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Friday, January 24, 2020

If You Are A Real Man, You Must Consider These Three Things Before Getting Married

things man should consider before marriage

Marriage is the union between a man and a woman to become husband and wife. In most cases, men tend to take too long to get married or rather enter into serious relationships that result in marriage. There are factors a man should put into consideration before taking a step in courtship or identifying the right partner to marry. In this article I will let you know these things you need to consider as a man before getting married. Below are what men should consider before getting into marriage;

1. Maturity
Marriage is an independent social institution that needs no experience, but one’s resilience to challenges that emerge in the union.
How partners handle themselves during a family crisis or conflicts, determine how mature they are. A man should be physically mature enough to take responsibilities and solve family problems amicably by prioritising the mutual interest of the family.

2. Psychological Readiness
Before a man gets married, he should have a clear knowledge of what it entails to be a father and a husband. A man should be well conversant and prepared to juggle responsibilities in marriage. Therefore, prior preparation enables one to counter challenges along the way.

3. Financial Stability
For any marriage to prosper, a man should at least have a source of income, either employed or running a business to sustain the family in terms of basic necessities. What hinders most men from getting married is the economic constraints. Some men even choose to further their studies with the expectation of marrying soon after college, only to be rendered jobless due to limited job opportunities.

If You Notice These Five Signs In A Girl You Love, It Means You Are Texting Her Too Much

Texting your partner

In this generation, texting has become a rampant way of communication between people who are long distance.
However, there are some instances where some people happen to text too much until they make texting to be boring.

How should you know that you are texting a lot? This is something that one should be able to ask himself when texting a girl. Girls will not tell you that you are doing it too much but signs speak louder. Below are 5 signs that will let you know you're texting too much;

1. You Get Single Word Answers
When a girl gets bored with you, the chance of you receiving one-word text is usually high.
Hence, when you see this coming, you better, reduce your rate of texting.

2. You Composed a Novel of Content, and Her Answer is "that's right." 
This hurts though, but it is a lesson that you should never again text a girl your life history. Keep your text fun and quick by texting her a readable text length.

3. She Holds Up a Few Days To Contact You Back
If she also texts back a few days later that also indicates that she is bored with you texting too much.

4. She Sends You Message In This Format
She sends you messages like "Would I be able to call you later?" and another signal that indicates you are too much is when she excuses herself and she never comes back.

5. She Quit Reacting
This is rampant with most girls, where she will just leave you hanging. Don’t insist if she happens to do this to you.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

You Must Stop Doing These Things If You Don't Want Women To Lose Interest In You

why women lose interest in men

Love is a beautiful thing, and it's value is to be adorned and cherished for a life time. The affection and emotion that comes with love isn't the type to be taken for granted no matter what. Love demands proper care, adequate nurturing, time, attention and lots more to make it last long and stand the tests of time.

In this article, I'll discuss about five things that makes women to lose interest in their male partners. Here are the 5 things below;

1. Attention
The level of attention that's invested in a particular thing will determine the level of its outcome. For instance, the amount of time and attention you dedicate to your work will determine the level of your productivity. The same measure is applicable to relationships and love affairs, when a woman is deprived of attention, she becomes lonely and bored around her spouse and once loneliness sets in she will begin to fall out of love gradually.

2. Adornment
Feeling appreciated, welcomed, complimented and special is very important for women, because it gives them the feeling of being loved, cared for and appreciated by their partners. Little compliments like appreciating a woman's dress, shoes, nails, hair and acknowledging her efforts in other areas gives them more confidence and prestige. The moment a man stops appreciating his woman the moment he starts losing her to another man that adorns her the most.

3. Emotional Disconnect
The major cause of emotional disconnection is basically lack of communication or poor communication. It is crucial that partners remain connected and make each other a priority in their everyday's life. A little phone call checkup during work time, phone conversations during leisure periods, and proper communication helps to grow and strengthen the bond between two lovers but the moment these factors are missing or inadequate one or both lovers would get discouraged and eventually the love and feelings begins to fade out.

4. Boredom
Boredom is the lack of enthusiasm, lack of interest, apathy etc. Relationships are supposed to be fun, interesting and enjoyable. I have seen situations where people fall off the ladder of relationships (be it friendship or dating). Most times, some men don't take adequate notice of the amount of time they invest on fun and socializing with their partner. Making time for special outings, picnics, visiting the cinema, going on vacation etc are parts of the vital things that booms the liveliness of the love they both share.

So, if you want your woman to stick with you for the rest of your lives, spice things up a bit more.

5. Constant Criticism
No one likes being criticized often times, too much criticism sometimes makes women feel less appreciated and unwanted in every ways. The moment criticism creeps into a relationship, it gradually kills the warmth, feelings and affection a woman has towards her man. The constant need to pick on and criticize everything she does, gives room for doubts to set in and it lessens the woman's feeling for her man. Men should always try to appreciate the women in their life even when they are not up to the task.

A little thank you accompanied with pleasant corrections will go a long way in balancing criticism if need be.

Most College and University Relationships Don't Work Because Of These Five Things

why school relationships don't work

You must have tried dating while in campus during your school time, I guess it did not survive for long, only the lucky ones succeeded. College relationships rarely work. Below are some reasons why college relationships don't Work;

1. Immaturity
Most college students are girls and boys in their early 20s and their level of maturity is still growing. In campus, when a boy calls his girlfriend more than two times without answer, most guys will assume she is cheating, or she is with other guys, same situation with girls. Because of immaturity, when he or she buys you a gift, posts you on WhatsApp status, the same is expected back.

2. Less Romance
Most campus guys will look for their girlfriends only when they 'miss' them, no romantic dates, no buying flowers, the relationship is built on s*xual activities.

3. Multiple Partners
On campus, cheating is like any usual business. On weekends, after exams and at the start of the semester, students hook up with each other for sexual activities even when they are just but friends. What starts like a movie in a friend's room ends up to be unplanned sleepover. It won't be movies the whole night.

4. Too Many Differences
Campus students fall in love at first sight. Many relationships start during orientation, freshers' night and during and first week of the semester. When you get to each other better you find out the differences exceeds similarities, she smokes and he don't, she is a church girl and you are a parting guy, etc.

5. Taking Different Courses
Different courses also mean different free time for these two young lovers, some courses require one to spend much of the time in the library, computer lab doing research, while others are slightly not hard, you can revise few days to exams and still manage to pass. These people fail because one might think the partner is too busy for him or her.

These Things Will Happen If You Ever Use Money To Attract a Woman

things that happen for attracting woman with money

Money is an economic unit that functions as a generally recognized medium of exchange for transactional purposes in an economy. Money makes it hard to find the ideal woman who will bring happiness into your life. Many people consider money a symbol of power and influence. There are men who use their money to attract women.

However, a woman might consider you weak if you use money to win her heart. You have to learn other ways to attract women instead of using your finances. Below are what happens when you use money to attract women;

1. You Will Attract The Wrong Women Into Your Life
Every man wants to attract a good woman into his life. The use of money makes it hard to find the ideal woman who will bring happiness into your life. Make sure you avoid money talk when trying to woo a lady.

2. Money Makes You Overlook Important Things
There are various things to take into account when it comes to dating. Men who use money to attract women often overlook different things in life. If you want to win the heart of a woman then you will not prioritise their financial needs over anything else.

3. Money Sends An Unattractive Message
Loyalty cannot be purchased in life. Some men try to use their money to win the hearts of women. One of the worst mistakes you can make is attempting to give women money so that they can sing your tune. A woman will not be emotionally attracted to you if it is all about money. Kindness, character and confidence can make a woman more attracted to you than anything else.