See the Amazing Pictures Of Former Heaviest Woman In The World After She Loses Weight, It Will Surprise You

Mayra Rosales was once the world heaviest woman, she weighed 1036 pounds which is equivalent to 470kg.

She was diagnosed with lymphedema which is the swelling of the arms and legs due to lymph build up. This forced her to remain in bed for years, as she was too heavy to move on her own.

In 2008 she determined to lose weight when she was accused of killing her nephew by rolling on him with her half tonne weight. And this earned her the name half tonne killer.

The charge was later dropped when the prosecutor figure it out that she took the blame to protect her sister. It was discovered that her sister who is the mother of the boy hit her son with an hair brush which resulted into the death of the boy.

After clearing her name, she knew she needed to improve her life in another way, therefore she determined to lose weight. After multiple surgeries and a strict diet she finally lose more than 800 pounds she aimed for.

See beautiful pictures of her after she loses weight;

Though the journey was rough as she has to make a lot of change in her lifestyle but with determination she overcame all challenges and reach her goal.

This woman show us that nothing is too hard or impossible, if we set our heart to it we would be able to do exploit.

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