See This Church Where Members Worship Women’s Curves and Big Butt, They Also Teach Members How to Twerk

In the generation we are now. Strange, annoying, and from time to time funny things keep occurring all over the world. But one aspect is sure: if one takes a shut seem at what’s happening these days, one would definitely deduce that we are in the quit times.

There’s a church known as Church of Adonitology. In this church, solely female with curves are allowed. In fact, in the church, humans worship the curves and big backsides of the women. This church is named after its founder, a self-proclaimed prophet Adonis. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

Adonitology represents a spiritual following of human beings praising and worshipping women who have a curvaceous rear.

Prophet Adonis claimed that on January 3, 1996, an angel visited him. He described the angel as one who had curves, and the angel asked that Adonis create a faith for curvy women. According to him, the angel additionally requested him to write a book for the religion. The e book is referred to as the Book of Adonai (their holy book). Funny enough, the book is nevertheless reachable for sale.

Like different religions, they have their own legitimate dances. Their official dance is twerking. They even have movies online instructing humans on how to twerk top for the religion. They view twerking as a stress reliever and a pressure of positivity.

They also have a location of worship like each different churches in the world. This region of worship is regarded as the Church of Adonitology.

For many humans though, the faith is more of an entertainment and a joke alternatively of a serious matter. Others on the other hand really locate the religion offensive for objectifying women’s backsides.

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