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Friday, March 13, 2020

Your Smartphone Is At Risk Of Getting Hacked If You Don’t Do This Thing Right Now

Android updates

Security experts have found more than 1 billion android smartphones vulnerable to attacks,
malware , and hackers because they are running an old android operating system without an update.

According to researchers who looked into Google data, shows that 40% of android users no longer receive security updates, which it said puts their devices at risk of data theft, malware, and other attacks.

According to the report, anyone using Android phone released around 2012 or earlier – including popular models like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Sony Xperia S, should be especially concerned, since it’s likely they will be running a version of Android that does not include various security enhancements Google that has been rolling out since.

Devices which recently lost support for Android security updates will not immediately encounter problems, but the risk of it being hacked will increase going forward.

The security experts Which advise users whose smartphones were out of date to be careful what they download and what links they click on, adding that backing up your data and installing a mobile antivirus may help to mitigate this threat.

So if you are using Old Android phone like Infinix, Tecno, Samsung, Sony Experia, Huawei , etc, that doesn’t receive update either for patch fixes or operating system update at all, then your device poses a risk of being hacked.

It is either you look for a way to update your device, or swap your device for a new one or just sell it once and for all.

Let me ask you this simple question, when last did you receive an update on your smartphone? Drop your comments below.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

You Will Have Superpower If You Have Any Of These Things

How to have Superpower

As much as I want to be Tony Stark which I believe it's everyone's dream, and get to fly into space in one of his Iron Man suits, it ain’t happening. But if I start a Go Fund Me page and people decide to give me a lot of dollars, I’ll be one step closer to becoming a real superhero! How? Well, you know what they say – “money is the best super power”. If I had a few million to spare, I’d definitely buy some big boy toys.

Alright, I will be introducing you to some nice gadgets which can really help in achieving your dreams. Below are 7 insane gadgets that give you superpowers;

1. Bulletproof Suit
This super-light suit made of carbon nanotubes will make you both stylish and (mostly) bulletproof!

2. Seek Thermal XR Camera
Being able to see in the dark and through walls has always been a problem for all human. You bump into things, stub your toe, fall on a sleeping cat, and get your face clawed all because you really wanted to go to the bathroom at night. But what you didn’t know is that the bathroom was already occupied. No more of that nonsense! With the Seek Thermal XR you can turn your smartphone into an X-ray vision device that will let you see through doors, walls, trees, etc.

3. Pyro Mini Flamethrower
Playing with fire is dangerous, but what if you had a safe way to control the flame and shoot actual fireballs from your hand? Enter the Pyro Fireshooter! This nifty mini flamethrower will allow you to launch four majestic balls of fire from your wrist, although, just to be safe, have a bucket of water on standby.

4. X-Jets Jetblades
These $6,000 Jetblades will allow you to fly above lakes, rivers, or even the ocean, for as long as the pump works. I mean, you’re basically Iron Man if he used water to propel himself… I guess then he’d be Water Man?

5. Kuratas Human-Ride Robot
Have you seen Pacific Rim? Well, Kuratas is nothing like that, really. It’s a 12-foot-tall robot with a person inside, who controls its every step. Sadly it’s very slow, but at least you can put any number of weapons on it.

6. Kangoo Jumps
With Kangoo Jumps you’ll be able to jump like a Kangaroo. Wow, this was easy to explain. Be aware, however, that you’ll look like a total dork wearing these.

7. Power Body Armor
Of all the cool gadgets on this list I like this exoskeleton the best, as it would allow me to become a real-life Hulk. Cyberdyne’s HAL suit is both offensive and defensive tech. On the one hand your strength goes up, and on the other hand, you’re protected from all sorts of physical damage. Oh, ant, here’s the best part – you’re basically operating the suit with your thoughts! This would’ve been an insta-buy for me.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Simple Trick On How to Use Your Generator Without Fueling It

Fuelless Generator is now the best invention in the world to eliminate the combustion system in our environment. The world has experienced global warming attributed to high level of sun and heat resulting from continuous release of smoke to the atmosphere. It is on this basis researchers are not a sleep bed until the world is free from global warming.

This is tested and working experiment. A fuel generator set is being converted to fueless
Fuel does not generate electricity rather it powers the engine in generator and as the engine rotates, it rotates the coil and magnetic inside the generator alternator.

In physics101 electricity is defined as the movement of magnetic inside a coil. The major ideology of this experiment is the get the magnetic rotating using another means instead of petrol.

Importance of this experiment
1. It doesn't produce smoke.
2. It doesn't make noise whatsoever.
3. You can set it inside your house.
4. It can function for 24 hours nonstop as long as the electric motor is still on.

Major components used in this experiment are
1. Electric motor
2. Petrol generator panel
3. Petrol generator alternator

How to Set it Up
Get your petrol generator and remove the petrol tank. Take the panel and the alternator as shown in the picture below.

generator without fuel

Connect the electric motor to the alternator using belt so that as the motor rotates, it rotates the alternator too.

The alternator is already connected to the panel of the generator.

Note: The main supplier of this electricity is the electric motor because as it's rotating the alternator is rotating and alternator produces the current as it rotates then sends to the panel.

Note: The electric motor is rechargeable. There are ones that can last for 24hrs after charging it. When the battery dies so does the rotation stop, all you have to do is charge it again and continue enjoying your free electricity.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Eleven Facts About iPhone You Don't Know, You Won't Believe NO 5

Facts about iPhone

Apple is one of the top smartphone producers in the world with track record of premium devices, design and features. The latest on their list is the amazing iPhone 11 pro.

But how much do you know iPhone and the company behind it - Apple Inc? This post reveals some of the unknown facts of iPhone devices and how they started. Maybe you are aware of some of these facts but I am sure there are people that this will come as a surprise to.

Even me, the first day I read about some of this facts, I was marveled and since then, I have been combing to get more information about Apple and other smartphone makers. Read below articles for the facts;

1. There Was Another iPhone Before The Apple iPhone
Before Apple launched iPhone, there was another company that had the name 'iPhone'. The company was actually known as the Cisco Systems.

In fact, they litigated Apple for naming its cell phone, ‘iPhone’. The first iPhone by Cisco was a VoIP phone, which allowed users to make Skype calls without using a computer. Ultimately, both the companies reached an agreement, and have kept their rights to the name.

2. The iPhone Was Conceptualized in the Late 1980s
Back in 1983, the developer of Apple computer, Hartmut Esslinger, idealized a landline phone that had features somewhat similar to today’s iPhone and iPad with a stylus-controlled interface. Though, the design was never developed into a real Phone, it is surprising that Apple had the idea behind the iPhone many years before it was launched. Just imagine how the iPhone landscape and custom iPhone app development would look if that old prototype in 1983 had been released.

3. U2’s Bono Is In Every iPhone
If you look closely to your iPhone, you’ll find that the artist’s icon in your Music app is originally a silhouette of Bono Vertigo – the U2 singer.

4. The App Store Was The First Place To Download An iOS App Legally
One of the most interesting facts about the Apple iPhone is that the App Store is the only place to download free or paid iOS apps legally.

5. Samsung Manufactures iPhone Processors
Now this might surprise you greatly. While it is true that Samsung and Apple are arch rivals in the smartphone field, they both are partnered with each other. Samsung has a contract with Apple to make computer chips for the iPhone.

6. 2.2 Billion iPhones Sold So Far
2.2 Billion iPhones have been sold worldwide

7. iPhone Was the Invention of the Year
Seeing the popularity of Apple iPhone, Time Magazine named it as the “Invention of the Year” in 2007. It was indeed a revolutionary development.

8. The iPhone Was Codenamed Purple
In the early days when the iPhone was being engineered, the nickname for the new cell phone was, “Purple”. Even the iPhone section at the Apple headquarters was called “Purple Dorm” by the developers.

9. 2 Million iPhone Apps
According to the reports, there are over 2 million iOS apps available in the Apple app store (as of June 2016). With this, the Apple app store is the second largest app store after Android, which has over 2.2 million apps.

10. iPhone 4 Names Antenna-gate
The new metal design of iPhone 4 caused extensive problems among the users when it was found that calls were getting disconnected on holding the phone a certain way. Because of its severity, it earned the name, Antenna-gate.

11. Steve Jobs Pranked with Starbucks
It was in 2007 when Apple was introduced for the first time by CEO Steve Jobs. He made a prank call to Starbucks and ordered over 4,000 lattes and cancelled it immediately. This was certainly a good thing for the barista who took that call.

Additionally, an iPhone manager will help you transfer all photos, music, contacts, and videos to PC in one click. These are some of the iPhone facts which I think you should know.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

This Man Went On a Date With a Robot and the Robot Told Him They Can Just Be Friends

robot on a date

As a youngling growing up in the Jedi Academy on Coruscant, I spent quite some time watching the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and trying not to get murdered by Lord Vader – then still known to me as Master Skywalker.

As you get older, you start to realize that many of your idols will eventually fall from grace and turn out to be regular humans just like all the other people you grow up with. They laugh, they cry, they make millions of dollars, they pay taxes (occasionally). Will Smith was one of those heroes that never fell.

That is, until he recently went on a date with an AI robot known as Sophia. After quite a short date, it turned out the robot wasn’t at all interested in Will “in that way” – despite Will’s best pick-up lines. She’d heard his songs and deemed them “not for her” – not to mention the revelation that they show all AI robots his hit movie “I, robot” to make sure they don’t get any ideas.

Might be a good idea for the Fresh Prince to just stay married to his current wife and prepare for the inevitable moment when AI bots will try to take over and we will need his robo-sceptical, yet likable persona once again to save the day.

Remember, robots can only win if we let them. And by “let them”, I mean “stop protecting John Connor”.

Meet Mindar, A Robot Who Can Bless You, Guide You, And Even Perform Your Funeral For You

If you think that robots taking over each and every sphere of human life is a far-fetched dream out of a sci-fi movie, then think twice because AI is already here and it found its way into none other than human religion. A robotic priest is performing the duties of human and, according to sources, he’s doing a pretty good job, and no one is complaining so far. As you might have already guessed, the country that is so open to new technological advancements is Japan. Here are a few details about the new AI religion and how it came to be.

Robot priest

Mindar is a new priest at Kodaiji, one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Kyoto, Japan. He does everything other priests do – interacts with worshipers, performs sermons, and reads mantras. There’s only one catch – he’s made of metal, silicone, and doesn’t carry a beating human heart.

This $1-million-dollar machine looks like Kannon, the Buddhist deity of Mercy, and doesn’t have an AI just yet. For now the robotic priest just reads the pre-programmed sermon about the Heart Sutra and can’t impress the worshippers with something more. Although, the creators of the robot assure that soon enough they will install the AI that will give the priest necessary learning capabilities and, eventually, he’ll be able to interact with worshippers on a deeper level.

Tensho Goto, the chief steward of the temple, is sure the robotic priest will revolutionize Buddhism and give it a fresh start. The robot is ought to help people overcome their troubles, sharing his never-ending AI wisdom with them. As the religion is on its decline, he’s sure a robot like that will help attract people and revive their interest in spirituality.

Mindar is not the only robot-priest out there performing clergy duties. Germany’s Protestant Church presented a BlessU-2 robot who has given blessing to more than 10,000 people using a programmed sermon. India isn’t far behind – in 2017 Patil Automation introduced a robot that was capable to perform the Hindu Aarti ceremony. It didn’t interact with people, but was capable of taking part in other religious processes.

Sanctified Theomorphic Operator, also known as SanTo, was designed by robotist Gabriele Trovato to look like a Catholic saint. He created it especially for elderly people who might not have the ability to visit a church due to mobility issues or social circumstances. If you tell SanTo you’re in trouble, he will give you words of wisdom from the Bible.

Only time will show whether bringing more technology into religion is a good thing or not. For now, at least, the visitors of Kodaiji aren’t too worried interacting with a robotic priest – after all, it’s a country where robots have already infiltrated all spheres of life. It is also a curious fact that Buddhism doesn’t stand against technologizing the religion as it is not a belief in God, but rather a pursue of Buddha’s path. In this case, it doesn’t really matter from what source the knowledge and wisdom is coming from as long as it is aiding people to go further in their practice.

There’s also a robot called Pepper, who has been performing funeral rites for years now. In Japan, having a funeral performed by an actual priest is pretty costly, that’s why company called Nissei Eco came up with the idea of creating a robotic funeral assistant whose services are much cheaper. If that’s not progress than I don’t know what is!

Sunday, January 12, 2020

With These Simple Method, You Will Easily Detect Hidden Cameras Anywhere With Your Mobile Phone

How to detect hidden camera with phone

If you think the room you are in isn't safe for you that there might be people monitoring you with some hidden surveillance camera or you're in a room that you think it might have a hidden CCTV camera but you're not sure of it yet, you can try looking for it with your mobile phone by searching for infrared lights. Although infrared rays are invisible to the naked eye, but you already have a device that can help you locate it which is your smartphone.

Well, Some smartphones have filters to block out infrared light on their primary camera, but very few of them have filters on the front camera. To determine which camera will work for you, grab an infrared remote like the one you use for your TV. Point it at your smartphone’s primary camera and press a button. If you see the light on your phone's screen, then it can detect infrared. If you don’t, try again with the front-facing camera.

Once you determine the best camera to use, turn off the lights in the room you want to sweep. Then turn on your smartphone’s camera and start looking for any glowing lights. IP cameras don’t come in any standard configuration so you might see just one, four, six, or some other combination of lights. They’ll typically be purple but sometimes can look white. You won’t necessarily need to be near the hidden camera. In the above image, the camera is just a few feet away. But take a look at another picture from the other side of the house:

The lights in the center of the image are the same camera, just three rooms away (a dining room, a living room, and a study). That’s bright enough to be noticed and warrant closer investigation. Don’t just look at the center of walls though, point your smartphone at the ceiling, vents, even outlets. When the lights are on, look for anything unusual. Does a room have more than one smoke detector? Is there a USB hub in a place with no other electronics? If you touch a standard mirror and look at your finger from an angle, your reflected finger won’t “contact” your actual finger. If you do the same with one-way glass, your reflected finger and real finger will contact (seem to touch), and that could be hiding a camera. Noticing out-of-place things can help you find hidden cameras.

Unfortunately, there’s no guaranteed method for finding a hidden camera. But taking these extra steps when you arrive will give you fighting chance, and hopefully some peace of mind.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Google Assistant On Android Phones Will Now Be Able to Read In 42 Languages

Google Assistant In Android

Google, The american multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include online advertising technologies, search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware is currently unleashing the new feature for its Google Assistant on Android phones. The new feature makes it a more efficient super screen reader.

When a user gives a prompt saying, “Hey Google, read this,” it will find the main text on whatever webpage or article you’re looking at and read it out loud to you.

Google says it has improved the Assistant’s ability to parse sentences and therefore speak them with more natural, human-sounding cadences.

Currently in development, the Read It feature will be able to turn whatever text you have on the screen to voice, and it should support 42 languages once it actually launches.

A user can hear an example of how the voice tries to sound more natural by parsing sentence patterns in the promo video Google has made for the feature:

When you say “Okay Google, read it”, it will activate text-to-speech engine and will read out in a “natural manner”, according to the dev team. However, the article must be opened either in the Google app, Google Chrome or Google News platform – no third-party apps will be supported initially.

No word from Google yet when it will be out, but it is expected to be soon.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Meet the Tiny Cat Dolls That Live Real Life, They Have Professions, Marital Status and Others

Cat Doll That Live Real Life

Elena Alekhina is a designer from St. Petersburg who creates incredibly realistic pet dolls. They have animal heads but human-like bodies which makes them very similar to the people.

Elena posts cute pictures with her cat dolls to her Instagram account and treats them like real people. While her account doesn’t have millions of followers, she is fully booked for new creations. All of her dolls have names and personalities. Even though most of her recent works are sphinx cats, she started with different animals and they are extremely cute!

Elena’s style is very unique. All of her dolls wear fashionable clothes from the beginning of the 20th century. She experiments with colors and fabrics to create interesting personalities for her pets. Each photo is taken in a particular area of St. Petersburg which adds a Russian soul to the dolls.

Colors and textures are very important in doll creation, the artist pays attention to every detail adding bows, flowers, buttons, hats and scarves fully accessorizing her dolls. One of the signature details is an animal pattern on dolls’ clothes created from small pieces of fabric like a mosaic.

Her early works resemble cartoon images of animals but current dolls look very realistic. The dolls are made from papier-mache and printed fabrics. She designs dolls with a character which can tell you about their profession and even marital status. You can find sailors, painters, newlywed couples and friends on days out.

Her most recent dolls are all sphynx cats and they seem to be her favourite, nevertheless, you can find tiny pug, beagles, mastiff and even terriers.

If you like pets and would like to have a tiny copy of your own, definitely check out Elena’s Instagram. Who knows, maybe this will inspire you to create your own doll or order one from Elena!

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Meet The 57 Years Old Man Who Is The World's First Cyborg, He Lost His Two Hands When He Was 17

Meet Les Baugh, a man of the hard luck. We all make mistakes, but some of them can lead to tragic consequences. 40 years ago, when Les was just 17 years old, he was fooling around with his stepbrother. The last one challenged him to a race that ended with a big tragedy. Baugh found himself in a set of power lines. Electric shock was that powerful – the doctors didn’t give him a chance to live to his 21st birthday. Moreover – both hands were amputated and the surgeons thought his legs won’t recover and he will be unable to walk. “I didn’t stand a chance,” he says. “Everything I had going was gone.”

world first cyborg

But with strong will to life, Les soon made his first steps. Now he had to learn living without hands. Regular manipulations became a torture. He needed help all the time with his regular daily routine and somebody had to be there with him all day long.

And now, 40 years after he received another chance to start living a normal life again. Thanks to Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory he was given two robotic arms that are controlled with his thoughts only.

The prothesis was worked out considering all his needs and requirements. First it was hard for Baugh to learn how to use the robotic limbs, but now he can operate them pretty fast. And the accuracy is impressive – grabbing a ping pong ball is not a big deal for him.

To reach these shocking though impressive results, Les had to go under a serious surgery, which is called ‘targeted muscle innervation.’ Dr. Albert Chi, a trauma surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital, says that surgery of this kind is a complete innovation. It is called to reassign nerves that once controlled the arm and the hand. They are lately connected to the prothetic arms and guarantee total control over the construction.

Les Baugh had to wait until total recovery after the surgery to try his new limbs on. The team of scientists analyzed the data of pattern recognition algorithms to identify how exactly his muscles work. Later they programmed the robotic arms to repeat all those movements.

But that huge construction still needed additional support to keep natural position. This is why the scientists added custom sockets that had to be attached to shoulders and torso. Even Baugh was impressed by his own look. He said he somehow found himself in another reality, but was ready to go further and did whatever the team demanded.

And there were too many tests before they could actually start trying new arms in action. In just 10 days after the experiment started – Les Baugh showed impressive results. He managed to move cups, balls and even shelves. By the way, the speed of his movements was way much higher than anyone could expect.

At this moment, his arms work pretty similar to human anatomy. Les is capable of repeating all the moves he performed with his real hands while he still had them. Scientists believe they can soon send poor man back home with fully functioning limbs that can make his life great again.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Ten Amazing Things You Can Do With Your Phone Camera Apart From Snapping Pictures

Benefits of phone camera

A camera phone is a mobile phone which is able to capture photographs. Most camera phones also record video. The first camera phone was sold in 2000 in Japan, a J-Phone model, although some argue that the SCH-V200 and Kyocera VP-210 Visual Phone, both introduced months earlier in South Korea and Japan respectively, are the first camera phones. Taking pictures is the most used feature of smartphones and lots of people think that's where the use of the camera ends in a mobile phone, not knowing that there are lots of amazing things a camera embedded in a device can do. Below are list of nine useful things you can do with your smartphone camera apart from snapping pictures;

1. Barcode Scanner
Your phone's camera can be used to scan barcodes in order to get the information written on it, Since anything programmed into it, is always not visible for the naked eyes to see, but can only be known through the use of any barcode scanner app controlled by the camera. If you are using WhatsApp web on your PC, you must have come across the point where you will be asked to scan your barcode, in order for you to access and use your Whatsapp chat on PC.

So, whenever you have any multiple lines of marks just in the form of several straight lines together, just use your barcode scanner app to scan the lines.

2. Detecting Hidden Cameras
Hope you know that there are hidden CCTV spy cameras in some many hotel rooms? You can simply use your phone camera to figure out the particular spot and where the camera is mounted especially in dark rooms. Just take a shot in a dark room, if the picture shows signs of rays of light, then there's a camera in the room. This is not just applicable to hotel rooms only, but any other dark place with surveillance camera.

3. Language Translator
With your phone's camera, you can translate the language in the form of text and symbol that seems to appear strange to you. And you can achieve that with your phone's camera and with the help of Google translator app for is meant for all Android and iOS devices. The translation works this way;

Once you have the Google translator installed on your device and you come across any language in the form of text or symbol which was written in anywhere, maybe on the wall, sign board, paper or book. Just launch the Google app translator and click the camera icon in the app. Now, your camera should start scanning while you place it where you want it to scan and translate probably the text. Then, the Google app while translating the text uses optical character recognition (OCR) to automatically interpret what you want to translate. That's it, although it is not perfect but try it, it will surprise you. This can be very easier than the Google translator that requires you to type in your text before it can interpret it.

4. Look to the Stars
While few of us can ever boast to be blessed with the same sort of abilities as Brian Cox or Sir Patrick Moore, we can still revel in all that the stars have to offer from the comfort of our own homes (or gardens, anyway) thanks to apps like Star Chart and
Google SkyMap.

Using AR, they allow you to point your phone skywards at night and get a fascinating overview of all those little lights. SkyMap gives you the names of stars and tells you where to point your phone to see certain planets. You'll feel like a Greek god in no time.

5. Solving Mathematics Problems
If you are the type of student that find it difficult to understand or solve math problems, you can make use of your phone camera to perform the wonders with the help of an app called "Photomath ". The app is good for students to use when solving any related math problem. You can as well go for it.

6. Play Reality Games
Augmented reality in phones has been around for some time now and tools like AR translation apps are great, but nobody ever seems to show you how to use the technology for fun. That shouldn't stop you using your phone's ability to play augmented reality games though - no matter where you are.
There are plenty of them about, like SpecTrek - the game where you search for virtual ghosts using a map and then shoot them down when you find them. Or there's Zombies, Run! where you have to get from A to B on a map, avoiding those pesky flesh eaters en route. Enjoy the game as your phone's camera delivers the service.

7. Use in Visual Search
With your mobile phone camera, you can be able to search Google with pictures or images, instead of going by typing text. This can be educational and fun catching. There are several search apps that can allow you to snap a picture using your phone's camera and after that, they enable the picture to be used in searching on Google search instead of text. For example, you might snap a device probably, a handset or laptop and search it on Google. The result of the search engine would be on the available details/information of the snapped product. Also, you snap a photo of a tourist attraction, and search it, the result will be out displaying the center for the tourist, location, and much more related information.

8. Serves as Mirror
This is common, use of phone camera especially among the female folks. You see them constantly checking their face and makeups using their phone camera.

9. Check Electronic Remote Control
Another important use of your phone Camera is to check if a remote control is functioning. To do this, just let the remote control of your TV, DVD or decoder etc, face your camera, then press any button on the remote controller and you will see a dull red light blinking as you press the keys. This is made possible because the camera lens detects infrared beams which remote controllers makes use of. So before concluding that your remote battery is dead or the remote is faulty, use your camera to run a simple test.

10. Serve As a Security Component
Do you have an old camera phone that you are not using anymore? Do you have more than one camera devices? The truth is, you can use your phone camera for surveillance and security purposes just like CCTV.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Huawei's HarmonyOS to Start Rolling Out to Smartphones In 2020

Huawei chairman has stated that you should expect to start seeing HarmonyOS on some of Huawei smartphones beginning from early next year.

Firstly, it is important to know that HarmonyOS will not replace Android, and Google’s system will remain the main OS to use. Besides, it will also be launched in international markets.

Samsung tried to create something similar with Tizen OS, even though it was only available for a few smartphones but quickly backed out because it might lead to their downfall if they don’t use Android.

Harmony OS to rollout in 2020

Will The OS Compete With Android?
It will be very complicated to rival Android, and it is virtually impossible to create services as competent as Google’s offerings. Especially apps like Google Maps and Google Assistant.

But the HarmonyOS platform will be fully open source from August next year. This will make it much easier to develop apps and games for the new operating system.

Will HarmonyOS Debut on High-End Smartphones?
This has not been confirmed but it is most likely, to begin with, low-end devices, then if it succeeds, it can then move to high-end Huawei flagship devices.

So by 2020, expect to see Huawei very own OS debuts on smartphones.

Friday, December 6, 2019

Nokia Launched Its First Smart TV With 55-Inch 4K UHD Screen – Powered by Android, Checkout Full Specs and Price

Nokia Launched its first smart tv

Nokia has now launched its first ever smart TV Built by Flipkart with brand licensing from Nokia, and it comes with a 55-inch 4K UHD screen. Powered by Android operating system, this smart TV uses JBL audio technology for superior sound quality and packs 24 Watt speakers.

It comes with the Android 9.0 Operating System (OS) that will allow users access a host of apps on the Android TV Play Store.

Other key features of the Nokia branded smart TV include a quad core processor and 16GB of onboard storage.

Nokia Smart TV Key Specifications
* Bezel-less design, seamless infinity-edge viewing experience, stylish silver bezel at the bottom
* Display size of 139.7 cm (55-inch)
* 4K ultra-HD LED panel
* PureX quad-core processor
* 2.25 GB RAM
* Display Features: MEMC technology, Intelligent Dimming Technology, Dolby Vision and HDR 10
* Bottom-firing JBL speakers
* Audio Features: Dolby Audio, Dolby Digital and DTS TruSurround technologies
* Clear View technology and Clear Sound technology
* Google Android Pie (v9.0)
* Google Voice Assistant
* Hotkeys for Netflix and YouTube
* Chromecast built-in
* Sound Output: 24 W
* Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
* HDMI: 2 Rear, 1 Side
* USB: 2 Side

The Nokia branded smart TV costs Rs 41,999 ($589.23), and will be available for orders on different the e-commerce platform starting December 10 2019.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Apple's Third developer betas of iOS 13.3, iPadOS 13.3, tvOS 13.3, watchOS 6.1.1 Now Available

Third Developer beta of ios

Apple has moved on to its third round of the current beta-testing process for iOS 13.3, iPadOS 13.3, tvOS 13.3, and watchOS 6.1.1, providing the third builds of each to developers for testing.

The latest builds can be acquired by developers in the beta-testing scheme via the Apple Developer Center, or as an over-the-air update for hardware already using earlier beta builds. A public beta version of the releases is expected to start arriving soon, and will be available through the Apple Beta Software Program website.

The second round of developer betas were released on November 12, while the first set were issued on November 5.

The initial iOS 13.3 beta fixed a problem introduced in iOS 13.2 hindering multitasking, by killing background app processes and making users lose work or progress in the apps over time. An update was also made to the Apple Watch app icon, showing a grey center in the Digital Crown instead of black.

Updates were also made to allow the disabling of Memoji on the keyboard, while Screen Time had a new category for communications. Support for NFC, USB, and Lightning security keys in Safari under the WebAuthn standard is also included, though compatibility isn't extended to all wireless versions at this time.

AppleInsider, and Apple itself, strongly suggest users avoid installing betas on to "mission-critical" or primary devices, due to the small possibility for data loss or other problems. It is instead recommended to install betas onto secondary or non-essential devices, and to ensure there are backups of important data available in the event things go awry.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Tecno Spark 3 Pro Android Q Upgrade Now Available, See How to Apply

It was earlier announced in May 2019, that Tecno Spark 3 pro among others will be in for Android Q Program upgrade. Android Q brings a lot of features to the table. If you are using Tecno Spark 3 Pro, then you should continue reading.

Benefits of Android Q on Tecno Spark 3 Pro

1. It uses less of your smartphone’s battery and causes less strain on your eyes in dim environments.

2. WhatsApp Assistant Box
With WhatsApp Assistant Box, you can make your emoji, save WhatsApp status , automatically open flash while you have incoming WhatsApp call. The features help you enjoy chatting with your friends.

3. Accessibility feature by flashing your phone to provide a visible cue for WhatsApp incoming Calls.

4. Rescue Your Favorite Status As Long As You Want
Say no to 24 hours-limited vanished. Now you are the one who has the option to save WhatsApp status as long as you want!

5. Never Game Off Until You Say No
Special design for Game lovers; they can choose screen-off to save battery and data while unstop gaming.

6. Wifi Share
This gives you a handy option to share your WiFi through a QR code. When your friend visits your home, you can just ask him/her to scan the code, then boom –they’re connected to your router.

Wifi connectivity

To do that, go to Settings > Network & internet > WiFi and click on the connected device name. After scanning the QR code, you can enjoy surfing on the internet.

How to Apply For Android Q Program on For Tecno Spark 3 Pro
Click Here to apply. The application is open for 2000 users.

Note: The application is for Tecno Spark 3 users only.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

How to Easily Check the Best Performing Network Speed in Your Area

Check best network speed

This app is an interesting tool that's going to help you determine the best performing network speed in terms of data in your locations.

Whofast is a platform developed by Play Data Africa, and it lets you compare the best performing data networks in your home or office.

Call it an internet speed test app but this one gives you more information like the best places to use a particular network not just in Nigeria but in Africa as a whole.

The app has been used to test networks in different locations and the app never disappoint. Maybe you got into a new location for the first time, you can simply use it to check which network is best performing or know the strength of your current network if its fast enough all over Africa.

Like the image below, you can see the top performing network in terms of data speed, so you have the option to choose which one is suitable for you.

The developer did an amazing work because a tool like this is much needed to check and test the best performing network in your localities.

To try it out, go to https://whofast.net/ to try the tool out.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Opera Now Makes Browsing 4x Faster In Nigeria With the Installation of New Local Servers in Lagos

4x faster Browsing in Nigeria

Opera Limited (Nasdaq: OPRA), one of the world’s major browser developers and leader in AI-driven digital content, has officially announced the successful installation of their new local servers hosted within the MDXi Lekki Data Centre in Lagos, Nigeria, which is also the largest leading data centre in West Africa.

The Director of IT at Opera Software, Krystian Zubel has said that the newly installed local servers in Lagos will improve the online experience of its fast-growing user base in Nigeria.

“At Opera, we know how important speed is for people’s internet experience,’ said Krystian Zubel, IT Director at Opera.

“With the launch of our first local data servers in Nigeria, we’re taking another leap forward in user experience, providing millions of people with a faster browsing and news experience.

“With data servers in the country, Opera users in Nigeria will immediately get a snappier browsing experience.

“According to the test results, the response time to our servers has significantly improved, with a 4x improvement in the response time for the users with the fastest network conditions. In addition, overall browsing has also become faster with the implementation of intelligent caching mechanisms.”

The new data servers are already providing services to Opera users in Nigeria and is also part of Opera’s strategy to continue leading the digital transformation of Africa. The company has ambitious plans to expand the presence of its data servers to more African countries and continue enhancing the digital lives of millions of internet users across the continent.

The servers speed up online browsing, making the connection times up to 4x faster than before when using Opera mobile applications like the popular Opera Mini browser and the leading news app in Nigeria, Opera News.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Wow: Company Invents App For S*xual Harassment

Sexual harassment app

According to Tech Crunch, Ethena—a software startup—is making it easier to customize s*xual harassment training for employees. The company is aiming to make the delicate topic of s*xual harassment training more engaging and less uncomfortable for both employees and executives.

Ethena will cater the training to be presented in short segments that will be customized based on what employees already know about workplace s*xual harassment. Once the software is more widely distributed, the startup plans to make training customizable based off of specific industries as well.

In response to the #MeToo movement, some companies are looking for training resources and technologies like the software offered by Ethena to help them better handle these situations.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Tizeti Launches First 4G LTE Network in Nigeria With Solar Based ISP

Unlimited data on Tizeti

Tizeti is here to give it to you cheap internet you all want. After successfully running unlimited internet in Lagos, tizeti has launched solar powered 4G LTE in Nigeria.

Tizeti which uses solar-powered towers to deliver net connectivity to over 1 million unique users plans to take its model to more West African countries in 2020. It has built its premier 4G-capable tower in the city of Port Harcourt, and offers its first 4G LTE and ISP services.

The company operates primarily in Lagos, Nigeria’s unofficial business capital, and expanded this year to Ghana. Port Harcourt is the fifth largest city in Nigeria located in River State, another commercial hotspot for the country.

If you are in Port Harcourt, own a company or work for an organization that uses internet every time, then tizeti is here to make it more unlimited for you. When I mean unlimited, it is completely unlimited and there is no any form of throttling.

If you spend more than N9,500 on data monthly and it’s still not enough to cater for your internet needs, then you need tizeti unlimited plan.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Generator Using Water Is Set to Be Manufactured By a Nigerian Company

Nigerian Company to manufacture water generator

A Nigerian company known as Buserve Limited, has announced their plans to introduce hydrogen-powered generators into the country to enable businesses to reduce their electricity costs.

Mr Laitan Aderinto, who  is the Chief Executive Officer of Buserve Limited said at a press briefing in Lagos that the technology was being deployed in Europe.

Laitan said, “We are partnering with a German company. We are starting with the bigger generators with capacity of 500KVA and above. Our plan is to ensure that factories are back to normal; the price of diesel is killing them.

“If the government is ready, we are ready to work with them. For instance, there are independent power plants in Lagos that are being powered by gas. We can have IPPs powered by water instead of having to look for gas before you can power your generators.”

Laitan said  that water-to-hydrogen gas mass production technology represented a major scientific breakthrough of the utmost importance.

According to Laitan, the patented technology is based on an advanced proprietary scientific process, which includes the invention of using thermoplasma to convert water into hydrogen gas in high volume for power generation and at much lower cost than any other hydrogen production technology.

Laitan said, “Furthermore, since H2 production is done in real time according to actual power production requirements, there is no requirement for hydrogen storage, which is one of the greatest challenges in using hydrogen gas as a renewable fuel source, not to mention avoiding a storage model is also much safer.

He also added that,  “Water is the input and less than 10 per cent of the gross energy production is required to power the equipment. For each litre of water fed into the retrofit system, the net output exceeds 1m3 of H2 gas.

“This is a no-pollution technology designed to shift existing and future industrial power production away from fossil fuels and, therefore, reduce the world’s harmful emissions. Currently, approximately 25 per cent of the world’s harmful emissions is caused by industrial power production.”