See the Child Abuse Picture a Lady Takes With Her Small Cousin That Got People Talking

Twitter users today were infuriated today over the actions of a particular lady which border on child abuse and gross irresponsibility. The lady in question, Titi Bae (@titibae_), took to her timeline to post the picture of her and her young cousin.

Her cousin who is only a child was seen behind Titi who stood in a manner many have considered as improper. Even more offensive was Titi’s caption which read: “Having fun with my lil cousin.”

The statement borders on so many negative connotations, the most prominent of them being child abuse. In no time, people began commenting on the photo and condemning Titi for her actions.

While some saw it as her simply chasing some clout, others took it more seriously and brought in the scenario of how it would have been a much bigger issue on social media if it was a man who did the same to a little girl.

In defending herself, Titi insinuated that there was nothing wrong in the picture as it was even her father who took the photo. She tweeted: “my papa took this pic.. are you answered? all in all follow me for more pics and videos.”

However, not everyone was going to let her actions just slide. This comes as popular actress, Rosemond Alade Brown, also pulled a similar stunt today as she celebrated her seven-year-old son’s birthday.

The actress posted a picture where she was seen completely without cloth, squatting in front of her son. Many people have noted that they see no difference in the actions of Brown and Titi.

Here are the reactions on Titi’s post:

@SeyiRants, “If na man do this to a small girl, we no go hear word for this app. See men dey laugh about the picture.. Una well done oo”

@Danokmedia, “You people keep spoiling kids from childhood.. they grow and become flirts, womanizers etc then you start saying God is not good smh”

@GoodluckOnuoha9, “That’s how it starts. small time now you will start abusing the poor child. Mctheww”

There is every possibility that the picture could spiral into a much bigger issue involving the appropriate authorities. Do you think Titi’s actions are right? Kindly tell us your mind.

Watch the below video about child abuse;

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