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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

All Kamba Women Are Considered To Be Humble Because Of These Three Things

Kamba woman

If you have stayed around some Kamba women long enough, then you can agree that these women are humble. From their simple behavior to actions, everything portrayed by these women really defines them as humble women.

Getting women of a particular origin that are humble is something extraordinary. But this is not the case when it comes to some kamba women who have proven the impossible to be possible. Most of the Kamba women love being down to earth and grateful to people around them. Below are some of the things which prove that Kamba women are humble;

1. They Don’t Brag
Trying to find a Kamba woman who brags is like trying to find a piece of diamond in the midst of an ocean. This is because most Kamba women don’t brag. They socialize in a good way with everybody who they meet, they openly converse.

2. They Are Not Choosy
When it comes to Kamba women, these women are not choosy. They adapt with anything that comes along their way. With this trait, Kamba women prove how much they can be down to earth.

3. Their Dressing Is Simple
Unlike most women, Kamba women have proven that beauty isn’t due to clothing but natural looks. Kamba women like to keep it simple when it comes to their dressing code. This makes them perfect when compared to women who consider dressing to be everything.

If You Don't Stop Doing These Five Things, It Will Lead to Your Downfall Forever

habits that can make you fall

Being successful in life takes action fueled with discipline, dedication, a plan, and a bit of luck. But there are some things in your life you need to stop doing to be successful in life, when you put away these things and you pursue your life goals, be rest assured of getting to your dreams one day. Below are things that can make you fall if you don't stop doing it;

1. Fear
The fear of doing what you want to do. Fear can stop you from actually being great in life because you’d always doubt yourself. You might not be the best, but you have the potential, that’s all you need. Start pursuing that your career now and put fear away.

2. Too Stubborn to Take Advice
It is good to believe in your instinct and yourself, but when it comes to the situation about things that you’re not familiar with or you really need a guide about, take heed to warnings. Nobody knows everything so we need one another. Don't be stubborn, heed to advice that you know it will be of help to you and you'll never fall in life.

3. Indiscipline
You have to discipline yourself to achieve your goals in life, if you can’t save money as a result of indiscipline there’s a problem. Everyone wants to leave in accordance to what pleases them, but to be successful in life, you have to learn the art of discipline.

4. Proudness
People who are always humble in the sight of those that are more experienced and older will always have it better than does that always believe they know it all. Pride is man's biggest downfall, be humble especially to people that have more experience than you, learn at their feet even if you know more, respect them and give them the accolade they deserve and watch yourself get to the top.

5. Procrastination
This is a silent killer of time, and many of us are actually cut up in the web of procrastination, you have plans and ideas that you want to do something, but you are always afraid of failure, rejection or too sacred to start. Whatever you want to do start now, you’d gain experience in it, you’d make mistake and you’d learn from it and eventually get there. Start now and you'll never regret it.

Meet the Small Girl Who Used ATM Light to Do Her Homework

A little girl know as Dele was spotted at a FCMB Bank branch in Nigeria in the night while using its atm's light to do her homework.

The little girl has claimed that there has not been light in her area for several days now and that the thier kerosene lamp which she normally uses has gone off and that she has no other option but to use the ATM light to do her jome work since it's close to her house.

The FCMB bank were attracted to the girl because of her act of determination and requested that the little girl should be located. The bank has finally located her and said that they were inspired and will want to do more to support the child.

The bank has applaud the girls determination and commitment to her studies and has decided to sponsor her through all her academical years, and so offered her the sum of 1 million naira.

The bank manager of the branch has earlier said that the picture of the girl was taken by a good Samaritan and also posted on social media which he was able to see and also comprehend.

If You Want to Stop Financial Problems That's Disturbing Your Life, Pray Using These Three Bible Verses At Midnight

Bible Verses to stop financial problems

Are you experiencing financial problems? You should know that prayer is always the key to everything. If you pray to God, he will surely put an end to all your problems. So, if you're here and you're facing financial problem, make sure you use the Bible verses below while praying in the midnight to put and end to your problems. Here are the three bible verses you can use to put an end to your problem;

1. Deuteronomy 28:11
"And the LORD shall make thee plenteous in goods, in the fruit of thy body, and in the fruit of thy cattle, and in the fruit of thy ground, in the land which the LORD sware unto thy fathers to give thee."

2. 1 Timothy 6:10
"For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs."

3. Philippians 4:19
"And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus."

After praying with the above bible verses, I believe everything will start going on fine and all the gone problems will never come back to you anymore in Jesus name.

If You Want To Date The Right Person In Your Life, Do These Three Things

Things to do for love

Choosing the right girlfriend is not as simple as people may view it. To avoid getting hurt later, one needs to consider a lot when choosing a girlfriend. Below are some of the ways on how to choose the perfect girlfriend;

1. Avoid Ladies Who Don't Esteem You
This is enormous, significant. Connections are a two-way road, so it's similarly as substantial for you to approach your better half with deference and friendship as the switch may be. If the young lady you're considering dating doesn't appear as though she'll have the option to make similar speculation of time and passionate vitality in you as you plan to in her, a relationship is most likely not a smart thought.

2. Pick a Lady With Decent Comical Inclination
Chuckling is a piece of pretty much every healthy relationship. Sharing a giggle is one of the best approaches to shape a brisk passionate bond with somebody, so the more you and your sweetheart can make each other chuckle, the better.  Attempt to pick a sweetheart with whom you're ready to appreciate openly, non-constrained snickers and somewhat well-meaning prodding consistently.

3. Maintain a Strategic Distance From Young Ladies Who Would Prefer Not to Submit
In case you're searching for a devoted sweetheart, don't dawdle with somebody who's uninterested in an alleged relationship. An association with this kind of young lady can be a good time for some times, but, however, it may finish in misfortune when she gets intrigued by another person. If your forthcoming sweetheart appears to be hesitant to consent to a selective relationship or level out denies the likelihood, look somewhere else.

You Must Never Sit In These Places Inside Aeroplane If You Want To Enjoy Your Journey

where you must not seat in plane

Traveling by air in an aeroplanes could be an interesting experience. However, you may not be comfortable throughout the journey based on the seat you selected. Below are the seats you should avoid;

1. The Middle Seat
Selecting the middle seats can be quite uncomfortable as the travellers on each side can take the armrests as well as having limited access to both the window and the aisle. Even though this can be quick access to the shower, you will encounter numerous entries into the bathroom and this can distract your comfortability throughout your journey.

2. The Exit Row Seats
Even though the seats in the exit row have extra legroom, it tends to be colder than the surrounding seats. You might choose to use these seats but ensure you pack enough clothes to keep you warm.

3. Back Of The Plane
Sitting at the back of the plane does not only have you wait longer to get out of the plane but also with distractions from noises, smells and from flight attendants who keep opening and closing of the storage apartments.

4. The Bulkhead Seats
These are the first seats in an aeroplane. Before selecting a bulkhead seat, have in mind that you will have no space in front of you and this might be uncomfortable and can also cause inconveniences in case you wish access to personal items.

Monday, February 10, 2020

You Must Chase Away These Five People In Your Life, If You Want to Be A Successful Person In Life

people that mustn't be in your life

To make it in life you need people, but not just anybody. You need people who are of like mind, share similar dreams and aspirations. Most successful people have learnt to avoid certain kind of people, and if you want to be successful too you need to do same. Below are 5 types of people to run away from if you want to be successful in life;

1. People Who Don't Believe In Your Vision
This one is very serious, because someone who don't believe in your vision will never support you. Instead such people will try to change or truncate your vision. Stay away from them.

2. People Who Are Always Envious
The moment you find out a person is very envious, please stay away, Envious people are jealous of your achievement or success and if you are not careful they can destroy what you have.

3. People Who Want To Use You
This is another set of people you need to avoid, someone that wants to just use you. They are leeches that are just attached to you for the purpose of getting from you, or using you to achieve their plans and vision. with such a person around you, you cannot grow.

4. People Who Put You Down
When a person always put you down at the slightest opportunity, run away from that person. someone who wants to see you grow wont put you down. Telling you the truth should not be mistaken for putting you down because they are different.

5. Selfish People
Stay away from selfish people, they don't take others into consideration and only think about themselves, you can't succeed with such people around you.

These Things Will Happen To You If You Don't Sleep Or Sleep Late At Night

Things that happen due to lack of sleep

Our jobs and responsibilities sometimes makes it hard for us to sleep on time. Sometimes, we engage in activities which deny us night sleep or make us sleep late and some of these activities are dangerous to the human health coupled with the late night sleep, it's a disaster to your health.

Sleep deprivation causes your mental and physical health more harm than you could imagine. Below are some of the illnesses you get when you sleep late at night;

1. It Can Increase Blood Pressure
Inflammation levels, blood pressure and sugar level are affected by sleep as it keeps the body in good shape. People who don't get enough sleep or don't sleep at all are prone to cardiovascular disorders especially stroke and heart attacks.

2. Risk of Developing Heart and Kidney Diseases
This is because the immune system has be severely compromised. When we sleep, the immune system produces cytokines which helps in protection and infection fighting, sleep deprivation causes decrease in the production of this cytokines leaving the body prone to pathogenic attacks.

3. It Can Cause Severe Central Nervous System Disorder
When you deprive yourself of sleep, your brain becomes exhausted and finds it hard to carry out its duties effectively. If this continues to happen for long, hallucinations begins to cripple in and this may cause mania for people who have bipolar. Creativity and reasoning is severely affected and compromised when the brain doesn't get enough rest time.

4. It Causes Serious Respiratory Problems
This leaves the individual to be affected by common flu and cold and serious cases may lead to chronic lung disease and infections.

Here Is What Happens To You When You Go Out At Late Night, Be Careful Of No 1

dangers of going out at night

I'm sure you are all aware that late night movement is dangerous especially in some areas. The world at large is making serious effort to cub crimes and security issues in a way that will be profitable to both lives and properties. It might interest you to know that some happenings are more of the spiritual than the physical which brought about the things we ought to do and not to do late nights.

The book of PSALM 121 talked about God's protection both in going out and coming in. Never move late night without engaging your your spirit and soul in silent prayers for God to take perfect control till you arrive your desired destination. Below are some of the things you mustn't do at night;

1. Pressing Phone
Don't move over night operating your phone because you really don't know who is watching out to grab anyone's phone, and you might be a victim of such.

2. Answering Unknown Voice
Don't respond to voices calling your name late night without figuring out who the caller is before responding.

3. Urinate In An Unknown Spots
Don't urinate outside an unknown spot at the course of going to your house or coming home at night.

4. Get Out Of Room
Don't step out of your room without properly dressed at night talk more of gallivanting along your street without proper attire at nights.

5. Figure Out What You Don't Know
Don't make serious effort to figure out a person or an object afar off to know exactly who is standing during late night believing you might be familiar with the person.

Endeavor to observe the above and try reschedule your time accordingly to avoid moving late at night.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

If You Don't Want to Lose Your Partner Forever, Never Ignore These Three Relationship Troubles

Relationship troubles you must never ignore

When there is no trust in a relationship, it is a clear indication of an imminent breakup. Every relationship must experience ups and down in one way or the other. The problem with most couples is that they don’t know how to differentiate between small bumps which might be leading them to a fruitful moment and bumps that are leading them into a bigger ditch. Couples should handle relationship problems carefully to avoid having regrets later in life. Below are some of the relationship troubles every couple should take note of;

1. You’ve Stopped Fighting
If you used to fight and challenge each other at the start of the relationship, that shows how strong your relationship was.

However, if you realise that you no longer have heated debates or argue about the things you care about, then this could be a sign that one of the partners has stopped investing in the relationship.

2. You Don’t Trust Each Other
A good relationship is built on trust.
When there is no trust in a relationship, couples should not take this lightly as it is a clear indication of an imminent breakup.

3. Your Major Values Differ
At the start of a relationship, it is normal for couples to have different views. For some couples, their views begin to align as time goes by.

However, if you differ on all your major values, the relationship is bound to fail. For instance, if your partner never wants to have kids yet you plan to be a parent sometime in the future, the relationship won't last for long.