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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Meet Miguel Pilgram, Afro-American Businessman Who Used His $52-Million Lottery Winnings to Benefit African-American Community

Man who invested with his lottery money

A South Florida-based businessman decided to drop the mentality that, “I staked alone, lost alone, so I should also enjoy the winning alone.” After luckily hitting a $52 million jackpot back in 2010.

Instead, the generous man decided to allocate a portion of his winnings to benefit the black community.

Yes, Entrepreneur Miguel Pilgram first began his own real estate company. But now he is looking to invest the money back into the downtown Ft. Lauderdale community—which was once known for its increasingly thriving Black business district.

Pilgram says he’s fully committed to reviving and preserving, ‘Sistrunk Boulevard,’—the “historical heartbeat of the oldest Black community in Fort Lauderdale,”—which runs through the city’s business district.

The street is named, after a black physician, James Sistrunk, who assisted in establishing Broward County’s first African-American hospital in 1938.

But the booming boulevard was ruined after desegregation. Later, it was greatly plagued by gun violence, abandoned buildings, and drugs.

In a bid to give the black community a highly-needed facelift, Entrepreneur Pilgram has already bought 3-buildings and plans to build a retail space, jazz lounge, restaurants, and most importantly, a performing arts center.

“It is a commitment which I feel I have to go to the community and put my funds right where my mouth is,” says Pligram. “For me, doing so will be preserving the black community as a whole.”

Mr. Pilgram says, he has watched what occurs when such historical black communities are neglected, continuing that he chose Sistrunk since the area reminds him of his hometown—Memphis, Tenn.

He also says that the struggling communities like that at Sistrunk, are often the target for the big-name investors who destroy their areas of their longtime residents, history, and culture.

Lawyer and activist Edduard Prince admits that it’s a challenge the locals have severally experienced before.

“The Black residents living in this community know very well that they are in a prime location,” says Prince. “They know that they have been fighting for years now, and developers are eying over their land property.”

Pilgram is particularly working hard to prevent that from occurring, however. He wants to start a project, in the area, that will end before the end of next year.

Pilgram is just but enlightening black people that: whenever you are blessed or advantaged in any aspect of life, always remember to assist others (either directly or indirectly).

Friday, March 20, 2020

These Seven Strange Things Always Affect People With Spiritual Gifts

Strange things that affect spiritually gifted people

Some gift are not difficult to spot while some take concentration and some level of focus to activate. Most people with spiritual gifts might not know they have it because of how difficult it might be to discover it. Below are various things spiritually gifted people do;

1. They Wake Up During Spiritual Hours
Spiritual people find hard time sleeping during spiritual hours of about 3:00 and 4:00 a.m. in the morning.

2. Strangers Regularly Approach Them
People with spiritual gifts often attract strangers who are crazy. This crazy people are not mad, but they're not too sound. Sometimes they need people who can help them with some emotional things.

3. They Can Create Amazing Worlds With
There Imaginations

People with spiritual gifts mostly like staying alone which sometimes affect their social life. The reason for this is that when they want to have fun, they create all they want to see and feel with their imagination.

4. They Are An Empath
This a common attribute of people with spiritual gifts. The ability to sense and experience the feelings of people around them even without being told. People with spiritual gifts are always willing to help someone to get out of bad emotions or moods. Some times they'll get out of their way to ensure that they help the person in a bad mood until they feel better.

5. They Often Have Time Travel Experience
Have you ever been alone or with someone and something happens but it like it had already happened before. If so then you have a spiritual gift. Time travel is one of the many gifts possessed by spiritually gifted people. They see things happen before it happens physically.

6. They Often Encounter Insomnia or Nightmares
People with spiritual gifts often have nightmares or horrible dreams that have special meaning. These dreams are reviewed to you so you can come up with ideas or actions to prevent it from happening. Some times the dream comes as a warning or revelation ahead of danger.

7. They Easily Sense Negativity
People with spiritual gifts can detect negative energy in the room. They can easily tell when something is not too okay in a given environment.

These are some strange things that affect spiritually gifted people. What do you think about this? Let me know via your comments below.

If Snake Bite You In Your Dream, Do These Things Immediately

Prayer for snake bite dream

Dreams are very important and powerful. Through it God shows us what the devil is planning against us and our family. When a snake bite you in the dream, it's a very dangerous one. You must not joke with this kind of dreams. You need an urgent action.

When you are attacked by snakes in your dream, it means that there are enemies within, that are very close to you and are planning to hurt you. Since snakes like to hide themselves, some people are pretending to be your friend, but they are your enemies. You need to be very careful.

This dream also means that your efforts in life will become nothing, unless you do something urgently. Labouring for nothing is not God's plan for you.

Snake bite in the dream also has the meaning of a dangerous sickness. Pray against pain and affliction. Below are what you must do urgently if you have this type of dream. Read the Bible verse below and take the prayers fervently.

Galatians 6:17 (KJV)
From henceforth let no man trouble me: for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus.

1. I cover myself from head to toe with the blood of Jesus. Father please expose all enemies within in Jesus name.

2. All my efforts shall not be in vain in Jesus mighty name.

3. I decree that I shall not be afflicted in Jesus mighty name.

I pray that evil plans will not come to pass in our life in Jesus name.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

If You Are Reading This Now, See What This Revered Father Declared It Will Happen to You In The Next 7 Days

Pastor prayer point

Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obimma is an ordained Catholic Priest from Onitsha Archdiocese, Nigeria. He is the Parish Priest of Blessed Iwene Tansi, Umudioka, Dunukofia and also the Spiritual Director of Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry, Uke, Anambra state in Nigeria.

He was born into the family of Mr. (Late) and Mrs. Obimma of Nkwelle-Ezunaka in Anambra state and spent his childhood first in the same town. He is the last son out of the seven children of his parents. He was ordained a priest on August 6, 2011. He is a lover of the Holy Spirit. His zeal for the house of God has contributed to the wide growth of his Ministry.

Ebube Mounso through his prayer channel on Face book said;

"I speak to someone reading this, Within the next seven days, God shall turn your sorrows into joy if only you humble yourself and type AMEN and SHARE this prayer"

See the prayer from the priest below;

Monday, March 16, 2020

Top Ten Human Rights Activists In the World That Were Brutally Killed For Raising a Voice

human rights activists that are brutally killed

Although human rights exist, they are often violated which is why many people take up the struggle to obtain and retain human rights for themselves and others.

In theory, every person on Earth has basic rights. This right is called human rights. But in practice, every person on Earth does not enjoy these rights, which is why many people take up the struggle to obtain and retain human rights for themselves and others. Among these people are those who gave their very lives for the cause of human rights. Below is a list of ten notable individuals who made that ultimate sacrifice;

1. Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)
Gandhi was the most prominent leader of the non-violent movement for the independence of India. Today, his name is synonymous with non-violence and the peaceful struggle for human rights. While advocating for India’s independence, Gandhi also frequently spoke out against racism within his own Hindu community and repeatedly called for unity between Indian Hindus and Muslims, who fought each other often. On January 30, 1948, less than a year after India achieved independence, Gandhi was shot to death by a Hindu extremist, angry at him for tolerating Muslims. Decades after he was murdered, his teachings and methods still resonate with many people who struggle in the name of human rights.

2. Martin Luther King Jr (1929-1968)
Probably the most famous of all American civil rights activists, Martin Luther King Jr. led the American civil rights movement in the 1950s and 60s. His work as a civil rights campaigner started when the Montgomery Bus Boycott began in 1955. King Jr. would go on to lead several other acts of civil disobedience, including the Greensboro Sit-in and the Birmingham Campaign. In his work, he was greatly inspired by the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and the Indian independence leader’s success with tactics of non-violent resistance.

King Jr.’s greatest claim to fame was arguably achieved on August 28, 1963 with his “I have a dream” speech, which he made in the midst of the March on Washington, attended by more than two hundred thousand people. In 1964, the civil rights activist won the Nobel Peace Prize. Martin Luther King Jr.’s struggle for civil rights would end tragically on April 4, 1968, when he was shot and killed by a man named James Earl Ray. To this day, the name Martin Luther King Jr. is synonymous with the ongoing struggle for civil rights in the U.S.

3. Malcolm X (1925-1965)
Malcolm X was a leader in the U.S. civil rights movement in the 1950s and 60s. Unlike fellow civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr., who espoused non-violence and peaceful protest, Malcolm X believed in rooting out racism, “by any means necessary,” which included using violence. While serving time in prison for larceny, Malcolm X joined the Nation of Islam, then a fledgling black nationalist movement. His great oratory skills brought thousands more followers to the group. But in 1964, Malcolm X left the movement after quarrelling with its leader, Elijah Mohammed. Afterwards, he embarked on a journey through Africa and the Middle East during which he completed the Hajj or pilgrimage to the Muslim holy city of Mecca. It was here where his views began to change and he sought a more peaceful path to civil rights for African Americans. He would not have much time to preach to people about his new perspective, however, for on February 21, 1965, while giving a speech in Manhattan, men affiliated with the Nation of Islam entered the ballroom in which he was speaking and shot him dead.

4. Jamal Khashoggi (1958-2018)
Khashoggi was a prominent journalist and critic of the government of Saudi Arabia. He was very close to the Saudi royal family at one time, serving as one of their advisors. He eventually fell out with the Saudi rulers, however, and went into self-imposed exile in the U.S. in 2017. After arriving in the U.S., he began writing a weekly column in the Washington Post, which he used to criticize the policies of Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman, the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia. It was this criticism of the Saudi leader that may have been his undoing. On October 2, 2018, Khashoggi was brutally murdered at the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. His body was also savagely dismembered. It is alleged that Prince Mohamed Bin Salman was directly involved in his murder. For their part, the Saudis say that rogue elements of their intelligence service killed Khashoggi and deny any direct involvement of the Crown Prince.

5. Benazir Bhutto (1953-2007)
Bhutto was the first female prime minister of Pakistan and a long-time advocate for democracy in the country. She was also the first woman to lead a Muslim country. Bhutto helped lead the struggle to restore democracy in Pakistan following a military coup in 1977. Her efforts would come to fruition in 1988, when democratic elections were finally held and she was elected to serve as prime minister. Bhutto would serve as the Pakistan from 1988 to 1990 and again from 1993 to 1996. She sought election for prime minister once more in the country’s 2008 elections, but during a rally for the upcoming vote, she was killed by a suicide bomber. The terrorist group, Al-Qaeda, was accused of the assassination. Shortly after Bhutto’s death, her son quoted her as saying, “democracy is the best revenge.”

6. Harvey Milk (1930-1978)
A prominent gay rights activists, Milk was also one of the first openly gay politicians in the U.S., having been elected to San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors in 1977. He was known as the “Mayor of Castro Street” in the heart of San Francisco’s gay community. While on the Board of Supervisors, he developed a feud with Dan White, another local politician, who opposed gay rights. When Milk’s political ally, Mayor George Mascone, refused to reappoint him to a position he once held but resigned from, White shot and killed the mayor, then went on to find Milk, shooting and killing him as well.

7. Boris Nemtsov (1959-2015)
A former physicist-turned-politician, Nemtsov was a prominent critic of current Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Between 1999 and 2015, he was involved in various opposition movements. On February 15, 2015, while in Moscow’s Red Square, Nemtsov was shot and killed, just a few days after he had criticized Russia’s military involvement in Ukraine.

8. Juan Jose Gerardi Conedera (1922-1998)
Gerardi was a Roman Catholic bishop who advocated for the human rights of the Guatemalan people in the midst of the country’s civil war. He became the coordinator for the Office for Human Rights in the Archbishopric of Guatemala, which was charged with providing assistance to victims of human rights abuses and collecting information related to human rights violations committed during Guatemala’s civil war. He was beaten to death on April 26, 1998, just two days after he had presided over the public presentation of the Guatemalan Church’s in depth study of Guatemala’s armed conflict (1960-1996).

9. Ingrid Washinawatok (1957-1999)
Washinawatok advocated for the rights of her own and other indigenous people in the U.S. She once served as chairperson for a committee for the United Nations’ International Decade of the World’s Indigenous Peoples and was a co-producer of the documentary film, Warrior. In 1999, while on a trip to the South American country of Columbia, Washinawatok was kidnapped and murdered by an armed group fighting the Columbian government. Her people, the Menominee Nation, honored her with a full warrior’s funeral.

10. Natalya Estemirova (1958-2009)
Estemirova was a Russian activist who documented human rights violations in the Russian republic of Chechnya. She was highly critical of the actions taken by the Russian federal government and the authorities of the Chechen republic. Her criticism even drew direct threats from the Chechen president. On July 15, 2009, as she traveled to work, her vehicle was ambushed by gunmen, who kidnapped her and killed her just hours later.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Pray These Powerful Prayers Today For Breakthrough, Victory, Blessings and Everything You Desire Will Be Yours

Powerful prayers for today

As a good Christian, prayer is the key to everything. If you can pray to God, you will definitely achieve all your heart desires. Pray this powerful prayer today and your life will never remain the same again.

Heavenly Father, I praise you with all my heart. You are my shield, I take refuge in you all days of my life, and I am safe. Even though the enemy comes like a flood, Lord, you have set a standard over my life, and I always remain victorious. I call to you, Lord, for you are worthy of all praise, and I am saved. In my distress I call unto you for I know this battle is not mine, it is yours. Reach from on high and draw me out of all my troubles. Thunder from heaven, shoot your arrows and rout my enemies. Help me to walk in victory. In Jesus name, Amen.

Heavenly Father, today I pray for a supernatural breakthrough so that I may begin to see victory and breakthrough at work in my life. I pray that You will help me see all the amazing things you are doing in my life. Amen.

Father, this season is hard for me. Sometimes I feel like giving up because my enemies seem stronger than me. But, your word says that greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world. Nothing is too complicated for you.

When the storm seems so fierce, remind me how great you are my God. When the enemy fills my mind with fearful thoughts, remind me that he is just a created being. Fill me with strength that I may stand and walk in victory. Let hope fill my heart so that I can rise and stand firm in your promises. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

Heavenly Father, God of creation, I pray for divine intervention to channel Your love so that I may crush and dismantle Satan’s stronghold. I know that I can achieve victory and breakthrough over the enemy. Today, I give You authority to break that stronghold down and set me free. I claim victory in the power of Jesus name. Amen.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

If You Want Your Helper to Locate You Soon, Pray These Prayer Points Everyday

six prayer points

God designed that helpers will always be there to take you from where you are to where God wants you to be. The Bible calls them joy-helpers. If you've never received life support, your progress will be slow. And it will be very difficult to attain God's plan for your life. Jesus has named you a friend, other people have called them, Angel. They're meant to help you fulfill the vision of Christ and God's destiny in your life.

At times in the place of prayer these helpers need to be compelled. So that's why you've got to take so many of these prayers more seriously. And I believe your helpers will find you after these prayer points I'm about to unveil. Below are the 6 prayers you should pray for your helper to locate you quick;

1. My father, let my helpers not rest, until they have helped me.

2. Every garment that covers me, and prevents my helpers from reaching me, catches fire in the name of Jesus.

3. You foul odour driving my helpers away from me, your end has come in Jesus name.

4. Helpers of my joy and destiny, I call you to come now in Jesus name.

5. Father, let the helpers of my destiny locate me in Jesus name.

6. Helpers of my promotion, arise now and do your work in Jesus name... AMEN.

I pray in the name of Jesus that the oil of favour come upon you now.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Always Pray These Two Powerful Psalms In the Morning Before Going to Your Office or Work Place

Powerful Psalms to pray everyday

In anything we are doing in this life, we all need prayer for us to prosper and make our work move on well. Either you're an employee or business man or woman and you have not been praying. I will be showing you two Psalms that will change your life for good in this article. Below are 2 prayer points / psalms you should always pray every morning;

1. Prayer for Mercy (Psalm 123:1-4)
Lord, I look up to you, up to heaven where you rule. As a servant depends on his master, as a maid depends on his master, as a maid depends on her mistress, so we will keep looking to you, O Lord our God, until you have mercy on us.

Be merciful to us, LORD, be merciful, we have been treated with so much contempt, we have been mocked too long by the rich and scorned by proud oppressors”

2. Prayer for Help (Pslam119:169-176)
“Let my cry for help reach you, LORD! Give me understanding, as you have promised. Listen to my prayer, and save me according to your promise! I will always praise you, because you teach me your laws. I will sing about your Law, because your commands are just. Always be ready to help me, because your commands are just. Always be ready to help me, because I follow your commands.

How I long for your saving help, O LORD! I find happiness in your law. Give me life, so that I may praise you, may your instructions help me. I wander about like a lost sheep; so come and look for me, your servant, because I have not neglected your laws.

These are powerful Psalms that will transform your life, you can try it, it really works great.
If God has ever done one thing or the other for you in your life, comment by Saying God is Great.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

If You Can Take Your Bath With Salt and Water, These Miracles Will Happen In Your Life

Bathing with salt and water

In life, you should agree with me that there are spiritual mysterious that many are ignorant of and this doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Someone can claim ignorance of not knowing, but still be afflicted. No one is exempted in the battle of life, the only assurance of victory we have is in Christ Jesus.

Stagnancy is a spiritual sickness, barrenness of all kinds, lack of money or helper, backwardness, terminal or seasonal illness and more are all spiritual sicknesses. Incase you don't know, you should all know today that there is power in salt. But the combination of Salt and Water is a more powerful mystery.

For this particular prescription, you take a little salt, pour it into the water (you will not be using a shower this time) and stir it. Once done, you can bath with it and here are the possible effects below;

1. It nullifies the physical effects of dreams like eating in the dream, been flogged with visible marks etc.

2. It keeps witchcraft presence and influence away from you.

3. It attracts undeserved favor to you (salt is a sweetener).

4. It protects you from satanic manipulation of that day.

5. If you bath it before sleep, you will have a more clearer and revealing dream.

It’s important you know that the application of this prescription is a spiritual process and it’s advised you do it prayerfully. You can declare good things into your day as you bath with the water.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Meet The 9 Year Old Boy Who Helped His Mother Delivered A New Baby Sister

9 year old boy who delivered her mother

A 9-year old small boy from Florida known as Lindell Lyons is being praised for stepping up to help his mother deliver his baby sister. Lindell is proud of himself and he feels like a hero.

In the morning of August 6th, Lindell Lyons said he was eating breakfast and watching TV when his mother, Shanelle Brantley, told him to call 911 because she had gone into labor.

"I was just in shock. Like, I didn't know what was gonna happen," Lindell told ABC Action News.

Still, Lindell carefully followed the instructions given by the 911 dispatcher, Jared McYeo, who said Lindell "did a fabulous job."

"He's the one that deserves all the credit. He really held his cool, he went and followed the instructions to the letter and helped his mom deliver his baby sister" McYeo said.

McYeo said he had two past experiences of helping deliver a baby in his decade on the job. But it was the first time with someone so young.

"I'm getting ready to have a baby on Friday so all I was thinking about was 'okay, what if I had to do this, you know somebody had to tell me how to do this. I would want it to be explained the best possible way, the easiest way"' McYeo added.

Lindell's mother is proud of him. She said, "It was a kind of a dream to me I was kind of nervous at the same time for him but I said I knew he could do it."

Lindell is excited to share that moment to his sister, Princess Anntte Brantley, who was born weighing 6 pounds and 14 ounces. He said it might be an unbelievable story.

Monday, March 2, 2020

Top Ten Powerful Prayer Points That Will Make You Wealthy and Great In This Month Of March

Top ten prayer points for wealth and greatness

Happy New Month to you all, I pray that all our financial disability must obey us this new month and turn to riches and affluence in Jesus name. Make sure you say these powerful prayer points on daily basis to see the hand of God change our fortunes for good in this month. Below are 10 powerful prayer points that will help us overcome poverty and turn wealthy in this month;

1. Oh Lord endow me with the required mental skill to interpret every opportunity that comes my way correctly and take maximum advantage of them in Jesus name.

2. I shall not only be great in wealth but also have great name in Jesus name.

3. Let the prophetic power that operated in the valley of dry bones re-unite me with my lost (glory, helper, husband, wife, children, joy etc) in Jesus name.

4. Every opposition I encounter today will soon form a chapter of my success story in Jesus name.

5. Every carnal attitude of disobedience and demonic spirits that are promoting barrenness in my life are terminated today in Jesus name.

6. Those that refuse to lend unto me during my moment of struggling will soon begin to lean on me in Jesus name.

7. Whenever the needies need my help my purse will not be empty. I will be readily available to meet their needs in Jesus name.

8. Those laughing at me today will soon laugh with me and regret their folly of looking down on me in Jesus name.

9. Those who gather to frustrate my vision will beg to be part of my celebration in Jesus name.

10. The Lord will release a measure of prosperity into my life that will swallow all my history of poverty in Jesus name.

Say these prayers with faith and I believe God will do miraculous things in our life in this new month.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

You Will Never Take God For Granted Again After Reading This Story Of A Rich Man

Old man in sick bed

This is the story of a 78 years old man who fainted and was rushed to the hospital. He was given an oxygen for breathing to support him for 24 hours to stay alive.

After a while, he woke up strong and healthy and so the doctor gave him his $500.000 oxygen receipt he received for his illness, and when he saw the bill, he was shocked and he suddenly started crying.

Then the doctor told the old man not to cry over the bill. But the old man reply and said, " I did not cry because of the money, I can pay all the money but I am crying because, just for only 24 hours of oxygen use I have to pay $500.000, but I have been breathing God's free air for 78 years. I have never paid anything, he now ask the doctor, do you know how much I owe him (God)? The doctor immediately tears roll out of his eyes.

Now to you all who read this, you have been breathing the free air of God without any price to pay for years till now, let us should be grateful for what God has given us because if its a man he will tell you to pay. Always be grateful for all God is doing in your life.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Eight Famous People Who Mocked God And Died Untimely, Checkout How They Died Below

Eight Famous People Who Mocked God And Died Untimely

In monotheistic thought, God is conceived of as the supreme being, creator deity, and principal object of faith. God is usually conceived as being omniscient (all-knowing), omnipotent (all-powerful), omnipresent (all-present) and as having an eternal and necessary existence. These attributes are used either in way of analogy or are taken literally. Why would you mock God who is the most powerful. If you think you can mock God cause you're famous and popular just don't do it. In this article, you'll get to some of some famous people who mocked God and die untimely. Below are some men and women who mocked God and died untimely;

1. John Lennon - Singer
Some years ago, during his interview with an American Magazine, he said: Christianity will end, it will disappear. I do not have to argue about that. I am certain. Jesus was ok, but his subjects were too simple, today we are more famous than Him' (1966). Lennon, after saying that the Beatles were more famous than Jesus Christ, was shot six times, and he died.

2. Tancredo Neves - President of Brazil
During the Presidential campaign, he said if he got 500,000 votes from his party, not even God would remove him from Presidency. Sure he got the votes, but he got sick a day before being made President, then he died.

3. Cazuza - Bi-sexual Brazilian composer, singer and poet
During A show in Canecio (Rio de Janeiro) While smoking his cigarette, he puffed out some smoke into the air and said: "God, that's for you." He died at the age of 32 of LUNG CANCER in a horrible manner.

4. The Man Who Built the Titanic
After the construction of Titanic, a reporter asked him how safe the Titanic would be. With an ironic tone he said: "Not even God can sink it."

The result: At 2:20 a.m. on April 15, 1912, the British ocean liner Titanic sinks into the North Atlantic Ocean about 400 miles south of Newfoundland, Canada. The massive ship, which carried 2,200 passengers and crew, had struck an iceberg two and half hours before..

5. Marilyn Monroe - Actress
She was visited by Billy Graham during a presentation of a show. He said the Spirit of God had sent him to preach to her. After hearing what the Preacher had to say, she said: "I don't need your Jesus". A week later, she was found dead in her apartment.

6. Bon Scott - Singer
The ex-vocalist of the AC/DC. On one of his 1979 songs he sang: 'Don't stop me; I'm going down all the way, down the highway to hell'. On the 19th of February 1980, Bon Scott was found dead, he had been choked by his own vomit.

7. Campinas (IN 2005)
In Campinas, Brazil a group of friends, drunk, went to pick up a friend..... The mother accompanied her to the car and was so worried about the drunkenness of her friends and she said to the daughter holding her hand, who was already seated in the car: "My Daughter, Go with God And May He Protect You." She responded: "Only If He (God) Travels In The Trunk, Cause Inside Here.....It's Already Full."

Hours later, news came by that they had been involved in a fatal accident, everyone had died, the car could not be recognized what type of car it had been, but surprisingly, the trunk was intact. The police said there was no way the trunk could have remained intact. To their surprise, inside the trunk was a crate of eggs, and none was broken.

8. Christine Hewitt - Jamaican Journalist and entertainer
She said the Bible was the worst book ever written. In June 2006 she was found burnt beyond recognition in her motor vehicle. Many more important people have forgotten that there is no other name that was given so much authority as the name of Jesus.

It is written in the Bible: "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man sow, that shall he also reap." Galatians 6:7

The Lord responded; "Far be it from Me; for those who honor Me; I will honor, and those who despise Me shall be lightly esteemed" 1 Samuel 2:30

No one mocks God and go unpunished. Please be careful of what you say with your mouth to God.

Top Seven Bible Verses African Pastors Will Never Teach You If You Go to Their Churches

Bible verses you won't know in church

You should know that the church belonged to God and it's not the property of anybody. Some pastors in a bid to protect their Church will not teach some Bible verses so that members will not run away. In this article, I will be revealing the bible verses in which all African pastors will not want to let you know cause of the fear that you will leave there church. Below are the 7 Bible verses African pastors are afraid to teach their members;

1. Proverbs 31:6

Give strong drink unto him that is ready to perish, and wine unto those that be of heavy hearts.

Alcohol is meant for anyone who is ready to perish, it is not meant for the children of God.

2. Exodus 20:13-14

Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not commit adultery.

This is common these days. Adultery is not of God, no matter the excuse people give.

3. Proverbs 7:10

And, behold, there met him a woman with the attire of an harlot, and subtil of heart.

This means, there are some clothes meant for harlots according to this verse and should not be allowed in the Church.

4. Ecclesiastes 1:2

Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity.

Please know now that having cars, houses and others are just vanity. they are just vanity, But I won't advice you not to buy cause child of God doesn't use to be poor.

5 Corinthians 3:15

If any man's work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire.

It is possible to make it and yet lose everything. Making heaven is good, but losing everything is not good enough. Some people after making heaven will not get any crown.

6. Zechariah 11:16

For indeed I will raise up a shepherd in the land who will not care for those who are cut off, nor seek the young, nor heal those that are broken, nor feed those that still stand. But he will eat the flesh of the fat and tear their hooves in pieces.

God promised to give us Pastors that will not take care of the church.

7. 1 John 3:15

Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him."

Hating your neighbor is the same thing as killing him. Stop hating and your days shall be long on earth.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

If You Dream But Always Forget It When You Wakeup, Say These Seven Prayer Points Immediately

Prayer points for dream forgotten

Lots of people dream and when they wakeup they won't be able to remember the dream any more. If this is the situation you find yourself many of the time, it is a good omen and you need to start praying against it.

When you sleep and remember your dream, It shows that your dream life is very active. If your dream always disappears from your memory or you don’t dream anymore, it shows that something is wrong. When a person can’t remember his dream, he has lost his power over his dream life. And the devil will begin to use it to attack and oppress him. That is the most prevalent problem faced today by many believers.

The moment you start to remember your dream gradually, you will begin to gain deep revelation and see  secret things that has been hidden from you for long time (Daniel 2:22). So what do you do when you can't remember your dream? do you just feel nothing just happens? My people not remembering dream is very bad and can cause lot of problem and spiritual attack without you knowing it.

But with the potent power of prayers,, you can destroy this power that always makes you to lose your memory. Below are the prayer points that will help you remember your dream easily if you're the forgetting type;

1. You powers of the night polluting my night dreams, be paralyzed, in the name of Jesus.

2. Every anti-progress dream in my life, die, in the name of Jesus.

3. Power that don't want me to remember my dreams, your time is up, die with your eraser in the name of Jesus.

4. Every spiritual eraser fashioned to wipe out my dreams from my memory, I challenge you with Holy Ghost fire, burn to ashes in Jesus name.

5. You my forgotten and stolen destiny dreams in satanic archives, hear the voice of restoration fire: arise and locate me now in Jesus name.

6. Every unfriendly friend and household powers hiding behind a mask to attack me in my dream, I unmask and disgrace you by the Holy Ghost fire, in Jesus name.

7. By the power that made Daniel to recall all the forgotten dreams and visions of Nebuchadnezzar: O God arise and restore my stolen dreams in Jesus name Congratulations if you have prayed these prayers. Pls always say Amen below when reading this post and share this post as well.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Every time You Wake In The Morning, Always Say These Five Prayers Three Times to Start Your Day

Five Prayers to say every morning

At this point I think you have known that prayer is the key to everything and its the only way of communicating with God. So every time you wake up from sleep, before you step out of your house, there are prayers you must say to make your day a fruitful one. Always try to say these prayers three times every morning;

1. Lord I thank you for waking me up this morning. Thank You lord for giving me life and strength, in Jesus name (Psalm 27:1).

2. Lord Jesus, today is Your day, and I want Your will to be done in my life. So, whatever happens, hold my hand and let's face it together in the mighty name of Jesus.

3. Dear Lord, as we rise to meet each new day, please let us be filled with Your spirit in the mighty name of Jesus.

4. Dear Lord, this morning, I pray that You give me strength today, to be strong for You in this world full of temptations in the mighty name of Jesus

5. Dear Lord, I don’t know who or what will cross my path today. But I do know that You are my rock and my fortress. You are my shield and my strong tower. Help me to anchor myself to You today in Jesus name.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

If You Want to Stop Financial Problems That's Disturbing Your Life, Pray Using These Three Bible Verses At Midnight

Bible Verses to stop financial problems

Are you experiencing financial problems? You should know that prayer is always the key to everything. If you pray to God, he will surely put an end to all your problems. So, if you're here and you're facing financial problem, make sure you use the Bible verses below while praying in the midnight to put and end to your problems. Here are the three bible verses you can use to put an end to your problem;

1. Deuteronomy 28:11
"And the LORD shall make thee plenteous in goods, in the fruit of thy body, and in the fruit of thy cattle, and in the fruit of thy ground, in the land which the LORD sware unto thy fathers to give thee."

2. 1 Timothy 6:10
"For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs."

3. Philippians 4:19
"And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus."

After praying with the above bible verses, I believe everything will start going on fine and all the gone problems will never come back to you anymore in Jesus name.

You Must Never Sit In These Places Inside Aeroplane If You Want To Enjoy Your Journey

where you must not seat in plane

Traveling by air in an aeroplanes could be an interesting experience. However, you may not be comfortable throughout the journey based on the seat you selected. Below are the seats you should avoid;

1. The Middle Seat
Selecting the middle seats can be quite uncomfortable as the travellers on each side can take the armrests as well as having limited access to both the window and the aisle. Even though this can be quick access to the shower, you will encounter numerous entries into the bathroom and this can distract your comfortability throughout your journey.

2. The Exit Row Seats
Even though the seats in the exit row have extra legroom, it tends to be colder than the surrounding seats. You might choose to use these seats but ensure you pack enough clothes to keep you warm.

3. Back Of The Plane
Sitting at the back of the plane does not only have you wait longer to get out of the plane but also with distractions from noises, smells and from flight attendants who keep opening and closing of the storage apartments.

4. The Bulkhead Seats
These are the first seats in an aeroplane. Before selecting a bulkhead seat, have in mind that you will have no space in front of you and this might be uncomfortable and can also cause inconveniences in case you wish access to personal items.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Six Mysterious Things That Happen to You While Sleeping That You Don't know About

Things that Happen while sleeping

Sleep is very important for us to replenish our energy, but a lot of strange things happen during our sleep. We are aware of some, and there are some events that happen in our sleep that we are not aware of. Below are some of the mysterious things that happen while we are asleep;

1. Sleep Paralysis
This is the situation when you wake up at night and you discover that you can't move your hands, legs and body. This can be really frightening and sometimes you feel as if there is someone else with you in the room. Sleep paralysis is usually associated with mischiefs and evil spirits in this part of the world.

Scientifically, sleep paralysis happens when our muscle turn off while we are asleep. Normally, when you are asleep, you are paralyzed so that you don’t sleepwalk. But during this stage, our muscles "shut off" and the brain is awake. Approximately 7% of the population have experienced sleep paralysis at least once and it usually occur when you lie on your back.

2. A Dream Within A Dream
A person involved in this sees a dream, then wakes up, but strange things continue to happen to him. It always turn out the person was just dreaming that he or she woke up.

3. Sleepwalking
This is the opposite of sleep paralysis, this happen when some can walk, open the door, or even leave the house in their sleep, and when they wake up in the morning, they don't remember anything. This is really dangerous. This condition affects children most. The cause is still unknown, neither are the methods of treatment.

4. Sleep Talking
People who suffer from sleep talking are not aware of it. It happens when someone starts talking while sleeping. This condition is not dangerous psychologically. It usually occur due to stress. Usually, the person who suffers from somniloquy (a fancy term for sleep talking) has no idea about it.

5. Sleep Apnea
This occur when there is a sudden stop of breathing in a dream and the person wakes up as a result of gasping for breath. This usually occur when the brain experiences starvation of oxygen and it result in decrease in the quality of sleep.

6. Out-of-body Experience
This occur when a person is half asleep and at the same time half awake. The person wakes up and find himself in a place outside his own body. This process confirms the existence of the soul.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Here Is What Happens When You Draw Tattoos On Your Body According to Title

What Happens when you draw tattoo

Tattoo is now a common and normal things these days. lots of people do it for fun, even some Christians do it nowadays.

They don't bother about it being a sin, because they've not read where it is written to be a sin in the bible.

But in this article, I'll show you Prove that drawing tattoos is a sin. Checkout this bible verse below for clarification;

This is what the Bible Says About Tattoo in the Book of Leviticus 19:28: You shall not make any cuts on your body for the dead or tattoo yourselves: I am the LORD.

If you worship God and you're honouring him the way the world honours him, then you're not honouring him at all. Take heed and you shall see blessings in all your ways.