See This 13 Years Old Boy Who Impregnated a 15 Years Girl In US and Gave Birth That Got People Talking Online


This might be the surprising for anyone but yes it’s true, a boy at the age of 13 has become a father. This is the age when most of the kids of his age fall in love with games, bicycle riding etc

At the age of 13, the furthest thing in a boy’s mind should be parenting responsibilities. The teen years should be a time of innocence, hanging out with friends and having zero adult duties in general.

However, it’s also a period of life when mistakes are made, and sometimes those mistakes can last a lifetime. This is something one young man in the United Kingdom learned the hard way.

Meet Alfie Madden, who at 13, astonishingly became the father of a baby girl. Alfie got his 15-year-old girlfriend pregnant after a night of unprotected s*x. Now, he’s been thrust into adulthood and forced to take care of his daughter. But that wasn’t only where his story began; the already-unbelievable events took a shocking turn.

According to report, when asked how he would financially take care of his baby, he innocently asked what ‘Financially’ meant.

However, a lot of people reacted to this. Some said it’s not possible while some believed this by saying nothing is impossible in this life.

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