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See the Weird Pictures Of Small Babies Covered With Heavy Tattoos That Got People Talking

Body painting and tattooing is one common youthful exuberance that is widely practice by youngsters from Western countries. Tattooing is simply the application of marks, images, figures or symbols with the aid of ink on one’s body.

Body painting is one ancient practice that dates to a long time in history. Before the inception of modernization and technological advancement and the innovation of sophisticated fashion, man has being using body paintings as a high symbolic art of cultural uniqueness and identification. Body paintings was a common practice in Africa during the precolonial era.

This practice of body painting holds a very strong belief among precolonial people of Nigeria, most especially the Ibo’s of Eastern Nigeria. Body paintings was seen as a significant part of their culture (Ibos), especially in times of some great feasts.

Tattooing, as it is commonly called by people of this modern dispensation of the 21st is now being done without any significant purpose or view. The idea of tattooing has eaten deep into the mind of many youngsters all over the world, as it is now seen as a proper way of exhibiting an high sense of fashion and body beautification.

Images of weird and creepy creatures and symbols are being drawn on people’s body as a sign of being “fashion inclined” and oriented. This is one sad trend that is gradually annexing the moral consciousness of many people most especially youngsters in Africa.

But the most annoying one in this category is the idea of parents painting images or tattoos on the body of their kids or young ones who barely can make a choice for themselves. Below are images of kids with tattoos on the body;

What do you think of this? Do you consider it fashion or madness? Say your thoughts via the comment section below.


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