See The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Rooting Android Phones

A lot of people will always look for the disadvantages and advantages of what they want to do before taking any attempt to do it. So, this article will show you why you should root and why you should not root your Android smartphone.

Firstly, what is Rooting?

Rooting is when limitations are removed and the administrative privileges are enabled on Android device. Nevertheless, Android system files and rooting folder can be manipulated when rooted.
Now, the advantages or benefits of rooting Android device and the disadvantages or demerits of taking such action will be discussed and revealed.

Advantages of Rooting Android Device

1. It Runs On Custom ROM:
With custom ROM, you have the access to tweak and improve your smartphone performance, battery, operating system, memory storage and many others unlike Stock ROM.
2. Free Internal Storage: When a phone is rooted, user have the power to manage his or her system or Android file. If you have a low memory storage, you can transfer all apps including inbuilt apps like Playstore, contacts and others to memory card but however, there are apps that can perform such task but they can’t be transfer to inbuilt apps.
3. Enable Special Applications:
When a phone is rooted, it will be able to install some special applications such as SuperSU and others but phone without root can’t have these. Meanwhile, SuperSU enable users to control their apps and files.

These Are The Disadvantages of Rooting Your Android Phone

1. It Bricks phone:
Phone can be bricked if only you followed wrong steps or weren’t cautious while rooting. It is a common word in rooting. To avoid this, you should follow the right step because brick can make your phone unusable.
2. Warranty:
Rooting can break phone warranty but unroot can restore it back.
3. Virus and Malware:
If your system file/code is changed, there is a big risk of introducing a virus. When the root of your phone is opened, Malware will be able to penetrate and easily breach the phone security.

I hope with this article you can now decide if you are to root your Android phone or not. Thanks for reading.

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