See the Only African Country Where Christianity Does Not Exist and No Church Can Be Found

In Somalia, there are believed to be close to a thousand Christians in an inhabitant populace of 8 million individuals, with maybe a couple thousand more in the diaspora. The Islamist Shabab civilian army, which controls a large portion of southern Somalia, is devoted to chasing these residual Christians down and disposing of all of them.

Christians go to mosques on Fridays, so as not to stimulate doubt. Books of scriptures are kept covered up. There are no open gatherings, not to mention a congregation. Catholic houses of worship and burial grounds have been obliterated.

The last nuns in the crushed capital, Mogadishu, were pursued out in 2007. The year prior to, an older religious recluse working in a medical clinic there was killed. The main Christian devotees left are nearby Somalis. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

Getting and executing these Christians is helpful purposeful publicity for the Shabab, not least for teaching its young warriors and suicide-planes in the conviction that America, Britain, Italy, the Vatican, alongside Ethiopia and Kenya, are all “crusaders” attempting to change over Somalis to Christianity. The UN sneaks odiously behind.

Israel, obviously, is likewise doing its bit to undermine Islam. The unstable transitional government drove by Sheik Sharif Ahmed, whose writ runs pitifully over the domain the Shabab doesn’t yet run, is probably not going to support any of its residents got with a Bible. Despite the fact that proclaiming balance, he advances a rendition of Sharia Law whereby each resident of Somalia is brought into the world a Muslim and any individual who changes over to another religion is liable of renunciation, which is deserving of death.

Consistently a few Somalis are executed for being Christian. Now and then that is only a name that the jihadists stick on individuals they think of working for Ethiopian knowledge.

In any case, many are basic adherents. As indicated by Somali sources and Christian gatherings observing Somalia from abroad, at any rate 13 individuals from underground places of worship have been killed in the previous hardly any months. Most were Mennonites, proselytized by evangelists on the Juba River in southern Somalia.

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  1. If you are a child of God, after reading this, let’s all unite in prayer for Somalia to experience the move of the Holy Ghost that will open the eyes of the authorities,that the power of God will so hit that country and make the gospel of Jesus have a free course.That every hindrances give way,so the country will be liberated from the power of darkness unto Light, that’s Christ.Lets pray for believers there that their faith fail not… please, let’s not give up praying for that country till God’s will which is salvation for all be done there.

    • Apostle David Odefenwa
      Apostle David Odefenwa

      The Almighty God will arise and His enemies shall surely be scattered in Jesus mighty name. Amen

  2. Distance is never a barrier to our God so let every christian that reads this remember them in your prayers. And please keep us updated. Thanks

  3. Let us pray for this country, so that the God almighty with will liberate them from the leadership of doom

  4. Why are they killing and persecuting believeri? God, Mercy in all over the world and show us the way to salvation

  5. Martin's Obeten Ekpo
    Martin's Obeten Ekpo

    May God help them

  6. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against power principalities in high places God power will visit those land and to free all Christian jihad is dead Jesus shall reign again

  7. If Islam is truly a religion of peace and not demonic, why force people to belong? Why not just preach to convince and convert? It’s a known fact that the world is under the control of Satan the Devil. At the right time, GOD’S devine will shall prevail. GOD will surely save us and help Somalia.

  8. No one ever fight the battles for God, God is a God of times and seasons, His ways are not our ways. At the appointed time of God the country shall be taken over. May the will of God Almighty be done at all times in Christ Jesus name.

  9. May God deliver Somalia from these evil rule.

  10. Deborah Yakubu TsalhatuJoe
    Deborah Yakubu TsalhatuJoe

    If Jesus, can meet the hardest hater of, Jesus and Christianity,on his way to, destroy the Church, and Jesus mate him on the way to Damascus, and stroke him with blindness until, when Jesus, turned him completely around, and made him the greatest Evangelist of the gospel of Jesus Christ,!so it shall happen to the haters of Jesus, and his gospel of Salvation and peace,a day is surely and definitely coming, when the”Sauls”of Somalia, shall be Strike with Blindness, until they seek &find Jesus, for salvation of their Souls and deliverance of their wicked hearts, we’ll keep on praying for Somalia’Salvaton.

  11. Our God is able, our God is a God of possibilities,he strict thunder on a killer of christians on his way to Damascus and he automatically converted to apostle.i believed today he will do the same thing because our God still exists.distance is not a barrier.God of Elijah will surely answers our prayers for the freedom of christians in sumaria.

  12. May God of heaven come down and deliver Somalia’s from the hands of anti Christ. There’s nothing impossible for God to do. He will surely take control over Somalia. Amen

  13. I am angry in the spirit. No body can stop moving train. Christianity is a moving train. Holy Ghost will moved even the children of the chief Iman in Somalia will Preach the word of God. Please lets remember our faithful brethren who are being persecuted in the whole today. In Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Nigeria. Our Lord Jesus Christ told us the persecution will surely come. But let’s look unto the Crown of Glory. What shall separate us from the love of God…. Please let us always read the book of Romans chapter 8 till end. Let be strong in the Lord. We should not fear what will kill the flesh (World Persecution). But we should fear what will kill the flesh and the soul. Let us Keep Celebrating Jesus Christ in our lives… Shalom

  14. Preyer and action is the answer. We should also remember the plight of Nigeria and similar countries that are entering situations like Somalia. God is able 💪💪💪🙏

  15. I pray that the light of God will shine upon somelia nation and the power of God and the auction of the holy ghost will radiate the whole somelia nation and they will Begin to seek the word and the power of God in Jesus mighty name amen. May the God of the universe visit them miraculously in Jesus mighty name I pray amen and amen

  16. May the God that contend with them that contend with his people contend for the people in Somalia and save them in Jesus mighty name

  17. Adjeughure Lawrence
    Adjeughure Lawrence

    Somalia christians fight a good fight of faith and victory is assured. Our Lord Jesus has stepped into the matter now as I write. The Somalian authorities against the body of Christ are going blind right now until they let the Christians alone in Jesus mighty name, amen.

  18. Only jesus Christ is the way of eternal life
    I will like to go and rearrange there believe

  19. I feel for them and all Christians in all regions of the world where freedom of worship is not guaranteed. God in His throne will quickly take their time of suffering away . Peace must be known and lived in these countries and regions of the world.

  20. Almighty no better than you

  21. Nothing is difficult for Good to do.
    The Almighty God is able to turn all the impossibilities to possibilities.
    I believe very soon the gospel of Jesus Christ will reveal them , they will know God by force, what happened to Paul in the Bible will happen to them.

  22. If truly Saul turned to apostle Paul for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, am so sure that saul of somalia will turn to apostle Paul who will win many souls for Chris in Jesus name. Amen!!!
    Thank you Jesus Christ

  23. May the Lord preserve the remnants of believers in Somalia and wherever they are persecuted. Amen 🙏

  24. Christianity most come to stay in Somalia, except the God I serve is not a living God.
    Our brothers and sisters the lord is your strength.

  25. The Lord will surely intervene and take over the Country by Himself.

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