Seven Amazing Facts You Have Never Heard About In Your Life, No 1, 3 and 8 Will Shock You

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The article is made up of facts that are either “normal” or “strange”. They mark the trajectory of the human being. We searched for these facts so that you readers can broaden your general knowledge and who knows, share these intriguing facts with your friends. Here are 8 facts that seem a lie but they are true;

1. Hummingbird Is The Only Bird That Can Fly Backwards

the only bird that can fly backward

All other birds are only able to fly forwards.

2. We All Drink Dinosaur Water
There is an extremely high probability that in the glass of water you drink everyday there is a molecule that was once in the body of a dinosaur.

3. On The Planets Of Jupiter And Saturn It Rains Diamonds

4. There Were Still Mammoths On Earth At the Time Construction of the Pyramids of Egypt

5. The Giraffe Stays Longer Without Drinking Water Than The Camel

6. Hippopotamus Milk Is Pink

7. There Are More Stars In The Universe Than Grains Of Sand On Earth

8. Earthworms Have Five Hearts


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