See What Beautiful Lady Did On Her Wedding Day That Got People Angry

The freedom to do whatever we like in public is getting into the heads of some of our young ladies. They find joy in immorality and they expose their bodies in any way they like. With what we are seeing every day, one can sense that immorality is on the rise in our society, and the law enforcement agency needs to be aware of this so that abnormalities can be reduced.

African ladies are beginning to act based on what they have learnt from the civilised world, which is one more reason why the rate of indecency is getting out of hand in Africa. This is the case of a beautiful lady who got married to a pastor, but it was her mode of dressing that attracted people’s attention.

The beautiful lady deliberately put on this body-revealing dress on her wedding day to attract people’s attention, but she forgot that a pastor’s wife should never dress that way in public because it is totally against the teachings of the gospel.

The lady shocked family and friends by putting on revealing dresses that exposed her body to the extent that people were forced to accuse her of dressing indecently, knowing fully well that she was getting married to a pastor. People also accused the pastor of allowing his wife to dress indecently on their wedding day, knowing fully that it is against the teachings of the Bible.

Our ladies need to be wary of the way they conduct themselves in public. All I can see here is a public show of shame, but it seems the pastor and the lady never saw it that way, as they enjoyed their wedding without minding what people thought about them.

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