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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Covid19: All Schools Must Re-open On the 1st Of June - Minister Of Education Orders

Schools to reopen on the 1st of june

It has been confirmed that schools will open on the first of June. After many meetings and many postponements of the address, the minister of basic education has finally delivered a report to the public and assured all parents, students and school staff that the academic year of 2020 will be saved and we will be returning to school.

The plan to ensure the reopening of schools will be in works starting from next week. The minister announced that proper measures have been arranged to ensure the safety of the students and teachers. This includes gloves, sanitizers, masks, social distancing measures such as only 20 learners being allowed in each class and etc.

As the department has previously stated they as planned, the schools will be opening of the first of June with the grade 12 and 7's being the first to go. Updates about the other grades will be given later as time progresses. Special schools will also be reopening with the grade 12s and 7s seeing the therapeutic purpose which they serve to the learners.

Auditors will be called in within schools to confirm specific regulations and ensure that measures are followed.

However, one person from Limpopo raised a concern about why water was more emphasized than sanitation which is more important.

Another from the Eastern Cape raised why schools have to open on the first and also raised a concern about how they will be ensuring these students will receive water especially in rural.

In Cape town, one discussed what guarantee these people have that the children most definately won't get it and pass it to their children.

Another was, will all teachers be going to school? Will school be opened at the same time or will this vary on the private sector?

These are the replies from minister of education;
* They are working with water and sanitation as both these things are important. Social distancing will be insured as students will have the whole school to themselves as.

* Schools are good for kids they are given them structure.

* UNESCO, UNICEF and WHO, stated that the longer children are out of schools learners the more we risk the possibility of them not returning m, especially with what happened in 2010 after the teacher strike. Leads to many consequences.

* There will be screening daily.

* All teachers are going back to school to assist with the splitting of the classes as more teachers will be required.

* Yes though the sector is different they will be returning to schools and have been conversing with them.

This Is What Happens When You Draw Tattoos On Your Body According to the Bible

Why its bad to draw tattoo

Tattoo is now a common and normal things these days. lots of people do it for fun, even some Christians do it nowadays.

They don't bother about it being a sin, because they've not read where it is written to be a sin in the bible.

But in this article, I'll show you Prove that drawing tattoos is a sin. Checkout this bible verse below for clarification;

This is what the Bible Says About Tattoo in the Book of Leviticus 19:28: You shall not make any cuts on your body for the dead or tattoo yourselves: I am the LORD.

If you worship God and you're honouring him the way the world honours him, then you're not honouring him at all. Take heed and you shall see blessings in all your ways.

Covid19: I'm Tattooing Myself Every day During Lockdown But I'm Now Running Out Of Space

I'm tattooing my body everyday during Lockdown

Chris Woodhead has found a way to cope with the coronavirus pandemic. A new tattoo on his own body for every day of the lockdown.

Sitting on the sofa in his flat in Walthamstow, north-east London, with his dog Pingu by his side, Chris Woodhead is trying to find space to add another tattoo to his already crowded body.

There is little unmarked skin left - from the tips of his fingers to the soles of his feet, almost every inch is covered in a vast jumble of tattoos of different styles. A pair of dice have fallen just before the toes of his right foot begin, a scorpion extends down his inner thigh, there's a leaning palm tree, a swordfish arching around a love-heart, and a voodoo doll floats above some ripe, glossy cherries.

Chris has been regularly getting tattoos since turning 18, some 15 years ago. Growing up, he was obsessed with the tattoo-heavy US punk music scene, and later discovered Duncan X, an icon of British tattooing who popularised a style using only bold, black ink to draw contemporary illustrations.

"Duncan X tattooed me when I was about 19," Chris says. "And then my best friend started tattooing and he used me as a canvas - he did more than 400 on me."

At the beginning of the lockdown, Chris had around 1,000 designs on his body. Now he has 40 more and counting. When the east London tattoo studio where he works as an artist closed in the lockdown, he went into isolation with his pregnant wife, Ema, and decided to add one new tattoo per day for as long as it continued.

"I found myself pottering around, not knowing what to do and eating all the food in the cupboards," Chris says. "So the idea of tattooing myself every day was to give myself a bit of direction. Without structure people are at a complete loss."

Each afternoon between 2pm and 4pm, Chris sits down to sketch designs inspired by his current situation. Then, once he's made a cup of tea, he puts ink in a pot and unwraps a needle. He's ready to transfer his drawing indelibly to his skin.

"I find tattooing therapeutic anyway. Right now I'm drawing what's on my mind," he says. "And there's not much else going through my mind at the moment apart from this monumental crisis." CaptionTattoo reading "When will it end?" on the sole of Chris's foot.

On the creased skin of the sole of his left foot, Chris has written the words, "WHEN WILL IT END?" At the very bottom of his right leg there's a spherical Coronavirus particle. On his sternum - a place where it "feels like you're going straight into the bone" - Chris withstood the pain to tattoo his own homage to the National Health Service.

"The thing I find so deeply sad is that it's taken this situation for people to truly appreciate the NHS, and to realise that their jobs are incredibly hard," he says.

For his 12th daily lockdown tattoo, Chris added a leaping tiger to his body in tribute to Joe "Exotic" Maldonado-Passage - the star of the Netflix docu-series Tiger King, a lockdown hit that he and Ema had just finished watching.

A week later he was inspired by the birth of a niece to tattoo the logo of Japanese mayonnaise manufacturer Kewpie, a cute wide-eyed baby. And on day 23 Chris inked an image of a sperm, swimming across his upper arm, a reference to the child that Ema and he will have in July.

Chris uses a low-tech tattooing technique known as hand poking in which a hand-held needle is used to push ink deep into the skin, without the use of electricity. The method is gaining popularity, he says, because it's much less intrusive and painful than getting a tattoo with a tattoo gun.

"It's like you have a quill that you dip into a pot of ink, but you're only able to dot it into the skin," Chris says. "It's really, really difficult to be precise - each dot matters - and it takes quite a lot longer than working with a tattoo gun."

But he's also mindful that he must save a space on his body to tattoo the name of his new child when it arrives. So he's been calculating how much tattoo-less skin he has left to continue his lockdown project.

The answer: not much.

"I want them to be good tattoos, so to try to keep them exciting, realistically, I've probably got a month's worth of tattoo space left," Chris says.

"If I'm truly honest, I look ridiculous - I look like a piece of blue cheese. There is very little space left that I can actually reach."

I Refused $8Million Cause the Coronavirus Tracker Is Taking 100% Of My Free Time - 17 Year Old Creator Of World's Covid19 Tracker Says

I refused $18 million cause Coronavirus Tracker is taking all my time

The world’s biggest Coronavirus tracker is run by a 17-year-old high schooler. In an interview, the teenager revealed why he refused $8 million for his website.

Speaking to a news portal, Avi Schiffman revealed that this coronavirus tracker was now taking up 100% of his free time. Moreover, this 17-year-old owner of the world’s largest Coronavirus tracker has rejected $8 million and has refused to include ads in his website to preserve its UI.

Why Avi Schiffman refused $8 million to preserve his coronavirus tracker
Washington state-based teenager, Avi Schiffman, is now the owner of the world’s most used Coronavirus tracker. Avi Schiffman’s coronavirus tracker has over 30 million visitors per day and has a total of 700 million views. However, the 17-year-old has refused to add advertisements to his tracker.

Speaking to a news portal, Avi Schiffman revealed that he refused an offered of $8 million for the site. Moreover, he also stated that he could have earned $30 million by just putting up his own ads. However, Schiffman did not want to profit out of his coronavirus tracker. The teenager said that he was only 17 and did not need $8 million. He added that he did not want to be a profiteer.

Speaking about advertisements, Avi Schiffman revealed that the reason he did not add any was that he did not want to ruin his site’s UI.

According to Schiffman, pop-ups would ruin the UI and experience, and he did not want to sell the site as doing so would remove his control over the Coronavirus tracker. He added that he did not want to be contractually obligated to run the site or make changes that he did not like.

Schiffman added that many of his users did not have a strong internet connection and adding advertisements would slow down the website’s coronavirus tracking function.

However, Avi Schiffman did add a donation button to his website for those who wanted to support his endeavour. Further on, Avi Schiffman revealed that he did not want to leave a stain on things in the future.

Moreover, the 17-year-old has also received several job offers, including one from Microsoft. But he does not want to take up any offers right now, as he wants to pursue his own projects. Schiffman added that he was pleased by the connections he had made through this coronavirus tracker. Now that he knew a few investors and VCs, he could at least convince them to read his business plan.

Goodnews to Africans, I Have Discovered a New Drug That Cure HIV/AIDS Within Days - Nigerian Professor Says

I have discovered new drug for HIV

A Professor of Veterinary Medicine and Clinical Virology at the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, claim to have discovered a new drug for the cure of HIV/AIDS. An editorial in the newspaper “Leadership”, quoted the professor as saying that the drug, produced with “Aluminium Magnesium Silicate” was tested on ten persons living with HIV. The newspaper reported a clinical outcome of an ability to “reach all cells” and making HIV “a conquered organism”.

According to National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA);

The claim for a HIV/AIDS cure is not new. It is also not new to find a scientist using ambiguous scientific methods and practices to buttress this claim, and to find obscure journals increasingly prepared to publish these claims. Following the discrediting of the claims of Dr Abalaka in the late nineties, we had also hoped that the Nigerian press would thoroughly investigate these “AIDS cure”, claims before going to press, given the huge impact that these could have on patients lives.

To examine the facts, this study was published in two little known, fee-charging ‘predatory’ journals and involved less than ten patients. In the “clinical trial” as reported, there was no evidence of the use of controls, which is the basis of all efficacy trials. Without controls, you can neither have randomisation nor blinding, two other critical factors in studying the effects of new medicines. Critically the primary outcome measured in this study was based on plasma viral load levels that are known to fluctuate in patients, even in the absence of any intervention. It is also worth noting that virological suppression (viral load less than 50 copies/ml) was not achieved in 6 of 8 patients. There appeared to be no medical doctor involved in the execution of this study and there was no evidence on where or how the patients were treated or monitored during this study, their clinical and treatment status at the beginning or at the end of it.

It is important to note that clinical trials are conducted in a series phases – each phase is designed to answer a separate research question. These include; 1.) Phase I: Researchers test a new drug or treatment in a small group of people for the first time to evaluate its safety 2.) Phase II: The drug or treatment is given to a larger group of people to see if it is effective 3.) Phase III: The drug or treatment is given to large groups of people to confirm its effectiveness, comparing it to commonly used treatments, and Phase IV: Studies are done to gather information on the drug’s effect in various populations and any side effects associated with long-term use. The authors of this study did not state what phase their study was and the results of previous phases, if these were done.

Naca also said;

One critical issue is that there was no evidence from the publication that the authors obtained ethical clearance from an appropriate body in Nigeria to conduct this study, and only ambiguous evidence that informed consent was sought from the evidently vulnerable patients.

Meet Jose Mujica, the Most Humble President In the World Who Donated All His Money to Charity and Live In His Small Farm

Most humble president in the world

Jose Mujica of Uruguay is considered to be the most humble world leader that has ever ruled a sovereign nation. He is a perfect example of a leader who has the interests of the common masses at heart.

Unlike most world leaders who enjoy unrestricted public previledges, Jose Mujica always waits in line when accessing public services, he always waits his turn.

A former freedom fighter, he was a guerilla fighter, who faught the injustices of military dictatorships in the early 70's and 80's in his native Uruguay. He was imprisoned for 12 years.

Unlike most world leaders, Jose Mujica does not move around in motorcades or convoys, he drives himself around even during official assignments.

He donated all his salary as president of Uruguay, a total of 12,000 dollars a month to charity. He refused to stay in the presidential palace, rather he opted to govern the country from his small farmhouse. He shares this house with his three legged Dog, and some farm animals. His means of transportation is a 1987 Volkswagen Beetle.

He was offered 1 million dollars to sell his Volkswagen Beetle car. He replied thus "if I sell this car for one million dollars, I will donate all the money to a charity foundation".

Jose Mujica also rejected all the special healthcare packages that came with the office of the president, he prefers to use public hospitals for his check ups and health issues. He doesn't mind waiting his turn also.

We hope that some African leaders will emulate some of his ways in the future. Money cannot buy you happiness, but some people will rather cry in a mansion than crying in a one room apartment. While money sometimes is important, it does not necessarily guarantee all the happiness in the world.

What advice do you have for African leaders on this? Drop your comments.

I Told My Best Friend to Test My Boyfriend Maybe He Loves Me But They Are Now Happily Married With Two Kids

My Bestfriend snatched my Boyfriend

A Nigerian lady on twitter has revealed how she lost her former boyfriend to her friend after setting him up with her. The lady identified as Pearl said five years ago, she told her friend to test how much her boyfriend loves her and they cooked up a plan.

Anita, as she named the friend saw, tasted, and never left the man. The young entrepreneur revealed how deeply hurt she was and hope God won’t forgive her friend for usurping her.

“5 years ago I had asked my friend to test my boyfriend to see how much he loves me _Today they are happily married with 2 kids. Anita God won’t forgive you for me !”

Here is the tweet below;

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Africans Are Only Good At Making Noise, Alcoholism and Complaining - Trump Says

Africans are only good at making noise

Donald Trump, president of the United States, spoke about some vitals issues which affects the progress of Africans. According to him, he said Africans are good in nothing else except for making noise, dancing, wedding, numerous spouses, liquor addictions, black magic, enjoying intercourse, imagining in chapels, enzy, battling and gripping of terrible initiatives; be that as it may seems, yet decline to make a conclusive move and fight against bad leaderships.

And if we take a look at all the points stated out and cautiously investigate them you will concur with me that all the president said is not very far from reality. Africans are the most confounded, with regards to administrations with the styles in which we Africans initiates, it won't be surprising that state that our dark skin somehow influences our sense (dark individuals with dark sense).

In Majority of Africa nations, Administration issues is much the same as a typical thing for example a normal African leader will take when he gets the right opportunity, take as much riches as possible while in office and the citizens will be in long run commend his taken riches.

And it doesn't matter if you agree with Donald Trump or not, a dark man is an image of destitution, mental mediocrity, apathy and enthusiastic inadequacy. As indicated by US Presidents Africans sings and celebrate there corrupt political leaders.

And in case you overlook, these purported Africans are adulating, moving and appealing to God for the individual that have devastated them, and those who come to shrond their plunder their. But most importantly if Africans must move to the next level it has to start with us all.

What do you think about Trumps statement about Africa?

No Man Wants To Marry Me Despite My Beauty and I Will Kill Myself Soon

No man wants to marry me Despite my beauty

My name is Angela and I am 26 years of age. I hate saying this but I think I should just remain single because my past always come back to hurt me.

When I was in the University, I used to be a very bad girl to the extent that all the lecturers know me. I have slept with more than 12 lectures and more than 50 men in my life time.

I don’t care about anything else because I was having the fun of my life, I don’t read but I always pass very well, I am very pretty so no man will reject me when I offer myself.

Things begin to take another shape when I realized I have lost my womb due to the excessive abortion I have committed over time.

I never cared about getting married but to my utmost surprise, many of my mates began to get married and I began to jealous them so I decided to get married too.

I repented and found a man who I finally settled down with but after so many years, he discovered that i have no womb to carry his babies so he got frustrated and sent me away after digging into my past life, this happen to another man but after that I got
 frustrated  and decided not to get married again in my life. I'm even thinking of taking my own life.

What should I do? Is there any hope for me now?

What advice do you have for this lady? What do you think she can do to fix back her life? Drop your comments.

My Husband Put Pepper In My Private Part and Superglued It Cause I Did This - Woman Cries Out

Man put pepper in Wife's private part

A manhunt has been launched for a man who sexually assaulted his wife after accusing her of infidelity on Saturday May 16.

The police in Tharaka South Sub-County in Kenya said the suspect first persuaded his wife to move from their Marimanti township home, fearing that he would be arrested after having travelled from Nairobi where there is a lockdown.

On reaching Kathita River, the man who threatened to kill his wife ordered her to undress. It was gathered that when she turned down his request, the man descended on her with blows while threatening to stab her with the knife he was holding.

The police read in part;

“They both went and on reaching River Kathita, he ordered her to remove all her clothes so that she may tell him all the men she had slept with while he was at Nairobi.”

Tharaka South Police Commander, Kiprop Rutto said the suspect then proceeded to adding pepper, salt and onions in his wife’s private parts using a sharp knife, before applying superglue mixed with sand to ‘seal’ it off. He also applied the same super glue on his wife’s ears and mouth before fleeing from the scene.

The woman managed to walk to Marimanti Police Station where she reported the matter before she was rushed to Marimanti Sub-County Hospital where she is receiving treatment. Mr Rutto added that the suspect is a known criminal in the region who is being sought by the police for various crimes.

Police said they have launched a manhunt to seize and charge him in court.