See the Pictures Of This Lady Who Posted Her Pre-burial Photos On Social Media That Went Viral Online

This world is really getting out of hand as many things are surfacing on the social media nowadays. A young lady posted her pre-burial pictures on her Facebook account.

I don’t know what come over this young who called herself Amara, who woke up in a very good bright day and went to a coffin shop to lend a coffin. She lend the coffin just to snap a pre-burial pictures according to what she posted.

People around the place were shock as they saw the lady in a casket, she smiled while she was coming out of the coffin. Can we say she is mad? Or is she trying to get fame?

These as being the questions of many people that saw her post. Or is she trying to kill herself due to frustration or depression?

No one really understand what made the lady to do such a thing and she can even post it on social media. Indeed, Wonders shall never end!

See the pictures below;

What do you think could have made this young lady make such a thing? Kindly drop your comments below saying what you feel about this.

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