Depend On Previous Success
Our previous success can hinder us from moving to the next level when we become so full of them. Don’t build your future on your previous successes; rather, let them give you more impetus to be more successful.

4. You Must Discover Your Gift
Your education is not your secret to wealth and fulfilment; the discovery of your gift is. The core purpose of the education should be discovering one’s gift as early as possible.
Any education that does not teach us to discover, nurture and develop our gifting and uniqueness is a waste. There is no man that is as poor and miserable as the one that carries all his gifts, talents and potentials to the grave. Real wealth is discovering your gifts and talents and making the world a better place through it.

5. Making Mistakes Is An Integral Part Of Success
In life, the fellow who never makes a mistake takes his order from the one who does. Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. Mistakes are integral parts of the learning process. Any learning process that does not accommodate making mistakes will always short-circuit learners’ capacity for innovation.

6. Your Words Matter
It is not what you are going through that defines you, but what you say in what you are going through. If God cannot change your word, he cannot change your life. What you are going through is temporal, but what you say in what you are going through is permanent. Be wise with words. Be mindful of your words. No matter what any prophet says about you, you always have the final say.

7. Value Family And Relationships More Than Money
Family is everything. you must never sacrifice family for business. Those that succeed at home will eventually employ those that struggle at home. I have come a long way in life to realise that the only resources that is inexhaustible in life is relationship. This doesn’t suggest that we shouldn’t make money, but rather, we must not prioritise it above relationship.

8. Stop Asking For Permission
Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another. I have observed that the greatest hindrance to living a fulfilling life is being ‘stuck’ on other people’s opinion and permission. There are two things that we can perpetually live on: ‘Permission’ or ‘Conviction.’ Great people live on the latter, while the former is meant for lesser souls. Live on conviction and stop asking for permission. Make no apologies for following your heart; a man on a mission needs no permission.

9. There Is Nothing That Is Ready-Made
There is nothing that is ready-made. All you need has been given, the challenge is just that they might not be in the form that you need it. The reason why there is scarcity in your life is not because you don’t have what you need, it is simply because what you need is in a form that you are too lazy to work upon. The liberating truth against scarcity is to believe that you already have what you need, but not necessarily in the form that you needed it. You need to work on what you have presently to get what you need out of life. Nobody gets the best out of life automatically, the best comes as we work on the good that we have presently.

Friday, March 27, 2020

All Men Find These Seven Things Attractive In Women According to Scientists

Things men find attractive in women

A man is an adult male human. Prior to adulthood, a male human is referred to as a boy. If you've ever wondered what attracts men to women the most, these seven things I'm about to talk about below are what attract men to women. Below are 7 things that men find attractive in women;

1. Strong Eye Contact
Forget that saying about the eyes being the window to the soul, because they're also the door to keeping a lover's attention. Turns out your pupils dilate a little more when you're attracted to someone. The kicker? People are apparently super attracted to dilated pupils. Lesson learned: never miss an opportunity to fixate your eyes at your intended bae.

2. Great Teeth
Research suggests that straight, white teeth are very attractive, too.

3. Facial Symmetry
This is when the left side of your face matches the right side of your face and vice versa, with things matching up perfectly from one side to another and according to researchers this is a lot more attractive as well.

4. Lips
Results from a study at Manchester University found that lips are a woman's most attractive physical attribute.

To agree with this, all you need do is consider just how gorgeous you look especially when they have red lipstick.

5. Beautiful Smiles
Another study suggests that men are so drawn to women who smile a lot. This is pretty right too as smiling obviously makes women beautiful than moping and frowning. men are significantly more attracted to women who smile. It's not like you'll be reeling them in with a grimace.

6. A High-pitched Voice
High-pitched voices are apparently sexier. Researchers suggest it's because higher voices suggest a smaller body size, which our society deems more attractive.

7. Colour Red
A certain study of color stereotypes included two photos of the exact same woman. She wore blue in one picture and red in the other, posing the same way in both. According to the results, the photo of the woman in red was rated as more attractive and sexually desirable. This apparently explains why red lingerie is in high demand.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

If You Want to Be Rich In Life, You Must Sacrifice These Eight Things

Things to Sacrifices for rich

When you're rich and wealthy, it means you have a lot of money and possessions. Wealth is the abundance of valuable financial assets or physical possessions which can be converted into a form that can be used for transactions. Becoming rich in life isn't an easy task especially when your parents are poor.

However, If you want to be rich in life, there are some sacrifices you need to make before you can become rich and wealthy. Below are the things you must sacrifice to be rich in life;

1. Give Up Your Easy Life
If you are too comfortable with everything, there will be no reason for change. stop being relaxed. Take up the challenge and go for it. If are willing to pay the price, you will be rich.

2. Sacrifice the Fear of Losing
Failing doesn't mean you can't get the solution it only means you are getting more experience in the business or anything your are trying. Why not give yourself a chance to be what you can than sit and accept failure.

3. Stop Blaming People For Your Mistakes
Blaming people is a way of easing pain. Since you feel it is not your fault. Stop blaming people and start talking responsibility for your life because no one is going to make your dreams a reality if you don't take necessary actions.

4. Sacrifice Some Sleep
Depending on your body, you may need to sleep late or wake up earlier so you can invest more time on things that will give you money.

5. Sacrifice Your Social Media and TV
Reduce the time you spend on screen. People who sell Lamborghini never advertise on TV because those who can afford it don't sit watching TV. Therefore, Invest your time wisely.

6. Sacrifice Your Friendship With People With No Goals
If you hang out with people who don't have a destination you also will be a wanderer. Therefore, let go of your relationships with negative people and move with people who will challenge you to pursue your dreams.

7. Sacrifice The Trending Things
If you want to be rich you must be disciplined enough to avoid buying things that are trending but not helpful to you. Robert Kiyosaki said "rich people buy luxuries lasts and poor people buy luxuries first". Don't just buy things cause you want to impress when you don't need it.

8. Sacrifice Your Impatience
Be patient, stop looking for short cuts. Warren Buffet said you can't have a baby next month by impregnating 9 women today. Good things take time. Be patient.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

You Must Never Tell Your Friends These Things About Yourself No Matter What

Things you must never tell your friends

There are certain things you’ve done in the past which shouldn’t cross over into the new year with you. One of them is what you disclose about yourself to the public.

As human beings, we should have certain aspects of our lives that should be confidential to us. This is a very necessary move to avoid major issues and that's why this article is here to help you. Below are things you should limit telling others about yourself;

1. Your Worth
Who cares about how much you’re worth? People care more about themselves and you don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Sensitive things like your income, wealth and finances are for you and you only. Trying to let people know what you have in terms of assets and money in the bank is a dangerous move.

By telling people about your worth, it can be used against you in ways you won't expect. Leave people to speculate or guess what you’re worth, but telling them with your mouth is not cool.

2. Your Health Status
In the event of ill health, please save the details of your health status for medical personnel. Avoid unnecessary stigma attached to any form of illness. People have been stigmatized and sent into depression hence, sent to an early grave as a result.

3. Your Bedroom Affairs
Whatever happens in private between you and your lover in your bedroom must be kept private all the time. You can talk to your doctor or counselor if there are issues of concern.

Bragging about the positive to your friends or neighbors can be very dangerous. You do not know who is struggling with their relationship and may not mind to use this information against you.

4. Passwords
This is one of the most dangerous things to disclose ever! This is an internet era and you should be very careful with your passwords. A man can be brought from grace to grass by just a password disclosure. Organizations have gone bankrupt, love relationships have gone sour, empires have been destroyed by this level of carelessness. Your ATM, system and social media passwords are all your secrets. So many people have been implicated and defrauded via this. That is why it is a grevious offence in the banking industry if a staff discloses his or her system's password to anyone. Passwords are what you should guard jealously.

5. Your Plans
Stop telling people things like I have a business plan, I am planning to relocate to the USA etc. should be kept secret. Let people see the results materialize. That’s the beauty of it. Going about telling people your plans can be very harmful to the plan. Your goals and aspirations and how you plan to achieve them is meant for only you. One of the evils of disclosing it is that People can talk you out of it and so many other consequences. The list is endless.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

No Matter How Deep You Love a Girl, You Must Never Do These Five Things For Her

Things you Must never do for a girl cause of love

There are some certain things you should never do for a woman no matter how much you love her, all in the name of pleasing her.

As a man, you have the responsibility to make your woman happy but there should be limit. You have an ego to defend as a man and you should not let a woman ruin it or take advantage of you simply because you love her. Below are 5 things you must never do to please a woman;

1. Pay Her School Fees
Unless she is your wife, never pay for a woman’s education. It is okay to help her and support her when she is in school but paying everything for her is a NO. If you feel compelled to do it. However, do not assume that she will forever be indebted to you. People change and she might as well choose to love someone else even after all your effort.

2. Forget Your Dreams For Her
Before you met her, remember you had your own dreams and aspirations. Do not stop chasing them just because she does not like what you do. If you wanted go study abroad, the last thing you want to do is change your mind because she is not comfortable with it. If she cannot wait, let her be but never stop pursuing your dreams to please a woman.

3. Commit a Crime For Her
If you cannot sustain her flashy lifestyle, do not steal or do something stupid just to please her. If she loves you for real, she will understand when you are broke and will not pressure you to sort out her financial matters.

4. Never Disrespect Your Family
Women can be so manipulative especially when they know you love them for sure and you can do anything to have them stay. Some will try to show you how bad your family members are and draw you further from them. If she ever leaves you, the only people you will have behind you is your family. So, never cut your family ties to make a girl happy.

5. Compromise Your Needs For Hers
Unless it’s really necessary, you should be a little bit selfish with yourself. You cannot afford to go hungry so that you can send her money to buy food. You can maybe share the little you have but never sacrifice all you got just to make her happy.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

You Must Pray These Five Bible Verses Every Morning At 5:00 A.M If You Want to Succeed In Life Quickly

Bible Verses to pray every morning

There is not doubt that destinies are exchanged in the early hours of the day such as 4 and 5 am in the morning. If a man's destiny is changed, the man won't succeed in anything he's doing because everything is done on the wrong path. It is like sowing seed on a rock, the seeds will never grow.

There are scriptures that can help protect your destiny and also help you recover all you've lost over the years. In this article, I'll reveal some scriptures that talks about your situation and what to do to balance everything, and set yourself on the right part. Below are some bible verses to pray if you want to put everything in place in your life;

1. Nahum 3:4

Because of the multitude of the whoredoms of the wellfavoured harlot, the mistress of witchcrafts, that selleth nations through her whoredoms, and families through her witchcrafts.

2. Jeremiah 15:21

And I will deliver thee out of the hand of the wicked, and I will redeem thee out of the hand of the terrible.

Now pray with this scripture, pray that God will redeem you out of the hand of the wicked as, he has destroyed them.

3. Isaiah 17:14

And behold at eveningtide trouble; and before the morning he is not. This is the portion of them that spoil us, and the lot of them that rob us.

Those that spoil you are those that take away what rightfully belongs to you, you must pray with this scripture. Pray that God will trouble them in the evening and in the morning, they shall be no more.

4. Micah 5:12

And I will cut off witchcrafts out of thine hand; and thou shalt have no more soothsayers.

Many people's destinies has been sold out, we must pray and destroy that alter that is used to sell our destinies. This should be done in the morning.

5. Psalms 106:10

And he saved them from the hand of him that hated them, and redeemed them from the hand of the enemy.

Pray with these scriptures over and over again, pray that God will redeem your substance, and return what rightfully belongs to you.

Friday, March 20, 2020

If You Want to Let Go of People Who No Longer Need / Want to Be in Your Life, Do These Things

How to let go of people in your life

One of the hardest things in life is to let go of the people we love the most. We hold on to those close to us so tightly, fearing that without them we will be nothing; fearing that without them the love we feel in our hearts will be forever lost. Our attachments to the people in our lives interfere with the love we have for them, taking away from the purity and the beauty love has to offer.

So, to let go of people who no longer want to be in your life, this article will guide you through and Below are things you should do;

1. Let Go Of the Past
If you love someone, and if you feel it in your heart that you need to let them go if it’s required to let go, it will be wise to do it.  It might hurt at first, but once the pain is gone, you will feel more alive than you have ever felt. And you will start to see things from a totally different perspective. From that place, you will understand better than ever, that letting go is a sign of strength, courage, and great love, and not a sign of weakness or lack of love.

2. Pray And Meditate
Seek to connect with the part of you that transcends space and time. The part of you that is unlimited and eternal.

3. Treat yourself with kindness, love, and compassion. And learn to express your gratitude for the many gifts life offered you up until this moment.

4. Learn to Love Yourself
Learn to be good to yourself. For in doing so, you will know how to be truly good and loving towards others.

5. Change the Thoughts You Think and The Words You Speak
Purify your internal dialogue. Learn to talk to, and about yourself in the same way you would talk to, and about, those you love the most.

6. Let Go and Trust
Let go and trust that maybe life has better plans for you. Go with the natural flow of life, not against it. And liberate everyone, yourself including from the bonds of those many fearful and unhealthy attachments. Why hold on to something good when life wants you to have something better? And this is how to let go of people who no longer need, or want to be in your life.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Ladies Will Never Tell Guys These Secrets No Matter How Deep They Fall In Love

Secrets ladies will never tell guys

Secrecy is the practice of hiding information from certain individuals or groups who do not have the "need to know", perhaps while sharing it with other individuals.

There are a lot of secrets ladies will never tell guys and that's what we will be unveiling in this article. I'm sure lots of guys out there want to know one or two things ladies always keep as secret. Below are 8 secrets ladies will never tell guys;

1. They cry on petty things.

2. They watch p0rn, they just sometimes don’t admit it.

3. They love it when you play with thier hair. Detangle it.

4. They don’t like a guy always complaining about women being Gold diggers. They believe that not everyone is the same.

5. They love the gesture when you take time from your busy schedule and still talk to them for just 10 minutes, before sleeping. Basically, They love it when you come out from your comfort zone and do something for them.

6. They notice everything about you. your behavior with other girls, waiter, opinions about life and the future.

7. They love deodorant you wear, They always check on your dressing sense.

8. They love hugs and roses. No matter how cliche it looks. They do.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Six Things You Must Never Apologise For In Life If You Don't Want to Regret

Things you must never apologise for

In this article am going to be sharing with you seven things you should never apologize for in life. There are Some things in life you should never apologize for and Below are some of those things;

1. Following Your Dreams
You should never have to apologize for following your biggest dreams and goals in life, if there is anyone that tries to discourage you on this journey maybe there aren't for you at this stage in your life.

Negativity is a virus and a dream killer, you should never be made to feel that living the life of your dreams is wrong or selfish going after and living the life of your dreams is an amazing example to the world and everyone that gets to witness it in your life. Settling for a life you don't want is the ultimate act of selfishness because you are virtually sentencing everyone that witness to it, to carry on that legacy be the inspiration you want to see in your life.

2. Ending Toxic Relationships
Toxic is Toxic it doesn't matter if they are family, lifelong friends or your husband or wife. If the relationship is eroding your being, its time to end or limit that relationship.

If they really cared for you more than their own needs they wouldn't be making you feel that way. Set an example that it is not okay for anyone to invade your positive energy.

3. Living In Your Truth
Those who live in their truth will be led to a quality of life others can only imagine. Living in your own truth means standing for things that may be uncomfortable but things you know that are right. It simply means being honest, even when you know the outcome might not be what you want in the moment. Temember that the truth always lead to the best destination in the end.

4. Taking Time For Yourself
the main reason you should never Apologize for taking time for yourself is because it will benefit all those around you, you can not give from an empty cup. carving out sometime for yourself is essential for a happy, vibrant and giving life, carve out sometime first thing each morning as a priority time you can spend clearing your mind in gratitude.

Time you can spend meditating if you do these things first thing each morning it will ensure you have even more to give to others, so take some time, make it a priority so you can give more of your best self to the world.

5. Saying No When You Need to
Most people take on too many tasks because they simply don't know how to say no when they need to, taking on too much can overwhelm and lead to stress. Which takes you straight forward to a life less than the quality you deserve. Learn to say No firmly but without any negativity learn to say YES only to those things you love and must do. Learn the difference and it will contribute to your ultimate happiness.

6. Never Apologize For Your Imperfections
No one on this earth is perfect, we all have imperfections and you should never feel like you need to hide them or apologize for having them. you should always be committed to improve yourself for yourself. Don't do it because of other people's demands or expectations. those who belong to you will accept you for who you are and by their own example they will inspire you to become the greatest version of yourself, if you find someone like this hold onto them and return the favor.

Six Hilarous Ways Religion Ladies Act When They Visit There Boyfriend That Will Make You Laugh

Hilarious ways religion ladies act when they visit boyfriend

If you have been in relationship with a religious Lady before or presently, then you will be familiar with this article, but if you have not, then this is where you got to know. Below are the hilarious things religion ladies act when they visit there man;

1. They Refuse Hug
They refuse hugging their boyfriend at his house. They believe that hugging is a sinful act. So they at least offer you hand shake and if you don't want, that's your own headache.

2. Hate You Watching Adventurous, Action Or Love Movies
They hate when you watch those kind of movies because they know that many of these movies leads to some bad act according to them.

3. They Make Sure They Wear Unseductive Dress
Religious Ladies make sure they wear a polite dress in other not to seduce you.

4. They Preach The Bible Or Quran
Yes that is what they do. Talk about the Bible or Quran if they are Muslims whenever they visit.

5. She Give Gap Between Her And The Boyfriend
They make sure there is space between them and there boyfriend because they don't want to destroy their reputation, they don't want to fell any guilt in them.

6. They Refuse Your Food And Drinks
They sometimes refuse the refreshments you offer them especially when they were forced by their boyfriend to come to their house. They think that you can put something in it to enable them go against their will. They usually take precautions.

Four Main Reasons Why Some Girls Don't Shout During Intercourse You Need to Know

Reasons why some girls don't shout during intercourse

S**xual intercourse is s**xual activity typically involving the insertion and thrusting of the p**nis into the v**gina for sexual pleasure, reproduction, or both. This is also known as v**ginal intercourse or v**ginal s**x.

However, during this act most of the girls do shout while some don't shout or make noise while having the fun due to some reasons best known to them but. In this article, you will get to know thr four main reasons why this do happen. Below are some reasons i want to disclose to you guys;

1. Some girls don't shout while having fun because they may not be in the mood at the moment but to satisfy your urge as a man at that time, they will just leave their selves to be used.

2. Girls who are not romantic enough don't shout while having fun, for a girl to scream you have to touch her so as to be in the mood.

3. Girls who have formed the habit of having fun will sometimes not shout while having fun.

4. Also when a girl is being forced to do it, she will only cry with out screaming for pleasure.

If You're 20 Years Old and Above, You Need to Start Doing These Things Now Before It's Too Late For You

Things to start doing at your 20s

This year 2020 should be your last year of being stupid. Don't forget that you are getting older everyday. So, we pray that God should help all. In this article, I will be enlightening you on the things you must do for you to be a successful person in this year 2020. Below are 10 compulsory things you need to do to make this year a better one;

1. You need to get a job if you don't have one

2. Filter your current friends and make more business partners.

3. Start saving a part of your income and invest it.

4.stop clubbing every weekend.. Stay indoors sometimes and read a book or 2. You can also plan on other things you need to do in life.

5. If you're a lady, you must stop waiting for a prince charming to come and save you.

6. Stop dating anybody you don't see yourself having a future with.

7. As a guy, you shiuld stop honoring every single invitation to go and hang out and drink and flex with chicks.

8. Start sending money back home (your parents will be so proud of you).

9. Stop squatting around with friends, get your own apartment.

10. Stop caring about what people have to say about you or any decision you take about your life.

If you can try to do the listed things above, 2020 will surely be a better life for you.

These Three Secrets From the Bible Can Make You a Millionaire Within Two Weeks If Used This Way

Bible verses that can make you a millionaire within 2 weeks

Lots of people always think that becoming a billionaire is so difficult then they end up being a normal person that's financially stable. You can use these scriptures to increase your chances of being prosperous, it all depends on you. This scriptures I'm about to reveal in this article is sacred and only the enlightened ones see a different meaning to these scriptures.

There are some events of the of the Bible that are hidden secrets, not made open for everybody to understand. I was surfing through the Bible one day when my eyed got opened to this. From the dream of Jacob to the prayer of Solomon. These are the secrets, how come after the prayer of jabesh, jabesh became rich?
Below are three secrets in the bible that can make you be a millionaire;

1. Vow - Genesis 28:11-22
Jacob had a dream, the angels of God were singing before he had the voice of God, after God promised him he vowed that if GOD will Surely do all the things he said, he will built a house for God. Most of us, when God appears to us in visions, we don't take it serious. Be careful of your dreams, and learn to cease your day.

2. Prayer - Daniel 6:10
Now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed, he went into his house; and his windows being open in his chamber toward Jerusalem, he kneeled upon his knees three times a day, and prayed, and gave thanks before his God, as he did aforetime.

The secret to Daniel's wealth was not just sacrifice or a holy heart, it was beyond that, with this verse we understood that Daniel prayed three times a day. This was his source of wealth, prayer was his source of wealth.
If you want everything you do to be successful, pray the prayer of Daniel, it was the prayer of supplication.

3. Sacrifice - 1 Kings 3:4-12
In this chapter, Solomon the son of David sacrificed a thousand burnt offering to God, God appeared to him in the dream asked if there's anything he wants God to do for him. He asked for wisdom. The point here is not because he asked for wisdom, it's because he sacrificed to God a thousand burnt offerings.
That was the secret of Solomon's wealth, not his wisdom was the root of his wealth. If you can sacrifice for God with a clean heart there will be no limit to your wealth.

Monday, March 16, 2020

If You Are 30 Years and Above, You Must Avoid Making These Mistakes In Life

Mistakes you must not make at 30 years

A lot of what happens in our adulthood may be dependent on what happens when growing up. It is your youthful years that will set the tempo for who you become in the future. Terrible mistakes will almost lead to a very terrible lifestyle in the future. As a guardian of your own life, therefore, you should work as much as you can to minimize some of the mistakes that you may certainly make while growing up. Below are 3 mistakes you should avoid when growing up;

1. Valuing Money Over Learning
There is nothing as powerful as knowledge. knowledge is what you should seek when growing up. You do not have to rush anything. Trust the process and learn first and fast. Once you have enough knowledge, the money will come in handy.

2. Excessive Borrowing
Debts cannot help you accomplish anything even if you have the best plans laid out. As a youth below the age of 30, you should learn to work hard to generate income and develop on your own. Borrowing only helps pull you into a deep slumber and false sense of security.

Every time you borrow, you will think you are getting help make progress but then you will have to, in one way or the other, pay for that. It is like skipping step A in favour of step C and then later abandoning C to deal with A.

3. Prolonged Relationships With the Wrong People
There is no point in staying in a romantic relationship with people who are always afraid of commitment. It does not make any sense to be in a relationship spanning a period of, for example, five or so years and yet the 'partner' does not show any sign of seriousness for the long run. You must seek clarity and chop them off your course if they continue taking you around and in circles.

Happiness is a very key component of general living. Anyone who tries to inhibit that is an enemy and should just be treated as such. There can't be a middle ground with people who are stumbling blocks to your development.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

You Must Never Tell Anyone These Secrets About Yourself No Matter What Happen

Things you must keep to yourself as secret

There are many bad sides of opening up everything about your life to other people. People need to know many things about their personal life. Not everyone has good intentions on life, thus keeping secrets about your personal life could help you a lot. There are many secrets you need to keep your life. Below are 4 things you must not tell anyone about your personal life;

1. Your Income
Money is never a good thing to talk about in public. Many people have been betrayed because of money. You never know the financial situation of your friends, thus telling them your financial secrets could only lead you into problems.

2. Goals For the Future
There is a good chance you are more likely to achieve your long-term goals if you don’t share them with anyone. Keeping your goals to yourself will have an inner force driving you to achieve them.

3. Family Problems
There are many things that happen in families. However, the problems you experience in your family should never be shared with outsiders. Some people are good at using your problems against you, and they will use them to make things worse in your family that help you solve them.

4. Material Belongings
There are many things in life more important than their cost. Modesty is a wonderful accessory which should make you learn the value of a certain material thing that boosting it to others. Keep it to yourself and exploit its significance unless someone else needs its help.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Top Three Most Attractive Shoes For Men That Women Love to Wear

best attractive shoes for men

Some men like focusing so much on their apparels without knowing that shoes can also contribute to their overall impression.

However, There are different types of shoes that are not only attractive but can also flatter your look when you wear them. Below are the list of appealing men's shoes that most women love.;

1. Converse Shoes
They are among the most trendy shoes. If you have been observant enough, you will realize that most teenagers love this type of shoes due many reasons. These shoes are true eye-turner for most women and make them go crazy over men.

2. Air Max Shoes
If you need to stand out in a crew, then you should start wearing these type of shoes. They are currently in fashion. They are designed in a simple but unique way that can easily lure a lady. You can pair this shoes with a nice jeans to make you look more appealing.

3. Vans
Most campus students love this type of shoes due to their attractive nature. If you don't have such shoes, then don't hesitate, go buy one. The shoes will not only make you be smart but also leave women drooling over you.

All Girls Will Start Doing These Things Whenever They Get Jealous, No 2 and 11 Are Common

things girls do when they get jealous

Jealousy is a normal emotion in which every person in this world experiences. Girls get jealous about a lot of things because they can be possessive and territorial creatures. No matter how much you trust someone, you can still get jealous, especially if you care and love that person. For most girls, jealousy is not a negative thing but rather a way of saying “I’m afraid to lose you.”

Moreover, this urges them to do some sketchy and weird things that they are not aware of because they are essentially powerless to stop themselves. If you want to know what those things are, Below are 11 things girls do when they are jealous.

1. Lying
Girls are actually good at hiding their emotions and guys usually don’t have any idea why they act like that. Usually, whenever a girl is in the midst of jealousy, you will get unbelievable answers to your simple questions.

2. Pretending to Be Too Busy
Sometimes, when girls are jealous they pretend to be busy because they do not want to be ignored. When both of you are out with friends and you keep on talking to another girl, there are some instances that she would get her phone and pretend to be busy browsing her social media accounts.

3. Suddenly Changing Mood
You’ll see how a girl mood immediately shifts when you try to flirt or talk to another girl. Girls are naturally moody but you’ll know when they are jealous if they start acting strange.

4. Becoming Clingy
Who would want to let other girls stick around her boyfriend? Well, girls are territorial and would not want any other girls wander around their boyfriend and that is why they start acting so clingy.

5. Making Negative Comments About the Other Girl
Of course, as someone who is jealous about the other girl he usually hang out with, she’s not going to say positive things about her. No matter how untrue it is, she would still dig up dirt on the target. She would casually mention to his boyfriend that the girl had a lot of boyfriends or flunked out of college.

6. Asking a Friend to Stalk
It would be safe if she ask a friend to stalk you, so you won’t have any idea that she’s keeping an eye on you. Most of the girls do this when they want to find out who are you hanging out with and who do you talk every day.

7. Ignoring Him
Another sign that she is jealous is when she ignores you. Girls are playing hard to get when they are jealous. They won’t talk to you, not unless you do a lot of effort to please them.

8. Trying to Flirt With Other Men
If she finds out that you don’t notice her, she will make a way to get your attention. You’ll know that she is jealous when she starts flirting with other guys because she want to see if you care and get jealous as well.

9. Checking His Phone
Girls have a detective side as well. So when they get jealous or think that you are dating someone else because you’re staying late at night outside. She won’t think twice to check your phone if you have another girl and even if it has a password. It’s not as hard as you think to watch someone type in their pass code.

10. Faking An Illness
There is nothing like becoming desperately ill just to pull him away from anything and anyone else. He probably has a party to attend but she doesn’t want you to attend because there are a lot of girls out there. And she would rather fake an illness, so you have someone to take care of.

11. Mentioning Other Guys In Front of Him
Mentioning other guys in front of you is no doubt a sign of jealousy. If girls are jealous, they also want you to feel jealous and want to see how you will react if they mention different guys in front of you.

Friday, March 13, 2020

If You Don't Stop These Three Habits, It Will Make You Poor For Life

Habits that will make you poor for life

You should have yourself to blame if you were born poor and die poor. Only few people are doing what is required to remain prosperous in the future and that is why this article is here. Below are 3 habits that could easily make you become poor forever if you are not careful;

1. You Earn More You Spend More
Consistently raising your expenditure is a good way to accumulate debt and to remain stuck in the echelons of poverty. To stay out of bad debt, you will either need to find a way to earn more or spend less. The first and best option is to find ways to earn more and keep your expenditure constant.

As you know this can only be done by creating multiple streams of income and lot’s of thinking is necessary in that case. The second option is to simply cut on unnecessary expenses. The money that is saved from these budget cuts could be used for embarking on future investment programs.

2. You Live For Today Only
In the 1950s a scientist from Harvard University studied the reasons for upward socio-economic mobility. He wanted to know how comes some generations get wealthier while others get poorer. All his research brought him to a single factor that he concluded was more accurate than any other thing in predicting success – he called it “The Time Pespective”.

Time perspective is basically how far you project into the future when you make a decision today. An example of a long-term perspective is when a wise family man buys land or insurance for their child, even though he or she will not need it for the next eighteen years. This is a long-term approach that involves sacrificing in the short term to assure better outcomes in the long-term.

Most people remain poor because their “time perspective” is focused on short-term goals such as meeting basic lifestyle needs, buying luxury items, paying rent etc… are you one of these set of people?

3. You’re Still Waiting to Start Your Journey of Success
Everyone wants to succeed but very few people are willing to step into the cold waters. In the history of the world, no marathon race has ever been won (or even finished) by someone who never left the starting line.

As you’re stuck saying that you have no enough capital to start, someone else is busy making good use of whatever little they have. When you’re busy complaining about a problem in your society, someone else is busy thinking how to start a business that solves that problem. Continue waiting at the starting line and poverty will soon find you there to keep you company.