Seven Bad Habits Parents Must Stop Doing In Front Of There Children If They Want Success For Them, No 7 Will Make Your Child Turn Bad

things you mustn't do with your child

Parenting might be a challenge to some people especially to the new parents but still no one is perfect. Since we all want the best for our kids and hope that the way we raise them will help them stay on the right path.

However, some parenting practices can actually do more harm than good. Here are some of the habits parents should stop doing in front of their kids;

1. Parents Fighting
Parents should stop fighting in front of their kids since they learn most from their parent’s relationship. Arguing in front of them will also affect their self-esteem.

2. Deep Kissing
It may be seen ok showing affection to your spouse in front of your kids but kissing romantically in front of them it’s right by the time they are teenagers they will be already aware.

3. Negative Self Talk
Never ever say a negative word to your self, such as “I am so stupid”. Your kids will disrespect you because to them you are stupid and you can’t tell them anything.

4. Using Abusive Language
Stop using curse and offensive words in front of your kids because children learn from their parents.

5. Trash Talking About Other Parents
Most parents like talking ill about other parents in front of their kids instead of focusing energy on their own kids. Your kids will grow knowing it’s right to trash talk about others.

6. Badmouthing People Related to Your Kids
Whenever someone related to your kids does something annoying to you and you are going to vet to anger out, do it without your kids around. They don’t need to hear bad things about people hold dear.

7. Making Love
Most parents like co-sleeping with their kids, the baby may be fast asleep in bed with you.
You accidentally graze your husband’s foot with yours, he rests his hand on your hip and before you know it, you are making love and the kid may be awake without your knowledge. This is so distressing for kids to be exposed to s*x at an early age.

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